Um Conto de Inverno #2020

Um Conto de Inverno By Trisha Ashley Um Conto de Inverno Sophy Winter n o a t pica dona de uma casa senhorial Na verdade exce o de muitos sonhos e uns quantos pesadelos nunca foi dona de nada Por m a sua sorte muda inesperadamente quando herda uma mans o
  • Title: Um Conto de Inverno
  • Author: Trisha Ashley
  • ISBN: 9789897416323
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um Conto de Inverno By Trisha Ashley Sophy Winter n o a t pica dona de uma casa senhorial Na verdade, exce o de muitos sonhos e uns quantos pesadelos, nunca foi dona de nada Por m, a sua sorte muda inesperadamente quando herda uma mans o no campo com o cora o rejubilante que vai conhecer a sua heran a E o que v n o de todo o que esperava Winter s End foi em tempos uma casa imponente, mas agoSophy Winter n o a t pica dona de uma casa senhorial Na verdade, exce o de muitos sonhos e uns quantos pesadelos, nunca foi dona de nada Por m, a sua sorte muda inesperadamente quando herda uma mans o no campo com o cora o rejubilante que vai conhecer a sua heran a E o que v n o de todo o que esperava Winter s End foi em tempos uma casa imponente, mas agora est decr pita e pior repleta de exc ntricos e infernais habitantes Sophy que quase se imaginara a protagonizar uma vers o real de Downton Abbey fica desesperada Mas o pior est para vir Quando se espalha a not cia de que William Shakespeare visitara a mans o durante os seus dias de gl ria, a vila inteira fica de olhos postos em Sophy Especialmente o sedutor Jack Lewis Mas estar ele realmente apaixonado por ela ou apenas na heran a, subitamente t o apetec vel Entregue a si pr pria num casar o repleto de hist rias, segredos, p e talvez um ou dois fantasmas, o que deve Sophy fazer Infelizmente, n o pode sequer contar com Seth, o seu magn fico jardineiro Seth t o silencioso e forte como a mais bela das rvores e que a ignora desde o primeiro dia Seth o homem cujo cora o ela nunca conseguir conquistar disso, Sophy tem a certeza absoluta Mas a jovem herdeira j deveria ter aprendido a desconfiar da aparente previsibilidade da vida T o surpreendente quanto a pr pria heran a aquilo que est prestes a acontecer.
    Um Conto de Inverno By Trisha Ashley
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      Trisha Ashley is now a full time novelist, but she has been known to work for stained glass makers and or plumbers She likes to paint, eat, drink, and read literary biographies Her previous hobbies included getting divorced and packing to move She claims to have once actually eaten Bronte burgers at the Branwell caf , but her publisher declines to verify this She lives in North Wales.


    1. 8,5 de 10 Trisha Ashley uma autora segura, no que toca a romances fofinhos, com ambientes acolhedores e hist rias bonitas Um Conto de Inverno n o excep o e soube me t o bem l lo nesta poca do ano Coment rio completo em abibliotecadajoao

    2. Enjoyable, but not my favorite by Trisha Ashley Sophy and Seth spend so much time completely clueless about each other that I had a hard time simply enjoying the rest of the story And the rest of the cast is mundane than I m used to in her books less magical, but also less wacky or lovably goofy Seth is brooding which prompts a hilarious reference to Cold Comfort Farm but is otherwise simply broody Sophy is determined Yes, you see them enjoy themselves together, mostly bickering though in the [...]

    3. I m very surprised with all of the high ratings that this book has I found A Winter s Tale incredibly dull and unexciting Whilst the idea was good, a lot could have been done with the plot nothing seemed to happen that made me want to read on it took a lot of effort not to give up on this book completely I found that the narrative was very well written but my main issue was that I could not connect with any of the characters, they weren t formed well enough and as I ve already mentioned, nothin [...]

    4. The concept of the story was good, the execution of it, however, left much to be desired.Sophy was annoyingly proper with characters that didn t deserve her kindness, she was also even annoyingly clueless about some things but rather on the ball with others no consistency in her character The fact that Sophy and the rest of the family just let slide the behaviors and actions of Jack was increasingly frustrating throughout the book, and then in the end when they once again let everything slide a [...]

    5. L a resenha completa em the banal girl 201A personagem principal Sophy Winter Uma mulher com uma vida dif cil Sophy trabalha em casas senhoriais, por vezes como empregada de limpeza outras como respons vel por tornar essas casas interessantes para o p blico.No entanto, a sua vida muda quando o seu av , de quem tinha perdido contacto quando era crian a, morre Sophy descobre que a herdeira da mans o da fam lia A protagonista volta, assim, para a mans o Winter End e volta a sentir todo o carinho e [...]

    6. Special Content only on my blog, Strange and Random Happenstance during Downton Denial February 2016 Sophy Winter spent her formative years living in her family s stately home, Winter s End, until she was one day whisked away by her hippie mother without a backward glance Her life then took on an itinerant feel, never really settling down until she got married and got pregnant The pregnancy scared the husband off and she made do as a single mother working in great estates like the one she grew u [...]

    7. Comecei este livro quase no fim de 2017, e terminei agora, no in cio de 2018 Vendo as datas, s o imensos dias, mas sei que peguei no livro no Kobo, na verdade apenas 4 vezes, portanto at li r pido Confesso que inicialmente foi um pouco dif cil embrenhar me na hist ria, mas sei que na 3 vez que peguei no livro passei de 37% lido para 72%, e na 4 vez em que peguei nele, hoje, terminei a leitura N o me desiludiu porque sabia bem o que ia encontrar As hist rias da Trisha Ashley s o simples, queridin [...]

    8. Gosto mito desta autora, os primeiros livros que li dela cativaram me, s o est rias simples, doces , rom nticas com um toque de magia e divertidas.E este livro assim mesmo, magico e t o f cil de ler, e passamos uma horas num mundo doce e terno.

    9. Sometimes I read books and I really can t understand how they can get through the editing and publishing process and still end up in the state they re in.The plot was fairly interesting and the write used some good devices to keep the reader hooked The references to an Elizabethan legacy and hidden secrets were intriguing The setting felt like something new and interesting But it was let down on so many other levels.I have many a gripe with the writing style and characterisation It s in the firs [...]

    10. Classifica o 3,5 EstrelasFoi s o ano passado que li o meu primeiro livro da autora mas aqueceu me de tal forma o cora o que fiquei convicta que tinha que ler mais livros de Trisha Ashley E assim que vi que este livro ia ser editado em Portugal, fiquei logo cheia de vontade de o ler.A nossa protagonista Sophy Winter, uma mulher que teve que n o teve uma vida f cil e que trabalhou em v rias casas senhoriais, quer como empregada de limpeza, mas tamb m respons vel por as tornar atractivas ao p blico [...]

    11. 3.5 stars I really struggled with how to rate this book Parts of it really are fresh, humorous and fun But the flaws Oh my goodness, the flaws are glaring A Winter s Tale isn t so much a romance though there are some romantic bits to it as it is the story of a heroine getting a fresh start in life and discovering resources she never knew she had That heroine, fortyish Sophy Winter, is by no means perfect but I did find her endearing She survived childhood with a drug addled and neglectful mother [...]

    12. This wintery novel is an excellent example of the best kind of chick lit All the required elements are there a heroine undergoing a transformation be it in life, appearance, location , an ounce of mystery, an unlikely love interest, some crazy family members, and a plot that offers something unique and different to the thousands of other chick lit novels out there Trisha Ashley s tale of Sophy Winter and her sudden inheritance of a stately home in the English countryside is a fantastic read, esp [...]

    13. A Winter s Tale by Trisha Ashley will be of interest to those liking a read about garden restoration, old medieval houses, Shakespeare, witchcraft or just light romance.Sophy Winter has just been displaced after her job as housekeeper and PA to a lady in a large country estate in Scotland ends only to find she has inherited her own grandfather s country house Winter s End Her grandfather had placed the estate in debt and allowed the house to deteriorate as he fulfilled his passion to restore the [...]

    14. A charming romantic comedy about a hard up single mum inheriting a stately home and a host of headaches The perfect novel for curling up with during the long winter nights Sophy Winter is not your typical Lady of the Manor When she unexpectedly inherits Winter s End a crumbling mansion in the beautiful Lancashire countryside it seems like all Sophy s prayers have been answered She eagerly swaps life as an impoverished housekeeper in favour of her own team of staff But Sophy quickly realises the [...]

    15. I ve read book by Trisha Ashley before and I love it It s enjoyable and I had so much fun reading it It s definitely the same with this one It s a perfect read during this winter time I took a longer time reading this, taking it during my winter trip and finally had the chance finishing this I love the setting, I love the determination of the main character, Sophy Winter I love the mystery, the history behind her family s story If anyone is looking for a light reading this winter, this is a good [...]

    16. I read this book in an afternoon There s something about Ashley that I really like, her writing is relaxed and comfortable, and she maked you care about the places as much as the characters I find her settings are always wonderful, and in this case the gorgeous house was perfect I loved the diary extracts throughout it, which gave the whole story a different, slightly darker feel And as always the minor characters were the best from the hippy mother a theme in Ashelys work to the crazy aunts, lo [...]

    17. An easy, enjoyable read The cover is slightly misleading as Winter refers to the surname of the family rather than the time of year

    18. I have lost count of the number of times I have read this book I only picked it up as I wanted something familiar to offset a rambunctious thriller that I was reading that required down time every 50 pages or so Well, that didn t work out too well because this little beauty kept me awake for 2 or 3 hours longer than I should have been thanks to One chapter won t hurt.Yet again Trisha Ashley brings us a range of deeply human and believable characters that live off the page and I am pretty sure o [...]

    19. I ve got to lay off the Chick Lit for a while.I was looking for a light wintry read and I suppose this is that But it promised a romantic comedy If your sleazy distant cousin trying to woo you into selling him the stately home you inherited by not listening to you ever , being a drunk, and by being completely obnoxious is your idea of comedy, I suppose this is a romcom The story is fine The chapters focused on what it would take to turn a profit today running an English estate are enjoyable The [...]

    20. Alys Blezzard, the mysterious witch descending from the Nutters, appears profusely dazzling character when she was shrouded in mystery than she was revealed Her tailpieces like I am not yet seventeen how brief was day of dancing in the sunlight stand in sharp contrast to her 21st century descendant Sophy s comparatively long and adventurous life Alys had lived in those 17 years than those who carry forward her secrets Or is it that Shakespeare s dark lady, if she was one, had got to be that ma [...]

    21. What a mess It had all the right ingredients a stately home, single mom and a hodge podge of a supporting cast Normally this would be catnip for me, but first off I never warmed to Sophy who inherited the family estate though she had been estranged from her grandfather for thirty years I hated the Mel, Jack and Seth triangle with was just stupid The mystery around Alys was creative and interesting, but Sophy s love for Jack and her blindness to his villainy was ridiculous I didn t believe the ro [...]

    22. Just your typical, run of the mill, chick lit misleading title nothing to do with the season, but the family name, Winter.It was lighthearted, with the typical clueless main character of her true feelings, the creepy guy that you re constantly telling said main character to stay away from and to stop being so nice, and the assortment of quirky characters just made this a fun filled, light hearted read, full of the mystery of the family secret.It did at times feel a bit slow the restoration of th [...]

    23. The back story is better than the main story and I wish this had been developed that the bland romantic theme of the book The actual romance, as well as some of the characters, was a bit shallow The writing style was easy, the plot romped along, and there was lots to like in the book but the romance lacked edge I wish the secret had come earlier in the book rather than at the end Some scenes were repetitive and the main character became annoying Some of the dialogue was also very, very unbeliev [...]

    24. This review is probably just the same as all my other reviews of Ashley s books but at least it shows consistency on both our parts Once again it s a lovely romantic comedy that leaves you with a nice warm feeling inside There s no great surprises, you know where everything every ones headed but following the journey is enjoyable as the blurb says it s.aranteed to thaw the coldest of hearts

    25. A good read for a winters night and well written and good characters Sophy is a hard up single mum but inherits a big stately home and she learns about all the headaches that will bring Someone else thinks he should have inherited it so tries to get it from her but will she give in or will she make a good go of it A great winters read.

    26. This book, to me, was a fairly run of the mill chick lit novel with a bit of mystery treachery thrown in Nothing really sparkled about it.It was good enough but not a great read but I do love a happy ending

    27. I enjoyed this though I think the pacing was slightly off I loved the historical chapter introductions as well as all the descriptions of the house and property I wish the ending was a bit drawn out but overall I did really enjoy the story and many of the characters.

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