All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class #2020

All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class By Tim Shipman All Out War The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain s Political Class Tim Shipman s dispatches from the political front line are a must read NICK ROBINSONPolitics was turned upside down during This book by Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman is the first to t
  • Title: All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class
  • Author: Tim Shipman
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  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class By Tim Shipman Tim Shipman s dispatches from the political front line are a must read NICK ROBINSONPolitics was turned upside down during 2016 This book by Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman is the first to tell the full story of how and why Britain voted to leave the European Union and how the vote shattered the political status quo.Based on unrivalled access to all the key po Tim Shipman s dispatches from the political front line are a must read NICK ROBINSONPolitics was turned upside down during 2016 This book by Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman is the first to tell the full story of how and why Britain voted to leave the European Union and how the vote shattered the political status quo.Based on unrivalled access to all the key politicians and their advisors including Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, George Osborne, Nigel Farage and Dominic Cummings, the mastermind of Vote Leave Shipman has written a political history that reads like a thriller, and offers a gripping, day by day account of what really happened behind the scenes in Downing Street, both Leave campaigns, the Labour Party, Ukip and Britain Stronger in Europe.Shipman gives his readers a ringside seat on how decisions were made, mistakes justified and betrayals perpetrated Filled with stories, anecdotes and juicy leaks the book does not seek to address the rights and wrongs of Brexit but to explore how and why David Cameron chose to take the biggest political gamble of his life and explain why he lost.This is a story of calculation, attempted coups, individuals torn between principles and loyalty All the events are here from David Cameron s pledge to hold a referendum, through to the campaign itself, his resignation as prime minister, the betrayals and rivalries that occurred during the race to find his successor to the arrival of Theresa May in Downing Street as Britain s second female prime minister.All Out War is a book about leaders and their closest aides, the decisions they make and how and why they make them, as well as how they feel when they turn out to be wrong It is about men who make decisions that are intellectually consistent and by their own measure morally sound that are simultaneously disastrous for themselves and those closest to them It is about how doing what you know has worked before doesn t always work again Most of all it is about asking the question how far are you prepared to go to win
    All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class By Tim Shipman
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    1. Tim Shipman

      Tim Shipman has been a national newspaper journalist for sixteen years and has a wealth of experience reporting on British and American politics and international relations.Currently the Political Editor of the Sunday Times, Tim has covered four British General Elections and three American elections from the US Well known in the Westminster political mix, he is a trusted confidant of politicians from all political parties and has a growing following as a witty observer of the political scene ShippersUnbound.


    1. This book seems already likely to stand as the definitive account of the political events before, during and after the Brexit vote The book explicitly concentrates on the actions and thoughts of the key UK political players It begins from the premise that the actions of key individuals, at hinge moments of history, are magnified out of all proportion and argues that the thoughts and deeds of particularly Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Johnson, Farage, Banks and Dominic Cummings in the 13 months between [...]

    2. Reading AOW underlined what is for me the main problem with a kindle throwing it at a wall to relieve your feelings rapidly becomes expensive Consequently this book took me the best part of eight months to get through, and I still hate everybody in it.

    3. If you want to get a handle on Brexit, how it came about and the campaigns to leave and remain in the EU, this book by Tim Shipman is an absolute must read The author gets under the skin of perhaps the most important political issue of recent times, with impeccably sourced insights both on and off the record This is one of the most exciting political books I ve ever read and I lost count of the number of times I read an extra chapter, so engrossed was I All Out War explains how the Leave campaig [...]

    4. Had I realised that this was nearly 700 pages long before I bought it, I would probably not have picked it up how can a single referendum be interesting enough to fill all those pages Especially when I ve already lived through it Yet this turned out to be an extraordinary book, and certainly the best I ve read on any modern political event It is balanced, thoroughly researched, funny, thrilling, and gives deep insight into both sides of the referendum campaign warts and all I already knew that S [...]

    5. It is with good reason that Tim Shipman has won rapturous praise for this book Witty, engaging and detailed, I would be surprised if anyone had questions about either the Leave or Remain campaigns after reading this This book is imperative for anyone who wants to understand the biggest crisis facing the UK since the end of WW2 What I was not expecting was a jolly good laugh along the way

    6. Tim Shipman seems to have written the definitive account of the period before, during, and after Brexit with his masterful first book, All Out War.His apparent omnipotence and familiarity with everyone involved means he not only creates a brilliantly encyclopaedic portrayal of the events that unfolded, but is also able to either confirm or discredit insider s accounts for example, whether they were guilty of certain leaks to the press, or losing a key figure through not sending out a tweet befor [...]

    7. This is a comprehensive account of the debacle that was last years referendum and it s fast paced, interesting, humorous and insightful throughout Despite the moments of levity, it s hard not to feel some anger at the approach of the main players to the issues from all sides Reading about just how pro European Osborne and Cameron actually are, for example, was frustrating given the strident anti EU tone they both adopted and played to throughout their political careers No one really comes out of [...]

    8. Forces of globalisation, regional integration, and neoliberal economic policies have been increasingly on the rise since the end of the Second World War Winston Churchill, the ageing servant of a dying empire, took the world by surprise in September 1946 when he suggested the creation of a United States of Europe in a speech at Zurich Then, the speech of the United States secretary of state George Marshall at Harvard University for the economic uplift of Europe popularly known as the Marshall Pl [...]

    9. At 6am exactly, David Dimbleby announced that Vote Leave had secured than half the votes cast Quite an extraordinary moment he said Britain had voted for Brexit David Cameron had bet the farm and he had lost the lot When I picked up this reservation from the library, I was quite dismayed to find that it was SO MASSIVE It is a hefty tome that took me about a month to read slowed by the fact that it was too impractically huge to take on my commute However, I m glad I ploughed through, it was abso [...]

    10. I thought the U.K would ultimately and begrudgingly vote to say in Europe A less than perfect institution but one with enormous potential Mr Shipman explains why I was entirely wrong In doing so confirmed some of my worst fears about squabbling public school Tory boys who displayed an amazing lack of talent in what was a race to the bottom in terms of incompetence Happily for fans of political even handedness the labor party could not even manage to be incompetent Read it and gnash the teeth.

    11. This is a hard book to rate On the one hand, it seems to be a pretty thorough account of a turbulent time in British politics As far as I can tell, Tim Shipman does a good job and chronicling who did what We get to peak inside Number 10 and hear about David Cameron s discussions with George Osborne And for balance we see what was happening in the Labour party and UKIP A few pages in and I was thinking that this was an excellent book A solid 5 stars The definitive account of Brexit And that s a g [...]

    12. Insightful, intriguing, shocking and gripping account of the Brexit referendum The book illustrates the importance of an effective and dirty campaign, spin , deception, politics, ambition etc, answering largely why the public decided to vote to leave the EU It is only now that we start to see the disastrous consequences of that decision, which were foretold but not believed Consequences which will impact not just the next 3 5 years, but generations into the future So why did the Brexiteers win s [...]

    13. What a behemoth I m glad I read it, but some advice to people who are not intense politics buffs skip the first two chapters They cover too many years and people in too little time, and they are the first 5 8% of the book, so highly likely you ll stop reading at that point Skim after you ve read the rest of the book of you re keen read this on Kindle rather than as a paperback I found the X Ray feature very useful, along with highlights, and never even realised this book was a mammoth brick unti [...]

    14. I confess I only read about half of this I may finish it at some point, but I managed enough to give a judgement It was an excellent, definitive read on the referendum, but the forensic analysis of how the elites essentially play games with the well being of the nation in order to fulfill their own tedious political agendas is ultimately extremely, dispiriting, wearying and tough to stomach, particularly when you realise that the Leave side basically got the rub of the green pretty much the whol [...]

    15. Britain s decision in June 2016 to leave the EU marked a post War turning point for the Western world for the first time a large country had decisively turned its back on globalization The debates in the process of doing so also broadened the definition of what would be politically acceptable in terms of expression of views especially towards foreigners and immigration This cocktail of populism, visible detest towards the elite, mixed together with the advent of social media and post truth polit [...]

    16. For tose seeking enlightenment on the pros and cons of the UK s membership of the European Union, this is not the book But for a forensic account of how we came to make the decision or were persuaded to make the decision All Out War is the definitive answer.Tim Shipman has clearly had access, on and off the record, not only to all the major players, but also their aides and assistants, researchers and advisers, friends and enemies What emerges in a very long book, produced with astonishing speed [...]

    17. Essential reading Even with exagerration, embellishment and certain spin from those interviewed and quoted in the book, this is a thrilling read and likely very close to the mark with what happened just under one year ago.

    18. Excellent near contemporary account of the political events pre and post Brexit vote, unashamedly focused on accounts from many of the key politicians, advisers and pollsters at the centre of this drama It does leave you with an amalgam of competing self justificatory accounts rather than a dispassionate assessment of why what happened happened But it makes for a compelling story that you wouldn t believe in a fictional book.

    19. Detailed, absorbing, adding real value to a story that has already been well examined The brexit section which takes up two thirds of the book is better and it loses momentum a little when we get to the Tory leadership contest, butt that s a minor gripe He has had excellent access to all the key players, has produced a speedy but thorough balanced first cut of a crucial moment in our history Heartily recommend

    20. This, along with Project Fear, goes down as one of my favourite journalistic political books of all time Its attempt to cover a recent British event I was proud to have been a part of from both sides makes it very fair and worthy of some award or something.

    21. Equal parts drama, farce and tragedy a compelling page turner that I couldn t put down Provides a fantastic insight into all the key players on the Brexit journey, with the author providing a fair and balanced overview of both the Leave and Remain campaigns.

    22. All Out War is an utterly gripping, supremely well researched account of the tumultuous Brexit campaign and it s immediate fallout in British Politics It is the essence of 2016.

    23. The book on Brexit no question Stunning detail he s pretty nice to everyone which is probably how he got them all to talk

    24. My main comment on this book is that it is not kidding when it says that it is The Full Story It doesn t half go on Apologies for a long review, but this is a big book with big ambitions and I flatter myself that I was there, so I know a fair bit of what was going on The first 450 pages are about the build up to the Referendum campaign and the campaign itself This is to my mind the best part of the book The final 150 page are about the Tory leadership campaign and are not so good for why see bel [...]

    25. If you d rather stick pins in your eyes than plough through 600 pages, I ve summarised what I thought were the most interesting points in a review here paulsamael blog all out warBut why 3 stars rather than the 4 or 5 that everyone else seems to be giving it here Well, on the positive side, it s a very interesting and detailed if overly long account of what went wrong for Remain and what went right for Leave But it falls down on the bigger picture.In particular, I think the author is far too qui [...]

    26. I was engrossed in this book from the word go We go through the whole process of how David Cameron was forced by his own Eurosceptics and UKIP pressure to do his famous Bloomberg speech What followed next was the chain reaction and the underestimating of the Brexiteers ability to put together a substantial fighting force This combined with events and powerful personalities brought about one of the most interesting political shockwaves I can remember in my 56 years of life.This book is very detai [...]

    27. I thought long and hard how many stars I should be giving this book as I rarely read any books I rate below four life is too short and I was close to giving this a four as it was a real pageturner admittingly despite its hefty 600 pages However, on reflection I dont think this is such a brilliant book everyone makes it out to be, although stillworth reading, for the following reasons The strength of the book lies in the access the author had to key actors in Brexit as he quotes them extensively [...]

    28. In reading this book it reminded me of the real reason behind my vote and wanting to leave the EU That decision had nothing to do with fear, bias or discrimination but everything to do with autonomy, freedom to choose and not being ruled ham fisted by a dictoral regime based abroad As in a portion the book a spokesman for the Leave campaign mentioned Maastricht was the moment that the EU extended it s jurisdiction into foreign affairs, criminal justice, citizenship, the eviroment, and the moment [...]

    29. In a hundred years from now, someone writing about rise of neo nationalism in western world might begin with It all gained momentum with Britain voting for Brexit This is the severity of Britain s vote in 2016 to leave EU Or we can end up seeing it as something that happened and did not impact UK and the world in long run It all remains to be seen However, standing in 2017 when all the drama has already taken place, this one is a very good read to understand how, when and who played as actors in [...]

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