Final Friends Trilogy #2020

Final Friends Trilogy By Christopher Pike Final Friends Trilogy This is an omnibus edition of the Final Friends series of horror titles for teenage readers The Party The Dance and The Graduation
  • Title: Final Friends Trilogy
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780340598047
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Final Friends Trilogy By Christopher Pike This is an omnibus edition of the Final Friends series of horror titles for teenage readers The Party , The Dance and The Graduation
    Final Friends Trilogy By Christopher Pike Final Friends Series by Christopher Pike The Party Final Friends, , The Dance Final Friends, , The Graduation Final Friends, , Until the End Final Friends, , Final Friends Vol Home My Books Final Friends Trilogy Final Friends Pike, Christopher It is not fair to judge The Final Friends series by one book alone, but to see individual book reviews and to buy them you can look up The Party book The Dance book , and The Graduation book . Final Friends Trilogy Pike, Christopher Jan , It is not fair to judge The Final Friends series by one book alone, but to see individual book reviews and to buy them you can look up The Party book The Dance book , and The Christopher Pike Final Friends Trilogy Christopher Pike Christopher Pike Final Friends Trilogy Book , and Condition Book The Party Creasing on corners of cover also shows wear Book store stamp inside front cover Book The Dance Small Recap Final Friends Book The Party by Christopher Pike Jan , The Final Friends trilogy was one of my favorite sets of books when I was about I probably read it if not the whole thing, then the last book or times So let s see how much I
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      Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children s fiction who specializes in the thriller genre.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out, he did factory work, painted houses and programmed computers before becoming a recognized author Initially unsuccessful when he set out to write science fiction and adult mystery, it was not until his work caught the attention of an editor who suggested he write a teen thriller that he became a hit The result was Slumber Party 1985 , a book about a group of teenagers who run into bizarre and violent events during a ski weekend After that he wrote Weekend and Chain Letter All three books went on to become bestsellers.


    1. The problem with UNTIL THE END is also its greatest asset it really should ve just been one book.UNTIL THE END, also known as the omnibus three book in one set of the Final Friends series, is a nearly 900 page whopping tome that barely fit inside the UPS box in which it was shipped to me While I did end up enjoying UNTIL THE END, it wasn t until the third and final book that I realized so The first two books were quite shoddily constructed, making me think the series was written toward the begin [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book for a variety of reasons Firstly, I liked the genre of the book romance, mystery, young adult Secondly, it was very well crafted in terms of both the plot and the characters Many people seem to disagree with the latter, however, stating that they could not finish the book because of their dislike towards certain characters, Jessica main protagonist , for instance I however, strongly disagree with that opinion and also think that one does not have the right to review a book wi [...]

    3. I re read this series recently for nostalgia sake since Christopher Pike is the author whose work got me into reading I m surprised so many people found the characters unlikable because I feel the author s development of the various characters in the series is one of the best traits of the books Even the shallow characters like Jessica change significantly over the course of the book and witnessing their coming of age and identity transition is very powerful I also love his subtle inclusion of s [...]

    4. Just like a modern day Agatha Christie However it was loooooooonnnggg and really didn t need to be presented as three novels But how it unfolded was really interesting, until the end reveal which was a bit of a letdown So was good, then bad, and overall it was passable.

    5. This is book is three books in one so it is really thick It is told from multiple points of views so if you don t like books like that then don t bother reading this book It might confuse you like it did some people I wasn t confused though but then I m used to reading books with multiple view points.The different points of views are from these characters Jessica A Senior New to the high school Typical popular female interests such as cute guys and being homecoming queen.Michael A Senior One of [...]

    6. This book is excellently written I could not put it down Every chance I got I read it When the mystery of who killed Alice is revealed, it is a little confusing to understand but if you read that section once or twice again, it becomes clear Throughout the book, my guess on who it was changed almost every chapter You won t be able to put this book down because Pike keeps you guessing till the end.

    7. I bought this book thinking Big book 8 Hell yes I was hoping for a good book, or three books I could only get past the first and that was pretty hard I got a little lost from all of the this character here that character there cant forgot about that character I can t even remember all of their names There were just so many of them The book is supposed to be like this It s the start of the school year, and the popular girls have decided to throw the best party, one their friends will never forget [...]

    8. Until the End by Christopher Pike was at first, let me tell you, an exceptional read The first time I received this book as a gift and tried to read it, it was a complete failure so I decided this time round I would read it and not give up halfway or something like that After nearly a week of intense reading, I have to say Until the End has exceeded beyond my expectations because it s hell of a good book It focuses on high school students from their sopho year all the way throughout to their gra [...]

    9. I really liked the ending of the book It definitely made up for the rest Overall, I ll give this book 3 out of 5 stars because it had the romance, the action, the mystery, and suspense It kept me interested I would say there were definitely slow parts There were parts that you didn t really understand why they were in the story at all, but by the end everything clears up and you finally understand why it was included in the story The main character, Jessie, annoyed me at first because she was so [...]

    10. this book is an easy but you do have to think all the way through this book keeps you wondering until the last couple of chapter when the big secret is revealed i also found this story very sad because i could connect with one of the main characters in the book and her relationship with her friend i think this relationship is a very relatable to most people so it will touch home with many when you start this book it is almost impossible to put down because of how it gives you clues to the secret [...]

    11. Im still reading but I don t know if I m going to make it It s really boring and the characters are completely unlikable With as many as there are you d think there would be a few that I could gravitate to, but I really can t stand any of them Michael is okay, but he s got to be the dumbest smart kid that there ever was Another thing is that for a GIGANTIC book I think it is written for preteens because the writing is too young for my reading level We ll see if I can get through it I really want [...]

    12. After the first few chapters I was going to give up Christopher pike has a unique way of writing and I think this book is different from what he normally writes but the end was both surprising and fantastic I recommend that if you re reading this book you should just tough it out and read to the end

    13. The reason why this is a big novel is because it has three books put together The Party, The Dance, and The Graduation I believe that this book was fantastically written and well done Michael was so smart Jessica and Michael are my favorite character I strongly recommend this novel I am glad i finished it in three days

    14. i love this story a combination of 3 books a high school murder mystery set in the 80s great writing for a young adult book and an absolutely amazing story one of my all time favorites.

    15. Always entertaining, and certainly takes me back to my preteen years when all I read was Christopher Pike books I liked having all three books in one volume, although the book was a bit bulky.

    16. It s actually like a 3.5 stars I would have ranked it higher, but the first half of the book is kind of slow I couldn t put it down once I got to GRADULATION.

    17. It was a very interesting ending Not something I expected to happen, though events seemed kind of bunched up or randomish.

    18. It was good, at times I didn t like that it switched from person to person with each chapter, but it was only because the anticipation at the end of the chapter was so good that I would speed read to find out what happened to that person which would be in a few chapters ahead 3 books in one was good so I didn t have to go searching for the others The ending I couldn t predict, I liked that it was unexpected the way things happened Overall worth reading.

    19. 3.5 5 STARSGreat mystery and psychologically interesting characters athough I didn t get emotionally attached to many of them Over all, the trilogy is a little too long for my tastes, and the epilogue is almost unbearably sappy, but it s a quick read and the mystery absolutely compelled me to reach that satisfying ending.

    20. I LOVED THIS BOOK I have read it twice and I loved it the second time as much as I did the first It was really the first mystery I had read since The Westing Game in the seventh grade and it was so exciting

    21. Loved this book I really enjoyed the characters and the progression they all went through throughout the book I thought the plot itself was slightly absurd at times but other then that, I enjoyed the storyline.

    22. Before Stephen King eclipsed all other authors in my heart, there was another One I think of as my pre Stephen King and that was Christopher Pike I devoured all of his books I could get a hold of in high school The other big horror writer of the day was R L Stine and I don t remember what it was that I preferred in Christopher Pike I think I liked how some of his stories were less evil dead cheerleader and bizarro sci fi murder mystery With time travel And lizard people evolving into humans.Rec [...]

    23. This book is very good so far I definitely recommend this book to anyone that s into horror, drama, romance, and murder mystery this book is very guessing and there is always something new happening in each page, and that s what keeps you wanting to keep reading it con and pro from this book is when on some parts the pages will be extra long with non needed details, but what makes this good is the details it gives.

    24. UNTIL THE END is about these group of friends who decide to throw a party At the party, one of the friends die Everybody thinks the girl committed suicide However, Michael isn t convinced and he ll find out what happened to Alice, the girl who died I really love UNTIL THE END It has great characters,a great setting,a good plot,good writing,and great character development The characters are good I really like the characters of Bubba and Michael Bubba is a relaxed character,doesn t take life to se [...]

    25. Update 2 20 17 This has been on my Currently read shelf for almost 5 1 2 years I do still plan to read the last 2 in this trilogy but clearly it won t be for a while Final Friends The Party3 stars.This was an ok start to the trilogy I know that since this was the first one it s not going to be scary or mysterious right off the bat but I was hoping for something exciting then what we got The story didn t start picking up until the last 60 or so pages.There are some characters I like Nick, Jessic [...]

    26. Honestly, this book will change your life So incredibly well written, great story, A MUST READ.I remember reading this the first time and I just had my eyes glued to the pages during all of the school day Eventually the principal came up to me and said What is that book, you ve been reading it nonstop May I remind you, principals rarely ever interact with students If you are considering reading this book, I give you my word that it is a fantastic piece of art that you will not be able to put dow [...]

    27. Brought to you by OBS reviewer Angie Beware of possible Spoilers At first glance this 846 page book was overwhelming I didn t realize that it was a trilogy and it took me by surprise This story opens at the beginning of senior year for a group of 4 friends Alice and her sister Polly, Jessica and Sara that have had to transfer from one school to another one due to low enrollment at both schools Amidst having to redefine the popularity hierarchy they decide that having a party with the 30 most pop [...]

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