Lord Wildfire #2020

Lord Wildfire By Claudette Williams Claudy Conn Lord Wildfire LADY SATIN WAVERLY HAD DONE AN UNFORGIVABLE THING SHE HAD WRITTEN A NOVEL Under a pseudonym of course It had the town in panic because it was all about them If it were ever revealed that Satin wrote
  • Title: Lord Wildfire
  • Author: Claudette Williams Claudy Conn
  • ISBN: 9780449204023
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lord Wildfire By Claudette Williams Claudy Conn LADY SATIN WAVERLY HAD DONE AN UNFORGIVABLE THING SHE HAD WRITTEN A NOVEL Under a pseudonym, of course It had the town in panic, because it was all about them If it were ever revealed that Satin wrote that book, she and her family would be ruined Which is just what Sir Edward Danton counted on He had lusted after Satin for a long time Somehow he discovered her sLADY SATIN WAVERLY HAD DONE AN UNFORGIVABLE THING SHE HAD WRITTEN A NOVEL Under a pseudonym, of course It had the town in panic, because it was all about them If it were ever revealed that Satin wrote that book, she and her family would be ruined Which is just what Sir Edward Danton counted on He had lusted after Satin for a long time Somehow he discovered her secret and used it to force her to agree to marry him.But Satin s heart was otherwise engaged She had fallen in love with Lord Wildfire, a dashing Duke with a penchant for the ladies, but not for marriage.So now Satin was betrothed to a man she feared and detested And Lord Wildfire seemed unattainable than ever.
    Lord Wildfire By Claudette Williams Claudy Conn
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      388 Claudette Williams Claudy Conn
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    1. Claudette Williams Claudy Conn

      Author now writes and has re issued some of her older books as Claudy Conn.


    1. One thing that I love about Claudy Conn is that her heroines are always strong independent women who refused to a doormat The women that the author write about are not silly little girls with no sense of self and lacking a backbone Claudy Conn s heroines are what we modern women are and what we want our daughters to be.This story was fun, flirty and full of adventure and intrigue It kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next There are plenty of laugh out loud moments as well that k [...]

    2. This is another of Claudy Conn s Historical Romances which I had stopped reading until I started reading Claudy s HR books , with her amazing writing style, grabs you in from the first page until the last In fact, you ll hate for the story to end This story is about Lady Barbara Babs to family and friends Waverly who happens to be a curious, intriguing minx Her worst offense now is that wrote wrote a book Passion s Seed which happens to be about the haute ton Everyone is raving about it and wond [...]

    3. First off I have to say that I LOVED the Author s note It was really great Another fantastic love tale by Claudy Conn I enjoyed this regency romance This book was filled with details and events that often go on in society during those times They are intriguing and I love how Claudy writes about them She adds the special twist to them making it so much better Her characters are always realistic and they always standout The secondary characters always shine as well In this book there was a lot goi [...]

    4. Book Wildfire Kiss Author Claudy ConnPublication Date 8 27 2012Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW Another hit by Claudy Conn In this one we have Babs aka Lady Barbara who writes a spicy novel in order to help save her family s home Well her daddy is not very happy with her Well Sir Edward Danton wants Lady Barbara but Lady Barbara has another in her sights Lord Wildfire who is busy trying NOT to accept his title Nick s cousin Charles tries to steer him away from Babs [...]

    5. I absolutely love this book It s a keeper for sure This is the first of Claudy Conn s books I read and I can guarantee it won t be the last

    6. Review also posted at Book Lovin MamasI love historical romances and Wildfire Kiss definitely is an amazing regency historical romance that I had a hard time putting down The Duke actually prevented me from working on college assignments last weekbut that was okay because the Duke was VERY worth it Lady Babs has written a book, but she s trying to keep it a secret that she wrote it She never thought her book would be a big success and now she really has to keep it hush, hush that she wrote it ot [...]

    7. What I need is a man who will smile at my anticsrhaps curb me a bit but never tame me this is a favorite passage from Wildfire Kiss spoken by Lady Barbara Waverly Babs to the Duke of Barrington Nick as advised by her friend Count Otto Stauffenberg Lady Babs is like a breath of fresh air an entertaining and likeable character At 21, she refuses to marry for convenience and despite an array of wealthy suitors she refuses to enter a loveless marriage and refuses to follow behavior for women set thr [...]

    8. Wildfire Kiss by Claudy ConnLady Barbara Babs Waverly is on her third season She stays close to her good friend Count Otto Stauffenberg For you see it s not that Babs is lacking for male attention s that she wants a marriage that is a love match And her dear friend Otto just wants to be left alone So together they keep the wolves at bay.well some of the wolves It seems that Babs latest discretion has her father calling in the big gun, Aunt Jane.This book had so many great characters that come to [...]

    9. I don t like romance novels, so I don t know why I really picked this one up I snagged it through Bookbub for free Bab s is a spitfire that is not willing to conform to what society at the time expects for a woman She s an independent woman Has already penned a scandalous story of high society Flirts uncontrollably.speaks her mind.Lord wildfire sweeps in and stirs emotions she only can dream of But it s Sir Edward that messes up everything.I did enjoy Bab s I also loved Lord Wildfire What I didn [...]

    10. from the beginning he held my heart.So much love from this story From broken hearts to completed marigaes, leaving me in aww Before I get into the review The cover Take a couple moments to look Yum right lady Bab s is our main focus and of course i won t forget the dear side characters and Corry, both have personalities strong enough to dominate the book By the end I loved them.Wildfire is our very Delicious man Although people cal him names for various reasons he lives up to them in some ways, [...]

    11. Wildfire Kiss, a wonderfull Historical Romance, complete with blackmail and secrets The Lady Babs a high spirited beauty, she didn t lack for suitors However she was looking for The One , she had made up her mind she would only marry for love, rather than making a good match of convenience Babs thought she had found her man when she met the very charming Duke of Barrington, also known as Wildfire, partly due to his reputation amongst the ladies He constantly confused her sending her very mixed s [...]

    12. I really enjoy historical romance, but unfortunately this one was just an ok read for me I enjoyed Babs, Nick, Corry and Freddy Their relationships were sweet and entertaining I found myself loving Nick and Babs and wanted so much of them Babs has a wonderful spirit and was fun to get to know Nick, of course handsome, rich and a blue eyed rake, was also enjoyable Sir Edward just irritated me from the beginning Don t get me wrong there was romance, scandal and intrigue, but the story was choppy [...]

    13. This read is full of climaxes and plateaus Something exciting will happen to make you continue the read, but then some dull conversation comes into play and we must wait some before the action continues Also this read takes on multiple points of view and frankly, I didn t care to know what some characters were saying and thinking Yes it added to the story and made them rounded characters, but the story would have been just as well if they had remained flat characters It was good but contained n [...]

    14. Babs, Lady Barbara Waverly, is in her third season She s the sweethesrt of the Haute Ton, but hasn t found the man whom she s willing to make a match with She s a gal before her time and has written a risky book to boot.Wildfire earned his nickname first on the battlefield and kept it because of romantic pursuits He meets Babs and lust fills his veins, but he usually leaves the innocent alone.This books has many turns and twists Blackmail, accidents, and passion Everything you can expect from Cl [...]

    15. This is one of the better Claudy Conn books I ve read It broke from the mold a little, which was nice I found the relationship between the H and h believable than most of her work She is a big proponent of insta love, unlike me But this one worked a little better for me I liked the storyline, except for a great coincidence at the end that allowed that H to win the day No spoilers It could have been written around But that s a bit of a nitpick.Overall, I liked it pretty well.

    16. This was a quick, fun read I got this for free as an e book and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did The characters weren t hugely developed by any means, but I quickly grew to love Babs although I don t think I ll ever love that name for a character and her relationship with the duke It was short and sweet and I felt content even without a whole lot of backstory.

    17. I read this within the Regency box set and thoroughly enjoyed this part of the set because this the only one I had not read I always love when young women are never going to do something and bam something or someone changes the mind Usually a fine man, lol I liked this headstrong woman even as she fought her attraction Claudy Conn does good regency romances with just enough heat to make it interesting Enjoy, I did.

    18. Almost a parody of the romance genre, this little novel flies by with static characters and plot points that seem to appear out of nowhere The characters intuition allows leaps to be made that otherwise would have taken time and effort to accomplish Overall, this was a disappointing little diversion.

    19. Wildfire Kiss by Claudy Conn is a terrific historic read Now, I am not an expert on historical events and time periods, but this book was a joy to read ultimately, a love story is a love story, no matter the setting And there was just enough angst in this story line to keep me turning the pages I will certainly be reading from this author.

    20. I absolutely LOVED this book From start to finish I was hooked, and couldn t put it down I loved the story that unfolded and fell in love with the characters Babs was by far my favorite and was a wonderful heroine Claudy knocked it out of the park with this one, as she always does I definitely recommend this book and I know you won t be disappointed.

    21. Lady Babs Nick the Duke Corry Sir Frederick 2 love stories in one book only one sex scene Babs Nick.Otto the count friend of Bab, Charles cousin and friend of the Duke gang up to help Babs out of Edward s blackmailing her reach.As usual CC delivers though I do like her Faes books a lot .

    22. I am so totally on board with whatever this author writes so far This book is set in Regency England if I remember my time periods correctly It follows the courtship read adventures of Babs Nick I can always count on plenty of drama, action, intrigue, romance in her books Loved it.

    23. I believe I read this book once before but it was just as good the second time around I love a good romance where the woman doesn t follow the rules of society If she was docile and followed the rules, then she would be boring Lady Babs is nowhere near boring A spitfire like her needs a rake and I wasn t disappointed.

    24. A romantic romp with no pretensions to be anything I rather like The Regency period, when people in England were certainly not the prudes so many of them aspired to be during Victoria s reign, and knowing what so many real people of the era got up to, from books and biographies of the period, I find these characters quite believable, and the whole story fun to read.

    25. This was a very pleasant summer read The story of the feisty Lady Babs who wrote an expose of London society back in the days when ladies didn t dare to do such things The leading lady fights off boredom and suitors by living life to the full with her friends In essence Jane Austenesque with sex

    26. This was an entertaining bit of brain candy It was a bit shorter than I anticipated as a good 40 pages of the e book is previews of other books However, the characters were fun and I enjoyed it for what it was I just think the lack of length led to some lack of character and plot development.

    27. Claudy has a good writing style and I enjoyed the Author s note.Babs wanted a love match not just any idiot with coin Love Babs spunk and she wasn t lacking in backbone Good read will look for other books by Claudy Conn.

    28. No real surprises The fiery maiden ends up with the man of her dreams I don t usually read romance novels I was drawn to a women who published her writing and had a mind of her own I also like that the women rode astride and were not afraid to face some adversity.

    29. Great book that kept me interested Thought pacing was good and liked the characters Only criticism is I was confused at first over who was who as introductions to characters was not clear enough for me.

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