What Do You Say After You Say Hello? #2020

What Do You Say After You Say Hello? By Eric Berne What Do You Say After You Say Hello Infancy analysis that determines our shyness or openess
  • Title: What Do You Say After You Say Hello?
  • Author: Eric Berne
  • ISBN: 9780553232677
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • What Do You Say After You Say Hello? By Eric Berne Infancy analysis that determines our shyness or openess
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    1. Eric Berne

      Eric Berne was a Canadian born psychiatrist best known as the creator of transactional analysis Eric was born on May 10, 1910 as Eric Lennard Bernstein in Montreal, Canada.He and his sister Grace, who was five years younger than Eric, were the children of a physician and a writer, David and Sara Gordon Bernstein.David Bernstein died in 1921, and the children were raised by their mother.Bernstein attended Montreal s McGill University, graduating in 1931 and earning his M.D C.M in 1935.While at McGill he wrote for several student newspapers using pseudonyms He followed graduation with a residency in psychiatry at Yale University, where he studied psychoanalysis under Paul Federn.In 1943 he changed his legal name to Eric Berne.He continued to use pseudonyms, such as Cyprian St Cyr Cyprian Sincere , for whimsical articles in the Transactional Analysis Bulletin.Berne s training was interrupted by World War II and his service in the Army Medical Corps, where he was promoted to the rank of Major After working at Bushnell Army Hospital in Ogden, Utah, he was discharged in 1945.


    1. This book has one of the most misleading and worst titles, and it is one of the best books ever written in the field of psychology It s like how they named Greenland, a desolate hunk of ice sorry if you re from Greenland almost wholly within the Arctic Circle, GREEN land and Iceland, a gorgeous, temperate, GREEN country, wholly outside the Arctic Circle, ICE land There are many theories as to how this misnomer occurred, but my favorite is that Erik The Red, a hearty Viking undoubtedly with a goo [...]

    2. A somewhat misleading title as the book won t give any helpful tips to change a conversation for the better The underlying theory however is interesting Right from the start we have an unconscious belief of life and ourselves which controls every bit of our life and thus also influences the way we talk to other people The typical examples however could be shortened Berne s book Games people play is far better in analyzing the way people talk with each other.

    3. Eric Berne s best book, I feel Berne became the darling of social workers and pop psychologists, and I suspect was correspondingly disliked by real psychologists Nevertheless, I have a lot of time for him In particular, his belief that human beings contain within them a Parent, Child and Adult, and use these to build their relations with others and their understanding of themselves is not at all daft For example, his views are consonant with those of G H Mead, the founder of Social Psychology I [...]

    4. This is basically a psychology textbook telling you why people do what they do and what in their lives made them decide they had to make the choices they made Extremely enlightening and interesting, if not a little outdated There are also some very nice bedtime stories in this book.

    5. It is funny to consider that many of us live our lives such that they may resemble classic fairytales though not necessarily with happy endings This, while it isn t the point of the book, was a fun theme that ran through it Fun psychology.

    6. I liked the descriptions of transactional analysis Author did good job of using characters from well known stories i.e Cinderella as examples of analysis with his methodology His approach in writing seems suggestive rather than conclusive, which is appropriate Also he uses a martian perspective to explain an objective view of stories to explain his approach of critiquing situations and looking deeper to show how scripts intertwine for a group I enjoyed that.

    7. Really changes everything I think about myself and where I m headed Will make you wonder why certain interactions go the ways they do It has the potential to look deeply into who you are, identify what mistakes you make and why you make yourself do them Book can be scary, must be necessary Berne goes into interesting territories, but is able to pull you out for a breather with a 70 s era non pc zinger from time to time.

    8. The most brilliant book ever written I ve read it so many times Demystifies life Not a bad achievement if you ask me.

    9. W ell I read Games People Play before this, and am a fan of it Perhaps its not fair to make comparisons, but it is inevitable That book was far well organized, and made for a much better read than this one.Berne introduces us to TA once again in the book, and his explanation is indeed very engaging and sensible But somewhere down the line, the classification of every action into scripts gets as regressive as the boiling down of every act to the psychosexual stages Though the author very defensi [...]

    10. An easy engaging layperson s guide to transactional analysis This book was easier to read than Games People Play The constructs of Parent Adult Child are immensely useful in understanding conversations relationships.

    11. Berne was the founder of Transactional Analysis and as such this is a very important work However I found it hard going at times, and recent writing summarising his work is a lot concise and readable.

    12. Who says I m going to say hello Where are the guidebooks for the hermits You know, with chapters like How to weave sackcloth , or When to harvest locust beans

    13. A continuation of theory of TA s to Script Analysis but you wonder if the theory holds good in practical life

    14. One of the best pshychology books I ve read It doesn t matter whether or not you are familiar with concepts like transactional analysis or psyhcoanalysis, this book provides answers to some important questions It helped me find meaning behind my behavioral patterns Sometimes, the temptation of overdiagnosing myself was strong, though.

    15. I subscribe to the other reviewers comments when they say that the title is misleading You won t have a How to communicate for dummies guide, but a very thorough book on the three states of the Self Parent Adult Child and the transactional analysis How we respond to life is based on the paternal script imprinted by our families and Eric Berne uses fairytales to exemplify When he introduced the concept of script life scenario , the author also introduced the idea that the scenario can be a winner [...]

    16. Very interesting The implications are frightening Will need to read up to date data to make a determination.

    17. Wow, quite a different perspective We all have our life run by our scripts made as a small child To understand it better, I needed to re read it at times.

    18. Since I studied Business, I don t possess a lot of knowledge on Psychology and its derivations hence this book was eye opening for me I really liked Dr Berne s way of explaining his theory, its concepts, and applications I truly believe that everyone should read this book, regardless if they are into transactional analysis or not What Do You Say After You Say Hello broaded my understanding of human behavior With such simple explanations and examples, it is very easy to recognize the different pa [...]

    19. I bought five books as gifts to family and friends This is one of those rare books that should make everyone s must read list.

    20. fiecare are in el un parinte, un adult si un copil Conteaza cine conduce si ca fiecare sa isi pastreze independenta in fata viitorului construit de familie.

    21. The title notwithstanding, the book is all about what Dr Berne refers to as scripting which might be useful to psychiatrists but for a 420 page book, it s about 415 pages too long and the question posed by the title is not addressed.

    22. Mi piaciuto di pi di A che gioco giochiamo perch il messaggio complessivo pi positivo dell altro libro Tuttavia sebbene non possa che stimare Berne perch indubbiamente persona molto intelligente e che ha influito in maniera decisiva all approfondimento della conoscenza dell essere umano, resta un nevrotico quello che ricerca la stretta di mano perfetta , quello che al di fuori degli schemi , quelle centinaia di schemi soffocanti con cui riempie i suoi libri e in cui ama incasellare senza appello [...]

    23. A misleadingly titled book, it is an introduction and postulation of TA transactional analysis It seems to be written for other professionals in the field rather than the lay public A densely written work that becomes dense the further the reader delves into the book, it explores our Parent, Adult, and Child egos It develops the theory that we, consciously or unconsciously, are governed by a script , or lifelong plan established in childhood which sets the course of our entire life as winners , [...]

    24. A script is an ongoing program, developed in early childhood under parental influences, which directs the individual s behavior in the most important aspects of his life This book explains how life scripts get written, and how to find out what kind of script you have The main objective of Mr Berne is to set you free of bad scripts and he wants you to be a real person or script free.If you want to understand human behavior I highly encourage you to read Games People Play and this book, both are l [...]

    25. O carte care vine dupa Games people play ca o completare si rearanjare a conceptelor analizei tranzactionale din perspectiva psihoterapeutului Descrie relatiile Parinte Adult Copil si Persecutor Victima Salvator imbinand teoria cu exemple practice O viziune interesanta asupra liberului arbitru si a posibilitatilor autonomiei scenariului de viata al copilului comparat cu istoria familiei Cu siguranta e una din cartile la care o sa mai revin.

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