Talash /تلاش #2020

Talash /تلاش By Mumtaz Mufti Talash None
  • Title: Talash /تلاش
  • Author: Mumtaz Mufti
  • ISBN: 969503425
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Talash /تلاش By Mumtaz Mufti None
    Talash /تلاش By Mumtaz Mufti
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    About "Mumtaz Mufti"

    1. Mumtaz Mufti

      Mumtaz Mufti started writing Urdu short stories while working as a school teacher before partition In the beginning of his literary career, he was considered among his contemporaries, a non conformist writer having liberal views, who appeared influenced by Freud His transformation from Liberalism to Sufism was due to his inspiration from Qudrat Ullah Shahab Another well known Pakistani Author At the same time, he did manage to retain his individual accent and wrote on subjects which were frowned upon by the conservative elements in society.The two phases of his life are witnessed by his autobiographies, Ali Pur Ka Aeeli and Alakh Nagri According to forewords mentioned in his later autobiography, Ali Pur Ka Aeeli is an account of a lover who challenged the social taboos of his times, and Alakh Nagri is an account of an acolyte who greatly influenced by the mysticism of Qudrat Ullah Shahab.Talaash Quest was the last book written by Mumtaz Mufti.


    1. Another book making me feel , worthless as a person to rate it Must read if you want to know how Islam is supposed to be and how it can guide us instead being misguided by the religious scholars who set up a shop in the name of religion

    2. I am no one to rate the books written on tasawuf.e the writer is a senior and carries knowledge about the topic then I can judgejust five stars cant judge a book.ere could be an infinity of likeness choices in Tsawuf Islam Religion.I love this book.P S The books I have rated so far about religion or tsawuf was a state of mind so I am not going to alter them.I might rate such books later but honestly I am no one to do that.

    3. .I don t know about this book First of all there is a lot contradiction between the way he takes down Alims but than follows others of his own choice The book is also incredibly positive outlook on Pakistan which is a theme he seems to have borrowed from Qudrat Ullah Shihab Also the role of the Prophet, Koran and Muslim race has been greatly eulogised He has also indulged in taking down the Western race without properly looking into reasons why they have done better I give credit to Mufti f [...]

    4. This is an apt depiction of questions baffling our new generation s mind with regards to the place of Religion and God in their lives individual or collective A book name Yaaft needs to be written to answer these questions and let the wandering souls settle down on some firm ground May Allah give me strength to write it.

    5. This book is literally outstanding When people write something, they write their experiences Mumtaz Mufti had an interesting perspective.He was connected to ALLAH by heart, his thoughts were different, actually everything was different for him He believes in becoming a good person first Instead of compelling others to tread on the way of Islam, he, himself tries to tread on a straight path After reading, reader will surely try to seek all the answers of the questions poses by the book.

    6. A brilliant book Speaks directly to you Written in a very simple manner that touches the heart because the reader can relate to it The book poses some questions without giving the answers and challenges the reader to seek them out on his own We all know God differently In the light of our observation, knowledge and experiences but above all in the light of our pre determined, planted, programmed and conditioned dogmas and beliefs that have been installed by those who think they know it all Hence [...]

    7. anokha ladla , I dont belong and the compulsion of writing the book are going to be my favourite memories from Talash JazakAllah ul Kher Mufti.

    8. M mtaz Mufti was a great writer he knew how to accompany hus reader from start to end , words , sentences phrases are awesome, his writing style is as usual best but I don t like this book , nothing is Clearfield but it makes complicated , he writes against fundamentalist but some times he became himself fundamentalist The writer is totally different as he exposed himself in his novel based autobiography Ali pur ka Alei.

    9. Very inspirational I was sad and happy at the same time and you really start contemplating about life, Allah, and Prophet SAW.Anyone who wants to read or has read the book should also listen to a few lectures of Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar Mumtaz Mufti Sahab spent much time with him in his last days and Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar was the reason behind writing Talash I would particularly recommend listening to Ilm aur Allah on youtube JazakAllah.

    10. Mufti has spoken to the hearts of people by addressing what baffles the Muslim Ummah of our region in the present times It especially connects with the young generation, who are identified by the faith just because they were born a Muslim Through simple narration and recollection of life experiences, Mufti brings out an aspect of Islam as a harmonious religion something that brings balance to your life For anyone who hasn t read this book yet, it is a must read.

    11. I loved his views throughout the book and he keeps mentioning that he doesn t know much about religion himself As we all know that no one can claim that they know everything about religion Even if we spend all our lives studying religion it will be like a drop in a sea What I took from this book is In order to become a good Muslim, we have to become a better human being first and love God s creation.

    12. Mufti sahib describe Islam in his own style which is very basic and easily understandable He describe how a human conceive Allah and how he loves Allah The book is worth reading and best, despite some repetition of thoughts and theme of some stories.

    13. I am still in need of a better competitor than this book.And i know it by my heart that i am never gonna find a book of such a level in this life.

    14. Mumtaz Mufti didn t start well but as he built up the flow his books kept on improving He used some terms I didn t like tried to give up many times on it but eventually it became a good book.

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