The Runner #2020

The Runner By Cynthia Voigt The Runner It was the s the time of the Vietnam War Bullet Tillerman the school track star had to decide if he would go to fight or stay on the family farm Bullet s father who had already driven Bullet s
  • Title: The Runner
  • Author: Cynthia Voigt
  • ISBN: 9780449702949
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Runner By Cynthia Voigt It was the 1960s, the time of the Vietnam War Bullet Tillerman, the school track star, had to decide if he would go to fight or stay on the family farm Bullet s father, who had already driven Bullet s older brother and sister out of the house, made impossible demands on him And his mother seemed to have lost the will to resist the old man Meanwhile, at school, a blacIt was the 1960s, the time of the Vietnam War Bullet Tillerman, the school track star, had to decide if he would go to fight or stay on the family farm Bullet s father, who had already driven Bullet s older brother and sister out of the house, made impossible demands on him And his mother seemed to have lost the will to resist the old man Meanwhile, at school, a black student joined the track team, forcing Bullet to question his own prejudices But nothing would keep him from running Nothing.
    The Runner By Cynthia Voigt
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      301 Cynthia Voigt
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      Cynthia Voigt is an American author of books for young adults dealing with various topics such as adventure, mystery, racism and child abuse Awards Angus and Sadie the Sequoyah Book Award given by readers in Oklahoma , 2008The Katahdin Award, for lifetime achievement, 2003The Anne V Zarrow Award, for lifetime achievement, 2003The Margaret Edwards Award, for a body of work, 1995Jackaroo Rattenfanger Literatur Preis ratcatcher prize, awarded by the town of Hamlin in Germany , 1990Izzy, Willy Nilly the Young Reader Award California , 1990The Runner Deutscher Jungenliteraturpreis German young people s literature prize , 1988Zilverengriffel Silver Pen, a Dutch prize , 1988Come a Stranger the Judy Lopez Medal given by readers in California , 1987A Solitary Blue a Newbery Honor Book, 1984The Callender Papers The Edgar given by the Mystery Writers of America , 1984Dicey s Song the Newbery Medal, 1983


    1. The Runner is the fourth book in Voigt s Tillerman Cycle This installment goes back several decades to focus on Bullet, the long dead uncle of the children in Homecoming and Dicey s Song The book itself stands on its own with no problems certain incidents and themes that are mentioned in the first two Tillerman books are explored in detail, but one does not have to have read those books to understand this one.Bullet Tillerman is intent on sliding through highschool and escaping with as little a [...]

    2. Cynthia Voight really knows how to write I have always known it, but I never appreciated it until now, not completely, not wholly I read Dicey s Song over thirty years ago I read Homecoming after that Until a month ago, I was pretty sure that I had read a few of her other books in what is now called The Tillerman Cycle I wasn t sure which ones though, so I requested them all from my library Yestready I finished A Solitary Blue A few minutes ago, I finished this book.You know how you get little f [...]

    3. I didn t like everything about this book, mostly because I found the main character pretty unlikable But one thing I appreciate about this series is how real and raw the stories are There isn t a lot of surprising added drama, but just realistic people responding to their situations in realistic ways.

    4. WOW.By the time I picked up this fourth book in the Tillerman Cycle, I was fully expecting for the raw beauty of Cynthia Voigt s story to blow me away as it did in the first three books, and I was not let down to any extent The plot is fully and richly developed, as is always the case for Cynthia Voigt books By the end of the pages I was once again stunned by the internal resonance and the sheer awesome power of word that the author is able to wield The Runner blew my mind once again, giving me [...]

    5. I remembered this one being my least favorite of the series Reading it as an adult I was struck that it was really well done Bullet isn t exactly likable, but for some reason I was rooting for him I love how different of a character he is I also appreciate how many of these books can stand alone, but if you know the back story they are that much interesting I loved learning about Gram and Liza and the family dynamic I give it a solid four stars.

    6. Set in the late 1960 s, The Runner is about the young Bullet Tillerman, star cross country runner However, unlike other athletes, Bullet doesn t run to win He runs to run Living in a heavy time politically, Bullet has to sort out his feelings about the Vietnam War and the still present racial prejudices On top of all of this, his father is a controller, who likes everything to be his way and his way only he s already pushed Bullet s older brother and sister away, and he can see the old man takin [...]

    7. This one took a long time to get going, and even once it did, my interest waned from time to time I wish there had been with Bullet s life on the Tillerman farm, and his sister, Liza It was those moments when the story really came alive for me The race relations in the book set in Maryland, during the early 70 s, and written in 1985 are just as murky now as they were 30 40 years ago A sad and oddly prescient aspect to the book that also helped hold my attention

    8. Oof That hit me harder than I expected As a kid, I did not read the nuance this book contains It is hard, and good and it kind of breaks my heart that Bullet grew so much and then was lost.

    9. I thought Cynthia Voigt s other Tillerman books The Homecoming and Dicey s Song and A Solitary Blue were the most painful and joyful young adult literature I would ever read Guess I m still reading.minor spoiler follows Suggestion do as I did, wait a few months after you read Homecoming before you read this book Assuming your memory is as weak as mine, you ll be halfway through before you realize who the main character is And if your memory is really bad, you ll have forgotten how it s going to [...]

    10. Another sad story in this series It lays some back story for the previous books It is set during the turbulent time of the Vietnam war and civil rights movement, both of which influence circumstances.This story was about motivations for actions In this story we are all in boxes Boxes produced by our fears, desires, needs, rules and laws laid down by others and perhaps most importantly our own perceptions Bullet the main character first tries to escape all boxes, but realizes he can t Instead he [...]

    11. Heartbreaking, brilliant, and uncompromising This book is not a fun read, and the main character is not someone you love And yetI cared very much about him, while wanting him to change and knowing he wouldn t.

    12. Adding this to my list to read with the kids in a few years Maxine s a little young yet, I think Homecoming is the first in the series.

    13. A very poignant story of Samuel Tillerman, otherwise known as Bullet who is first introduced in one of the author s previous books in the Tillerman family cycle Bullet has a very difficult family life and it shows He keeps himself to himself at school and is an enigma to both classmates and teachers The one sustaining relationship that he seems to maintain besides with his own mother is with an older man, Patrice, who hires him to go out catching shellfish on his boat Even that relationship is c [...]

    14. Bullet Tillerman runs, not to win races, but because running is what he s made for He goes his own way, but occasionally something crops up in life that makes him stop and think One of these occasions is when the track coach asks him to mentor another cross country runner, a black man named Tamer Shipp What will it take for Bullet to move past his own prejudice Ah, I remember why I didn t like this book as much as I like the other books in the series For one thing, Bullet is so angry all the tim [...]

    15. When you think of a family you probably think of a happy family , a father that s proud of his son s or daughter s and supports them and teaches them and a mother who would show love to her children and wants the best for them Bullet is the main character in this storie, he has an abusive dad and a mother who doesn t show love so what does bullet do too get away from all of this he run s Bullet ran for cross country and went too state multiple times because he was the best at it and doing the sp [...]

    16. Main character goes from being someone I wouldn t like normally, to someone I felt for at the end Great writing reading the thought process of some young punk, seeing him learn and grow, and eventually nearly crying for him at the end.It is a prequel to other stories, so readers if reading the books in written order, not chronologically should know what happens to Samuel Bullet Tillerman, but the knowing and the reading are two different things I was glad to have read this, to make Bullet a fles [...]

    17. I I don t know how I read such a different book from everyone else Regardless, I did DNF.This is a series where I have read and re read the first two books so many times it defies counting I love them They have stuck with me since I was 9 or 10 and first read them This takes us back in time to Bullet who is uncle to the Tillerman children we meet in books 1 and 2, and see later in book 3 And I could not be bothered to continue beyond 25%.Just had a lot of issues with it and in spite of wanting t [...]

    18. This is the 4th book of the Tillerman Cycle and while good, it took me most of the book to realize which character they were talking about and how he fit into the scheme of the series None the less, it was a good read of a poor young man and a very overbearing father and how he came into his own way of doing things.

    19. Bullet runs cross country to run, not win His life was not an easy one, which made me feel sorry for him I was expecting to see character growth but was sadly disappointed This short book skims the surface on racism instead of addressing it fully The ending was a let down in its short abruptness.

    20. Well this one broke my cold, cold heart I hated the main character Bullet by the time I was over half way in and then, snap, he became a little human Not a lot human A little This Tillerman family I love seeing them from multiple angles They are hard But so very interesting So very human.

    21. Voigt deftly portrays characters with depth and complexity There is no sugar coating of the working class American family, nor shying away from racial tensions on the personal level during de segragation Satisfying read in every way.

    22. An excellent addition to the Tillerman saga from Cynthia Voigt Readers will be familiar with Bullet, the beloved son of the grandmother of Dicey, Sammy, and the other Tillerman children and this book finally offers some insight in the character of the grandmother and her difficult life.

    23. Perhaps the best of the Tillerman Cycle so far, even though it s standalone.Bullet, the protagonist, is quite compelling, and Cynthia Voigt writes characters that are so true to themselves Even when you see a chance that another author would take for him to be the hero when walking out of the auditorium, or to side with the African Americans , she doesn t take it, to show not him as a flawless hero, but as an unmoved, even stubborn, character.The end just kills you, even though you know it s com [...]

    24. This is not a pleasant read Bullet is not a likable protagonist, even as his way of being in the world is unusual and fascinating On top of that, for anyone who s read the other books in this series, foreknowledge about the end of his story haunts the rest of the novel And yet, this unflinching look at a painful life in a wrenching time in US history is as thought provoking and beautiful as it is harrowing.

    25. After reading a couple of YA duds in a row, I decided to revisit an author, a series, and a family that I have loved since I was eleven Cynthia Voigt s Tillerman family I only read the central three Tillerman books as a teen Homecoming, Dicey s Song, and my favorite, A Solitary Blue but have always wanted to read the other four I decided to start with The Runner because the Tillermans were primarily what fascinated me about the series, particularly the Tillermans you don t really get to know Liz [...]

    26. After reading this, I m surprised it was Dicey s Song and not this book that won the Newbery I knew going into this that the book would be intense if one has read the previous installments in the cycle, they d know Bullet was killed in Vietnam and that when Abigail Tillerman found out, she threw her phone through the window of the telephone company So, I braced myself I was not prepared for the racial tensions, which was rampant during the time this took place Nor was I prepared for how deeply B [...]

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