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Feb 03

Full Body Massage

Essence Beauty Spa, Let the hands of our professional and friendly therapists pamper you and reveal your true beauty. Feel the calmness and harmony. Let us help you attain the perfect balance of the Body, Mind, and Soul. Enjoy the individual attention that you well deserve.

Take a well deserved break from the weariness of your daily life and retreat into a haven for the spirit and body!


Essence Beauty Spa treatments are more effective- Synthetically derived skin care products may produce quick results, but they might also cause damage. Natural treatments are gentler and help ensure long-term health and beauty.


We constantly source the industry for the best tried-and-tested. We love it and we know you will too!

Essence Beauty Spa put the body in harmony with nature- Essence spas are attuned to the rhythms of nature as well as the rhythms of the human body. When nature and body are in harmony humans feel healthier, stronger and more attractive.


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Essence Beauty Spa not only benefit the natural environment, but also offer a number of health and wellness benefits to their clients.....


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Essence Beauty Spa are naturally healthy By eliminating toxins in their skin care products and in their spa's environment, Essence spas provide a healthier experience.


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