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Amelia Bedelia By Peggy Parish Yanitzia Canetti Fritz Siebel Amelia Bedelia In Harper published its first I Can Read title Little Bear written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak Large type simple vocabulary chapter like divisions and decora
  • Title: Amelia Bedelia
  • Author: Peggy Parish Yanitzia Canetti Fritz Siebel
  • ISBN: 9780064442008
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amelia Bedelia By Peggy Parish Yanitzia Canetti Fritz Siebel In 1957, Harper published its first I Can Read title, Little Bear, written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak Large type, simple vocabulary, chapter like divisions, and decorative pictures made Little Bear perfect for emerging readers
    Amelia Bedelia By Peggy Parish Yanitzia Canetti Fritz Siebel
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      203 Peggy Parish Yanitzia Canetti Fritz Siebel
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    1. Peggy Parish Yanitzia Canetti Fritz Siebel

      Peggy Parish was the author of the children s story series Amelia Bedelia The series was continued, after her sudden death from an aneurysm, by her nephew Herman Parish Peggy attended the University of South Carolina and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.Herman honored Peggy s life in his book, Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia, by writing in its dedication For Peggy Parish, the real Amelia Bedelia.


    1. Recently read this to my daughter, and I almost forgot how much I enjoyed these books as a child Amelia Bedelia such a literal character always taking every word at face value, never able to read between the linesd I still find her well intentioned antics heartwarming and hilarious My daughter seems to agree Great childhood read

    2. Once upon a school day, I think when I was in second grade so this would have been pre 1980, I believe , we went on our bi weekly library outing The librarian had us sit in front of her in the storytime area and whipped this book out She read it to us That may have been when I realized my love for wordplay.I don t think I d ever laughed so hard in storytime in my life.That librarian read us a lot of good books Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Charlotte s Web that was in third grade and it took [...]

    3. Four stars today, adding a fifth star because of how much I loved this as a child.And it s still hard not to like Amelia Bedelia She is such an adorable, unintentionally funny individual, so earnest It s hard to really be mad at her for doing what she thought was right, though she makes a mess of things I m sure many kids can relate to that I always loved her ruffled lacy apron and blue hat with the pink flowers on it The illustrations fascinated me with all the old fashioned furniture and cloth [...]

    4. 4.5 starsI have a confession to make even though I had read the Amelia Bedelia books when I was little, I had never read the very first book in the Amelia Bedelia series, which has surprised me since I thought that that would be the first thing that I would have read but, I was a kid back then and I just read whatever was put in front of me So, I finally got the chance to read the very first book Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish along with artwork by Fritz Siebel and I was pleasantly surprised by [...]

    5. This is a combined review of mom and daughter I think as I child I loved this one as much as my daughter As an adult, a little bit less because of the repetitiveness in the read aloud I found myself wanting to just say Amelia instead of Amelia Bedelia However, I still would happily continue reading this to my little one.Amelia Bedelia is hilarious fun She doesn t quite get what is being asked of her on her first day of work She does everything on a list made by her new employers, but she does it [...]

    6. Amelia Bedelia This book seriously stressed me out as a child It was funny, but I was concerned about how much she always messed up

    7. This was one of my favorite childhood books This also explains a lot about me and my opinon on the English language.

    8. This is the first book of the Amelia Bedelia series and I can t believe it s over 50 years since it was written The illustrations are cute and she is so funny It s her first day at work as a maid for the Rogers family They gave her a list of chores to complete when they go out, but she takes everything so literally that she messes all up They end up forgiving her because she made the most amazing lemon pie.I giggled when she dressed the chicken in a cute little jumper

    9. Amelia Bedelia has cracked me up for most of my life I remember this one being read to me long ago, and I just laughed hysterically along with my teacher as the mishaps were explained It s an incredibly effective and creative idea by Peggy Parish to help teach the difficulty and silliness of our language There s certainly no better character to stumble through the misinterpreted nuances of it than Amelia Bedelia

    10. Later in life, when conversation turned to books one read as a childd after exhausting my fond memories of Frog and ToadI recalled this character Who Amelia Bedelia You re pronouncing it wrong It s Uh mee lee ah Buh dee lee ah Hold on Where are you going Making sure I didn t miss taking my pill So, note Amelia Bedelia doesn t rhyme with Oh Hell yeah Regalia.

    11. Amelia Bedelia, written by Peggy Parish and illustrated by Fritz Siebel, is an easy to ready story with a mixture of dialogue, action, and different text written cursive and typed text The meain character is Amelia Bedelia and she is a silly maid who takes everything literally She is hired by Mrs Rodgers to clean her home and prepare dinner while Mr and Mrs Rodgers are out Amelia Bedelia performs every item on Mrs Rodger s list exactly as it says even going to extra to bake a Lemon Meringue pie [...]

    12. Overly literal maid Amelia Bedelia begins a new job and gets everything wrong.One of the joys of parenthood is that it serves as a motivation to pick up exceptionally good children s classics that one has heard of, but missed during one s own childhood And a second joy is sharing them with an eager and appreciative audience DS 1 age 5 and DD age 3 both demanded an immediate reread the first day, and then cadged an afternoon and evening reading on the second It s been in heavy rotation since.DS 2 [...]

    13. Classic story about a young housekeeper who misunderstands her directions and follows her to do list literally A fun read for older children, although I had to explain some of the items, since they aren t commonly used at least in our house This story was selected as one of the books for the November 2012 Classic Picture Book Characters reads at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at.

    14. Easy to ReadThis book is the funny story of a maid on her first day of work Her boss, Mrs Robinson, can t be there on her first day of work, so she leaves Amelia Bedelia a list of tasks to accomplish during the day She does everything exactly as the list says When the list says dust the furniture she puts Mrs Robinson s dusting powder all over the furniture From literally drawing the curtains to dressing the chicken by putting clothes on it, she follows the list exactly However when Mr and Mrs R [...]

    15. Happy 50th Birthday, Amelia Bedelia You are still as dizzy and literal as ever Please dust the furniture and dress the chicken The anniversary version of the very first title, written by Peggy Parish and illustrated by Fritz Siebel, that I picked up at my library is not the one pictured It s a large format hardcover with the original cover art The Story Behind the Story at the back of the new edition gives lots of fun details about Parrish and her humorous creation, as well as a glimpse at Siebe [...]

    16. A fun book for children learning the English language As a third grade teacher for 30 years this was one series that we read to illustrate the use of puns and idioms These books are funny if you let yourself drift back to your younger years.

    17. This was a lovely book, I enjoyed reading Amelia s interpretations from the list of jobs left by Mrs Rogers She takes everything literally, as kids often do, with very funny results I think this would be a great book in a classroom setting.

    18. This young lady drives me up a wall And if Amelia Bedelia read that, she would literally try to drive up the wall.

    19. Title Amelia BedeliaAuthor Peggy ParishIllustrator Fritz Siebel Genre Humor, Children s literatureTheme s Patience, effortOpening line sentence Oh, Amelia Bedelia, your first day of work, and I can t be here But I made a list for you You do just what the list says, said Mrs Rogers Brief Book Summary Amelia Bedelia focuses on a new maid who is given a list of tasks to do for her new employers while they are away Although they left her simple things to do, the books follows her doing every task in [...]

    20. Read this in a Spanish edition I love finding fun and easy reads to exercise my Spanish And Amelia Bedelia is just the best

    21. I was bored today while they were taking out the trees at grandma s, and I have this from when I was little My 1st grade teacher gave it to me So I decided to read.

    22. I am over the top delighted about this special book In a great picture book size, this jacketed hardcover anniversary edition is fabulous Featuring the jacket, artwork and story from the original 1963 edition which brings a treasure to life for today s young generation of children These illustrations are made with variations of green and black including grey and it is very neat to be able to compare the vintage classic the the full color we are able to see in the little I Can Read version Amelia [...]

    23. Amelia Bedelia is one of my childhood favorites I had a difficult time understanding idioms and that has passed down to one of my children Looking back, I realized that she was the reason that I was able to communicate with people who used them.In this book, Amelia begins work for a family She s a dedicated worker and puts all of her effort into finishing the list of chores that the family has written out for her Problems occur when the instructions are unclear Amelia follows them to the t , eve [...]

    24. Reason for Reading Ds read aloud to me as his reader.Well, everybody knows the antics of Amelia Bedelia, the maid who takes everything literally This is the first book written about the famous maid, that made her such a beloved literary character My son loved the book, thought it was just absolutely hilarious and couldn t believe how stupid she was Stupid is a word we are not allowed to say in our house so I asked for another word to describe Amelia and he came up with very dumb sigh We later ag [...]

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