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Get Well Soon By Julie Halpern Get Well Soon Anna Bloom is depressed so depressed that her parents have committed her to a mental hospital with a bunch of other messed up teens Here she meets a roommate with a secret and a plastic baby a docto
  • Title: Get Well Soon
  • Author: Julie Halpern
  • ISBN: 9780312367954
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Get Well Soon By Julie Halpern Anna Bloom is depressed so depressed that her parents have committed her to a mental hospital with a bunch of other messed up teens Here she meets a roommate with a secret and a plastic baby , a doctor who focuses way too much on her weight, and a cute, shy boy who just might like her But wait Being trapped in a loony bin isn t supposed to be about making friendAnna Bloom is depressed so depressed that her parents have committed her to a mental hospital with a bunch of other messed up teens Here she meets a roommate with a secret and a plastic baby , a doctor who focuses way too much on her weight, and a cute, shy boy who just might like her.But wait Being trapped in a loony bin isn t supposed to be about making friends, losing weight, and having a crush, is it In her fiction debut, Julie Halpern finds humor in the unlikeliest of places, and presents a character whose voice and heart will resonate with all of us who have ever felt just a little bit crazy.
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      JULIE HALPERN is the author of five young adult novels and one picture book for young readers Maternity Leave is her first novel for adults Prior to her life as full time mom and author, Julie was a school librarian In her imaginary spare time, she enjoys traveling, watching television for grown ups, and eating baked goods Julie lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, author and illustrator Matthew Cordell, and their two children.


    1. I loved it There were so many hilarious parts in this book Not to mention the fact that Anna has a kickass taste in music in this book It s one of those books where you want to know what happens to the character in the future It s the type of book that you want to keep reading and reading but you ve already turned the last page and staring at the smiley face sticking out its tongue at you Oh well I loved this book I would definitely reccommend it for anyone who wants a good laugh and a greater u [...]

    2. If I could give this book zero stars, I would I couldn t even finish it Get Well Soon is supposed to be about a young teenager s struggles with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts Instead it makes a mockery of real life problems people have From the tag line on the cover Who says depression has to be depressing to Anna Bloom s psychiatrist telling her that her not eating was good because she could afford to lose a few pounds it s very clear that this is a complete joke Besides this, Anna [...]

    3. Reviewed by Christian C for TeensReadTooAnna is fat and depressed She suffers from panic attacks, and has stopped going to school Her parents, who are totally clueless, decide to send her to a mental hospital Will that do any good Anna doesn t think so Not in this place Nobody tells her anything, they have the weirdest rules ever, and she s forced to wear these ugly pajamas all day long with no bra But as days go by, things turn out to be not as bad as she originally thought Anna meets other tee [...]

    4. EDIT I didn t think this was a bad book, but there s no way in hell I m supporting the author She d probably call me a beyotch or dumb as fuck for writing a short, negative review Her words, not mine.juliehalpern 2012juliehalpern 2011Matt O was cool, love interest Justin was a bit bland though The book started out kinda slow but it got better in the middle It fizzed out in the end though and the narrators voice changed completely I thought her transformation was pretty good until the last fifty [...]

    5. 3.5 stars, it was good, but not quite 4 star worthy.Get Well Soon is about Anna, just your average girl who, at her own admission, is fat and depressed She s no stranger to to panic attacks, bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Anna s words TMI and as a result, refused to attend school After being sent away to a mental hospital which she lovingly nicknames Lake Shit , she comes to the realisation that she is stuck and hasn t a clue how to function in the real world When Anna arrives at the hospi [...]

    6. So, I decided to rewrite my previous review of this book I realized that the plot was reasonable, but the whole book revolved around swearing and emo misery It was not worth spending the three weeks that I spent reading this book just to hear the word s t in every sentence The narrator has an extreme bias, and is very sympathetic for herself, which in a main character, I usually find boring repulsive and just not fun to read at all whatsoever I think the main reason I read this book was because [...]

    7. I meangood premise I think there should be books like this, dealing with the taboo of mental illness and mental institutions, and I really liked the narrator s voice witty and humorous, with just a touch of typical teenage drama It was a fun, easy, quick read, and all the characters Anna encounters are great Great used because I can t really think of a positive truthful adjective I just don t think it was a very realistic portrayal of depression At all Anna cries a lot, sure She sees a therapi [...]

    8. Wow If it wasn t for my exams I would ve had finished it in an hour This book was brilliant It was just so funny and I have no idea how the author managed to make jokes out of situations which one would regard as serious I loved Anna She s sweet,witty,hilarious and what not And the way she writes these letters it makes you feel like you re the best friend she s talking to not really though because not most people have their best friends locked up in a mental hospital but still Yeah okay so this [...]

    9. DNF pg 55I started this book because I wanted to read something I could breeze through Get Well Soon promised to quick, easy, and funny Sadly however, was none of those things I was really struggling to finish this when I realized I never would so I gave up and DNF d it There was no way I was going to finish this book.The main problem I had was with the writing I was surprised that this was considered a young adult novel, it felt a lot like a middle grade, and not necessarily in a good way It s [...]

    10. DNF at 25%I was planning on finishing this damn book since it s only 193 pages, but the main character was too annoying and too bitchy for me to even want to continue this bookSo this book tells the story of Anna, who is sent to a mental hospital by her parents for extreme anxiety When I fist started reading this book I thought the premise was interesting, since it s being told by Anna in letters to her friend Tracy, but Anna is bitchy and whiny and the whole first half is just her having a crus [...]

    11. I came acrossJulie Halpern s first novel while browsing the offerings over at Feiwel Friends I was so grateful they were publishingLong May She Reign that I grabbed bothCarpe Diem and Get Well Soon because if they re publishingEllen Emerson White books they not only have superb taste, they deserve my undying loyalty Get Well Soon tells the story of Anna Bloom, a depressed teenager whose parents commit her to a mental institution when her panic attacks get in the way of her going to school Alone, [...]

    12. Oy Loved this book Really Gosh Justin sounds so dreamy lmao and plus Anna thought he was one gorgeous hottie I envied Anna for having her first kiss with him DAMNNNNG i thought this book was AMAZINGG and Anna has a really witty sense of humor I even laughed and giggled at the way she visualizes things cause I m like a typical teenage girl like her too I m so glad I found this rad book because I could relate soo much about Anna s hormonal thoughts to mine D I also loved the chracters like Phil an [...]

    13. This book has been really popular in my Middle School library for the last several years, so I grabbed it to read over winter break I figured a story about a teenage girl struggling with mental illness and meeting a bunch of interesting characters during treatment was right up my alley.Unfortunately, Get Well Soon pales in comparison to other books with similar themes that I ve read and enjoyed Clean, It s Kind of a Funny Story, and The Memory of Light come to mind, in particular Mental illness [...]

    14. Read a little better than half of this but don t really care how it ends Anna is a chatty teen struggling with depression and panic attacks, recovering from suicidal inclinations in a psychiatric hospital staffed by some of the meanest and least compassionate people available I can t tell if this is meant as caricature or how Halpern saw the staff in her own experiences filtered through teen eyes But really, I wasn t all that interested in how it turned out for better portrayals of teens dealing [...]

    15. Get well soon was an pretty good book Its about a girl and she wakes up in a mental hospital and she doesn t know why she s there during the time when she s at the mental hospital she has a crush and on her last day at the mental hospital they go on a field trip and the girl and her crush kiss, and I thought it was really sweet because she had been trying to get the kiss for a long time and she finally got it I recommend this book to a lot of people.

    16. How lovely and hilarious.It talks about Anna and her experience inside the mental hospital through litters she wrote for her best friend.It was a fluffy light and funny read The narrator in the audiobook did an awesome job really.I enjoyed it sooo much that I am motivated to read by this author 5 definite stars fir the author and the narrator.

    17. I enjoyed reading my 4th book about mental illness this year It puts a new perspective on loony bins that I hadn t thought of before They call them loony bins in the book It also shows what type of people get thrown in a loony bin People like drug dealers and angsty people to people that I am not going to mention because that would be a spoiler Let me put it this way some of them are actually crazy but most arent This book is a must read for anyone who likes distopias or romance novels Yes, roma [...]

    18. Personal ResponseThis book was horrific and should not exist It does not accurately portray mental illness or hospitals in the slightest There was no inner growth or recovery, and in the story people encouraged negative behavior There was also extreme foul language that did not add to the story, but instead took away It was a cheesy cliche romance in a mental hospital that made everything seem all fun and games Well it s not Not one bit Being hospitalized is dead eyes, yelling, no privacy, peopl [...]

    19. I didn t like this book much at all Some girl goes to a mental hospital, falls in love, ect ect It s pretty cliche if you re asking me It was like reading from the perspective of a goth 12 year old who knew too much about sex.

    20. This book was amazing from start to finish Julie Halpern wrote in such a way that makes you feel hooked I could relate with the main character in many different ways In fact, this book was so good that it made me want to be put in a loony bin That s how they refer to the mental hospital Anna was the main character I really liked her part because she was normal That s probably my favorite thing about this book Everything was normal There were no unrealistic road trips, no super powers, and no sup [...]

    21. Summary Due to severe panic attacks and depression, Anna finds herself locked in a mental hospital She is angry and confused and lashes out emotionally at the staff and to her parents, and to help her through her tough time, she writes letters to her friend Tracy However, due to her good behavior, she is allowed her own room and meets many other people there as well There she makes new friends and even finds a lover, and she starts to improve and get better as time goes on Recommendation I recom [...]

    22. See the picture on the front of the book That s pretty much my face after reading this book I d actually rate it a solid 2.5 stars, but I rounded up to 3 stars because it was quick and easy We meet Anna just as she is brought to a mental health facility She implies that she s depressed Perhaps the setting makes her feel secure or safe or something because she seems perfectly normal to me, a little insecure, but a pretty typical young teenager The book is in a letter format as she writes to her [...]

    23. When I first started my job as a teen librarian one of my teens told me she had just read this book and enjoyed it I always kept it in the back of my head as something to read, but never got around to it When I found out Julie Halpern was going to be at ALA, I knew I had to read it before then I m so glad I picked it up Anna gets through her mental hospital stay by writing letters to her friend, so you really get to see the whole experience through Anna s eyes Some novels work for me in letter d [...]

    24. Get Well SoonPersonal ResponseI enjoyed this book for the most part it is different than most books I read I liked how the author made it feel like you were right there with Anna through her adventures in the mental hospital I found some of the controversial topics brought up in the book to be interesting and made me think about them.PlotAnna is a teenage girl who after her parents adopt three other kids feels alone and distinct from her family She has very few friends at school and is overweig [...]

    25. Personal Response I enjoyed this book It showed how some people really struggle without anyone knowing It also showed how some mental hospitals are in the inside I really liked how it makes you see your life ain t as bad or there s always a brighter side.Plot Summary Anna always struggled with her body all through out her life She later in high school became depressed Her parents finally decided it was time to do something so they sent her to a mental hospital When she got there she was put on a [...]

    26. Actual Rating 3.5 StarsComments I finished this book in one sitting, which surprised me.The back cover blurb describing the character as so depressed made me apprehensive I like teen angst, but I wasn t sure if I could handle listening tomelodramatic whining It wasn t bad at allOS Amusing, almost witty voice Cast of character is easy to remember and distinguish Melodramatic parts are short and rather amusing Creepy, dehumanizing setting that made the characters all the realNS The Justin back sto [...]

    27. Funny, poignant, relevant Complex ideas are presented without a heavy moral hand, and without sacrificing the YA tone Nothing here is remotely inappropriate for teen readers, even young teens, and yet it is a genuinely good read for an older audience as well Anna is an amazing protagonist Her voice is pure YA The book jacket says that Halpern wrote the book based on her own struggles as a teen, and I don t doubt it It s like she has a direct line to adolescence There is nothing forced about it A [...]

    28. The Deal Anna Bloom is depressed She has been missing school and often doesn t want to do anything at all And now her parents have shipped her off to a mental hospital After almost 2 days spent sitting in the hallway, wearing paper thing hospital pajamas, Anna isn t off to an auspicious start at the mental hospital and things don t seem to improve when she s finally able to join her fellow inmates Oh, and her doctor is a bit of an asshole Her only outlet is the journal letters she writes to her [...]

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