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FArTHER By Grahame Baker-Smith FArTHER My Father s house was safe and rooted in the rock But inside he dreamed of air and flight Step into an incredible world where dreams that are passed from father to son make anything possible
  • Title: FArTHER
  • Author: Grahame Baker-Smith
  • ISBN: 9781848771260
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • FArTHER By Grahame Baker-Smith My Father s house was safe and rooted in the rock But inside he dreamed of air and flight Step into an incredible world, where dreams that are passed from father to son make anything possible.
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      350 Grahame Baker-Smith
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    1. Grahame Baker-Smith

      Grahame Baker Smith, a self taught illustrator, was inspired to create this book after his experiences of being a son and now having a son of his own His first title for Templar Books, Leon and the Place Between, was short listed for the Kate Greenaway Medal, and FArTHER went on to win in 2011 Grahame Baker Smith lives in Bath, England, with his wife and three children.


    1. Holy cow I m struggling to find the right words to describe this book First off, I have a lot of misconceptions about children s literature I usually think of it as simple text with simple themes However, this book is really complex for a picture book The father is far from perfect and gets swept up in his dreams, and even forgets about his son at times The book also deals with missing fathers or death it s not quite clear what happens to the father The book also deals with how the son copes wit [...]

    2. This book tells the story of a father and son and a dream to fly The father is possessed with an unrelenting desire to fly which he never achieves When the father goes off to war and doesn t return, the dream of flying passes on to his son This is a picture book for children of ages 8 and upwards Although it doesn t contain a lot of text, the words are beautifully woven into the pictures using different fonts and text sizes The pictures themselves are intricate and detailed images put together i [...]

    3. Quite a thought provoking and complex story that I found needed several reads to unpick The story follows a father with a dream of flying, who is so absorbed in this dream that it becomes obsession This ambition is left underachieved and passes on to his son The story is rich with the concept of duty, with the literal sense of going to war, the need for the son to fulfill what his father had started, and the duty to further this dream during following generations Some interesting discussion coul [...]

    4. What first drew me to this book was the title I immediately wondered why the illustration on the front cover depicted a father, yet the spelling clearly suggested something After reading the book I felt that the word farther was perhaps used to mirror the father s desire to escape and be free, as well as the fact that he actually does leave when he goes to war The unique illustrations have an almost eerie feel to them, which adds to the intrigue and questions that the story raises for example, [...]

    5. Simply beautiful The story and illustrations work intricately together to produce an emotionally moving book which had me close to tears There are many different tangents that can be picked up from the story and explored closely Additionally, looking at the book as a whole story is powerful in itself Would highly recommend this book.

    6. Wow This book blew me away The stunning illustrations use a mixture of mediums which show originality and promote curiosity The story is open for interpretation because of its unusual content, however common themes arise such as family, loss and ambition, which people may relate to.

    7. A really simple book, but with a deep message about dreams and how they can get in the way of life Great book to use as a teacher as there is so much to explore.

    8. FArTHER is the story of a father who dreams of flying However, when he goes to war and does not return, his son attempts to finish where he left off and makes his dream come true Winner of the 2012 Greenaway award, this truly is an inspirational story showing how any dream can be fulfilled with love and motivation.The first thing I will comment on are the illustrations They are incredible Using photographic collage and illustration, this is the first book that Grahame has both written and illust [...]

    9. Full of wonder Great cover picture which is not in the story The art is as poetic as the Writing Will try to read this to a child my intuition is that you could start with a child that cannot read, because the themes are real and joyous And why not try older children and use it as a source for a discussion about families, about dreams and growing up, about loss, about poetry, about art.

    10. Beautiful, sad, hopeful, melancholic I loved the illustrations The story about a father with a dream that he never see s fulfilled A sad goodbye A hopeful resurrection of the dream and the successful fruition of it And the final parting with a new child and the wonder of whether or not he will have the same dream and what he will do with it.

    11. Summary Personal Response This is a really adventurous book It s unique and imaginative I really like that this books pulls in a new theory of passes dreams back and forth and it makes for a beautifully articulated tale of a father and son Some people enjoy the most impossible, and furthest from reality A perfect book for lovers of those

    12. FArTHER is a story about a young boy and his father s dream of flying.Father spends most of his days lost in inventing his dream flying invention, while his son whistfully awaits his attention The boy shares the joy he feels when his father remembers him and spends time with him that is until the dream of flying re enters his father s thoughts Unfortunately, before he could claim the sky , Father is sent away to war, never to return Many years pass and it is the son who picks up his father s dre [...]

    13. This book, which won the Kate Greenaway Medal this year, is so beautiful on so many levels The story, which surely will have much meaning for adults, has a son thinking back on his father s dream of flying.The son loves being with his father, but, while he is a boy, sees the dream as coming between them The dream consistently resurfaces, but is left unrealized when the father is called to serve as a soldier Although not stated, it appears the father does not return from war The father s dream i [...]

    14. Although the title is Farther this book is about a Father and son who have an obsession with flying The cover illustration reminds one of Gepetto and Pinocchio This tale of a father s dream to fly is also reminiscent of Hugo The father is a tinkerer who experiments with DaVinci style feathery flying machines When Dad goes off to World War II, the dream is put on hold After the son matures he picks up the project and is successful He flies around the village helping others The owner of a cat he r [...]

    15. While this story is told well enough by itself, it is further enhanced by the flawless artwork The cover of the book was enough to grab my attention and stand out among the hundreds of books I see every day With all the books I want to read, I tried to push this one aside, but I was drawn to its irresistible force of attraction It is a book I could stare at forever.Baker Smith was awarded the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal in 2012 for dist [...]

    16. Mixed media digital illustrations make this book a feast for the eyes In poetic text readers are introduced to a father and son The father dreams of flying and tinkers day and night to create a machine that will help him achieve this goal The son loves his father dearly and treasures their time together, time cut short by the war his father is called away to serve.Years later, the son, now grown, achieves his father s dream of flight and reflects on his childhood memories of his father as he bec [...]

    17. FArTHER by Grahame Baker SmithAnother book with beautiful illustrations A story about fathers and sons A father who dreams of flying This first part feels to me to be the beautiful one language poetic and sad the feathers of a thousand hopeful wings I would sit on his hap until he remembered me The first part is a father consumed by a dream of the sky, of flying His flying machines, devices, are beautiful But his dreams take him away from his family This the loneliness of the boy because of his [...]

    18. Filled with stunning, atmospheric digital illustrations, this picture book pays homage to the love between a father and a son as well as the dreams they share The father dreams of being able to fly and spends his time inventing many different things but never achieving his dream Years later, the boy is able to modify some of his father s inventions and take to the air It would be impossible to resist the book s reminder of the power of dreams passed down from generation to generation, layered as [...]

    19. I came across this book because I was looking for recent winners of the Kate Greenaway Medal for Illustration and I wanted picture books which would work for older children I m not at all familiar with Baker Smith s work, but I LOVED the illustrations in this book Really dreamy and imaginative, but also a very modern type collage He is a huge proponent of Photoshop Like nothing else I ve ever seen.The text is simple taken all together I realized that this was a story about giving your children r [...]

    20. Some books have a deep, soul felt message and some are just pink boa s or meatballs in the bathtub kinds of stories Oh, and another kind these days The simply drawn or cutout book with a joke, punchline, or gimmick I already want to reread Father Here s a child who tells us what his father meant to him the impression of his father is captured from many angles and we feel the grand impression, the intimacy, the love, the lessons, the loneliness, and inspiration It s a beautiful cycle of life, fat [...]

    21. Another perfect example of a children s picture book that is not limited to children It is simply written but could never be called a simple story Beautifully illustrated the art would appeal to adults as well as children The deep multiple levels of story is not for children Of course, it could be read to children but I suspect they would not understand or appreciate it until they are in their teens or beyond.

    22. This moving picture book spans three generations of men, all visited by the the dream of flight Each generation is joined by their common dream and the emotional release that flight brings FArTHER is about fathers, but it s also about going farther geographically, emotionally, and intellectually Sorrowful yet joyful, FArTHER will have readers soaring on changing currents of emotion until they land, uplifted and inspired You may wish to take a handkerchief along for the flight.

    23. A very sad but very touching book, about a father who had a dream of flying His obsession wont let him fully enjoy his family, he never had time for his little son what i found to be very sad until he was sent to war and never came back, when his son grew up he was able to make his father s dream come true He built a flying machine and flew and knew so many places until he got marry and had a son and wondered if his son will be chase by the dream that his father started

    24. This book was very magical and the pictures almost papered as if you were in a dream The story was based on a young boy growing up with his father and then eventually having a don of his own The illustrations were done digitally and were very colorful The pictures looked as if they could pop right out of the book Loves this book

    25. Beautiful book, but this telling of the circle of life is truly for adults than children My preschool daughter loves the illustrations, but the subject matter as it s presented is over her head As a parent and especially as a parent who has lost a parent , the story is touching almost sad in some ways.

    26. A wonderful and wonderfully illustrated book I could write words to describe the things the book make me think of than the book had in it Those few words with illustrations were really powerful Id go as far as to say that it led me to think about what it means to be a father while still pursuing other life goals A great book to share with your son, or someone who is a son.

    27. Phenomenal artwork is the strength of this book The story of a father who dreams of flying, though none of his inventions quite work He passes the dream on to his son, who tinkers with his father s designs a bit and succeeds Large size picture book, dramatic perspectives, at times both soft and realistic and fanciful.

    28. The pictures in this book are amazing The red of the poppies is particularly poignant The story is one of a father who is a dreamer, inventor The way the text is displayed on the pages draws you eye to particular parts of illustrations I love this book and it is definitely one to become a classic.

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