Walt Disney's Cinderella #2020

Walt Disney's Cinderella By Cynthia Rylant Mary Blair Walt Disney s Cinderella This is a story about darkness and light about sorrow and joy about something lost and something found This is a story about Love Cinderella s story has been told over and over but never has it bee
  • Title: Walt Disney's Cinderella
  • Author: Cynthia Rylant Mary Blair
  • ISBN: 9781423104216
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Walt Disney's Cinderella By Cynthia Rylant Mary Blair This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found This is a story about Love Cinderella s story has been told over and over, but never has it been touched by the kind of magic found in this book Mary Blair painted the original pictures for Walt Disney s incomparable animated film, and here her elegant art is gathereThis is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found This is a story about Love Cinderella s story has been told over and over, but never has it been touched by the kind of magic found in this book Mary Blair painted the original pictures for Walt Disney s incomparable animated film, and here her elegant art is gathered together as a picture book for the first time Cynthia Rylant s stories about hardscrabble lives have won not only awards and honors, but hearts Who better to take a young girl from the darkness of her garret room to the light and brilliance of a ballroom Together these two great artists have created something quite astonishing a Cinderella that is breathtaking, heartrending, and joyous, both for those who are coming to the tale for the very first time, and for those who think they know it well.
    Walt Disney's Cinderella By Cynthia Rylant Mary Blair
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      An author of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for children and young adults as well as an author and author illustrator of picture books for children, Cynthia Rylant is recognized as a gifted writer who has contributed memorably to several genres of juvenile literature A prolific author who often bases her works on her own background, especially on her childhood in the West Virginia mountains, she is the creator of contemporary novels and historical fiction for young adults, middle grade fiction and fantasy, lyrical prose poems, beginning readers, collections of short stories, volumes of poetry and verse, books of prayers and blessings, two autobiographies, and a biography of three well known children s writers several volumes of the author s fiction and picture books are published in series, including the popular Henry and Mudge easy readers about a small boy and his very large dog.Rylant is perhaps most well known as a novelist Characteristically, she portrays introspective, compassionate young people who live in rural settings or in small towns and who tend to be set apart from their peers from bookrags


    1. Who can say by what mystery two people find each other in this great wide world Cinderella is one of my favorites I love all the details within the story and Disney s imagination with the characters and objects I hadn t ever seen this book before until I was researching talented illustrators Mary Blair s work shines light on Walt Disney s voice She stays true to the classic disney feel her images are very beautiful Before reading this, I decided to do a little research on the history behind Cind [...]

    2. Thank you, Tyler, for this lovely birthday gift I really loved the concept of this story, since I m a Cinderella fan and a sucker for Disney art, especially the oldies and there are some really lovely images here While I appreciated what Rylant was trying to do with the story, though, it just seemed a bit over the top on the sweet Love always with a capital L destiny stuff which I usually tend to Love so I am not sure if her execution was off in my view or if I was just in an odd mood when I rea [...]

    3. This is the story I remember reading as a child It captures the true essence of a girl being swept away by her prince The story grasps the readers attention on the very first page, This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found.This is a story about LOVE Cinderella wishes for a better life from her awful stepmother and stepsisters She finds her opportunity when the prince sends an invitation all the fair maidens in the town to his home to [...]

    4. This version of Cinderella is full of love, magic, and emotion This story can best be described using the words on the first page of the book This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found This is a story about Love The magic of the story of Cinderella shines throughout this book It has the same theme of love and shows through the text and illustrations the journey one goes through in order to find love This is a version of Cinderella tha [...]

    5. Just read this to both of my language arts classes I had read other Cinderella versions such as the Egyptian Cinderella and was surprised to learn that many of my students were not familiar with the traditional Cinderella story mostly boys I chose Cynthia Rylant s retelling because Rylant is one of my favorite authors The illustrations are done by one of the illustrators who created the Disney movie.Rylant s wonderful words create a conflict between darkness and light good and evil, love and hat [...]

    6. Elegant illustrations give this classic story a timeless feel Many of these illustrations are also featured in another must have Disney book, A Wish Your Heart Makes reviewed above The illustrations in this book are signature to the old timeless Disney illustrations that were used prior to bringing an animated movie to life This is a book we enjoyed.

    7. Gorgeous illustrations, marvelous storytelling This isn t your average retelling of a Disney classic Symbolism, imagery, excellent writing Love it.

    8. Great version to read if you want children to first hear the traditional version of Cinderella Other Cinderella books can be read after to compare and contrast how versions of fairy tales differ Cinderella is the story of a young girl who is mistreated by her step mother and step sisters She is forced to do chores and is not given the same opportunities as her step sisters One day a Fairy God Mother approaches her and changes her life, giving her a new dress, stage coach, and glass slippers She [...]

    9. When I saw three Disney books illustrated by Mary Blair in the store, I wanted to buy at least one of them I love the concept art she made for Disney films As Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale, the choice wasn t very hard The book is indeed beautiful The story is simple, as it should be in such books Although I do agree with another reviewer here that the language is somewhat over the top here and there, especially the highlighting of the word love every time It makes it sound silly in my hea [...]

    10. Surprisingly low key Graphics are retro and not at all cartoon like Beautifully done and Cinderella is not at all the Disney Princess of the movie and that is a very good thing The first two pages are even quite poetic I was prepared to dislike this version But really, this is a good alternative to the prepackaged version I am only surprised that Disney s name is on it I liked it quite a bit.

    11. This book is about Cinderella She lived with her evil stepmother and stepsisters and always wore rags Magically she was able to go to the ball with help from a fairy godmother where she meets prince charming She loses a glass slipper and he powers wore off at midnight The prince finally finds her.I rated this book 5 5 because it is a timeless classic full of imagination and magic

    12. This is such a beautifully illustrated version of Walt Disney s Cinderella and as an avid collector of beautiful editions of books this one is a must have for me

    13. This is a lovely book, filled with beautiful illustrations We all know the story we re here for Mary Blair, who is finally receiving the recognition renaissance she deserves for her distinctive skills as a designer and innovator at the Walt Disney Studios.One wonders who else worked for years without glory or suitable pay that the Disney Studios will bring to our attention in the future We re fortunate that Disney has produced an entire book out of concept drawings rather than simply including a [...]

    14. Walt Disney s Cinderella retold by Cynthia Rylant is a folktale It is a book about a young girl whose parents both passed away and who is raised by an evil stepmother and lives with her and her two young daughters Cinderella s wicked stepmother turns her into a virtual servant in her own house Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the King decides he needs to let go of his throne So the King therefore, needed his Prince to become the King The Prince lacked only one thing, a wife The Prince had n [...]

    15. In Cynthia Rylant s version of Walt Disney s classic Cinderella, she paints a romantic and elegant story that will captivate reader s young and old Together the pictures and the words take you to this far off land where a lonely girl is trapped in a dark house waiting for Love Cinderella s life and house are ruled by her mean ugly stepmother After her dad died she was left to survive alone with only her beauty and a wish for Love One day news arrived at the house that the king would be having a [...]

    16. A lovely retelling of the version of Cinderella many Americans know best thanks to Disney s old animated film Based largely on Perrault s version, this is also the version of Cinderella in such well known picture books as Cinderella I wasn t sure about the dated illustrations at first they look like the original Disney movie because they ARE the original illustrations by the woman who first did the paintings for the film Yet, even though they look so similar and will bring the movie to mind to a [...]

    17. Woah Woah All these years of random Cinderellas from around the world, and this was available This isunning While the text heavy nature of this book might make it hard for young readers, the fabulous artwork will guarantee that any parent would enjoy a reading or two of this masterpiece The concept illustrations by Mary Blaire are paired with new text to make this a rather sophisticated piece of work Really, this is almost of a book for said adults than the kids, since they are the ones who wil [...]

    18. In an eloquent voice, Cynthia Rylant retells the story of how a lonely orphan finds her true love in a prince The illustrations were done by one of the artists who worked on the original Disney animated version of the story They are conceptual art, rather than the artwork that appeared in the movie, and so appear to be impressionistic renderings of various scenes from the movie The animals have been left out of this version and focus solely on the people and the quest to find Love.Rylant has su [...]

    19. Who can say by what mystery two people find each other in this great wide world Walt Disney s Cinderella by Cynthia Rylant This is simply one of the most beautiful retellings of a fairy tale that it has ever been my privilege to read Cynthia Rylant writes with such deep, fresh insight into this much overwrought story that I can honestly say it felt as if I were experiencing it for the first time, as if the magic and beauty of seeing the tenderhearted Cinderella finally get the happy ending that [...]

    20. What a great idea Mary Blair s original Cinderella concept art in a big beautiful picture book, with the story retold by Cynthia Rylant Very cool Mary Blair is amazing She pioneered that classic iconic 50 s 60 s style She did for concept design in terms of strength, simplicity and beauty what UPA did for animation Her sense of design and color are just fantastic And getting to see the art in it s pre produced form is so neat All the line, shape and integral design is there, but there s a lovely [...]

    21. I think that this book would be the best example for all Cinderella books Firstly, it has very living pictures and they make this book interesting But, if students have read before other examples of Cinderella, they cannot want to read this book Teacher should tell them about the wonderful pictures, and then it can become interesting for children Also, I think that all of Cinderella books have one problem This problem is all bad people are drawing very ugly and all good people are drawing very [...]

    22. This is not the classic story of Cinderella, but the American retelling based on a French retelling which was the most popular of the story at the time For modern readers it s a little hard to swallow the romance of the story boy meets girl, boy dances with girl and falls in love and immediately wants to get married but in the name of the classic we all grew up with we are enchanted and enthralled Young girls want to be Cinderella and find a man that will drop everything at the sight of them and [...]

    23. I was so excited to hear about this release of a Cinderella picture book illustrated by Mary Blair, the genius behind the Small World ride and much of Disney s Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland among others This is a great collection of her storyboard images for Cinderella personally, I d be happy if that movie had stayed true to Mary Blair s vision and the distinct art in this book This comes on the heels of a release a few years ago of a work dedicated entirely to the life of Mary Blair she s [...]

    24. This story in the Walt Disney version of the story but it is somewhat different reading it that watching the movie The best part about this book is the illustrations When I picked up this book I accepted the illustrations to just be stills from the cartoon movie, but they weren t They are all abstract, colorful, and completely original works of art Magic and mystery just fly off of every single page Through out most of the book there is an illustration on one side of the page and blank page just [...]

    25. This one only gets a three because my three year old will currently read anything that s called Cinderella and has a girl with a ball gown I was especially disappointed because I generally enjoy Cynthia Rylant s writing style and was hoping to enjoy this one, too It was just too sentimental for me, with lots of talk about Love yes, with a capital L Also, it s called Walt Disney s Cinderella, but the pictures and the story, for that matter only look vaguely inspired by the Disney version I am not [...]

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