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Wolf By Jessica Gadziala Wolf The Henchmen return to finally give us Wolf Janie s story He was just supposed to be saving her from herself and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what s
  • Title: Wolf
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wolf By Jessica Gadziala The Henchmen return to finally give us Wolf Janie s story.He was just supposed to be saving her from herself and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what she had done.What he hadn t planned on was her invading every aspect of his life with her fiery temper and inability to take no for an answer And when he finally got beThe Henchmen return to finally give us Wolf Janie s story.He was just supposed to be saving her from herself and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what she had done.What he hadn t planned on was her invading every aspect of his life with her fiery temper and inability to take no for an answer And when he finally got beneath her walls and found out why she had gotten herself into trouble in the first place, he knew what he needed to do.He sure as hell didn t think he would end up being the one who would need saving This can be read as a stand alone and has a HEA, but features characters from The Henchmen and Savages series This is a DARK read Anyone with triggers may want to avoid this title For a list of possible triggers, follow this link jessicagadziala trigge
    Wolf By Jessica Gadziala
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      277 Jessica Gadziala
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      Jessica Gadziala is a full time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker from New Jersey She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp sized cups, and cold weather She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada women.She is very active on , Facebook, as well as her personal groups on those sites Join in She s friendly.You can find her on Facebook facebook Jessica GadzTwitter twitter JessicaGadzialaHer GR group group show Her Facebook Group facebook groups 31454Pinterest pinterest jessicagadzInstagram instagram jessicagadzxx


    1. 4 StarsI m on a bit of a Gadziala book binge at the moment It s like I think there was some mistake putting them all on KU, so I feel an urgency to make sure I get to them all before she realizes her error and yanks them LolRegardless, they all do follow a kind of basic formula thus fard kind of have nothing happen on the actual MC side of thingsbut I don t care I liked this one too I love stoic dudes like Wolf I would say they are up there in the spank bank, if not in first place.Moving on to t [...]

    2. 4,5 One Word Wolf Badass Janie stars Survivor meant nothing but breath in your lungs I didn t become a survivor I became a badass bitch That was the choice I made.First of all this book was AMAZING It was everything I was expecting and Since the moment I learned that Wolf and Janie would get their own book I couldn t wait to learn their story and what made them ho they are I loved them from the previous books and I just couldn t wait to get my greedy hands on this book.Thank God Jessica end my m [...]

    3. 4 Safe StarsBy now if you don t know Janie and Wolf then you re downright crazy This book starts off where Monster left off with Janie aka JStorm fleeing from what she s done She doesn t get away unscathed, though, and when Wolf see s her injured he takes her with him to help her And by that I mean he kidnaps her and takes her to his cabin in the woods where his guard dogs help keep her there Sigh, I can t get over how much I ended up loving Wolf He was silent but sexy, and those one word answer [...]

    4. 4 StarsOverall Opinion This was an enjoyable read I liked it than I thought it would, and I still think that Jessica Gadziala is an author to watch because she is growing to be a great author I love the damaged characters that find peace in each other theme, and I thought she did it well We see some characters from her other stories, but I don t think it s absolutely necessary to read them all to follow along I skipped Cash because I wasn t a fan of Lo Overall it was a sexy, action packed, swee [...]

    5. ARC provided by the author for an honest review I want to be Wolf Woman I ve been dyin for Wolf an Janie s story for ages an I wasn t disappointed it was just great I ve luvd Wolf from Reign an Cash s book he is just so big broody an just so sexy an Janie she is just a bad ass bitch an will take on anyone there story is just great with loads of drama Janie is part of Hailstorm an as been since she was young Lo as leant her everything she knows an she is great at what she does but her past isn t [...]

    6. Ah, the strong and silent type, the big man who says little but feels deeply, that mysterious and completely scary guy who will do anything for the ones under his protection That would be Wolf by Jessica Gadziala, the Henchman s resident hermit, a man of few words, few grunts and the only man that can get under Janie s skin and make her love it When Janie needed someone most, there was Wolf, taking over her life, saving her from herself and her past But really, does a badass chick like Janie nee [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars Well, Wolf and Janie s book is hands down my favorite so far Wolf is one of those strong and silent type guys, and let me tell youat works for me I adore Wolfd Janie is one huge Badass Bitch These two were so good together They are both broken souls, and they have so many issues but they find all their broken pieces within one another and it is such a beautiful thing to witness I have come to adore Jessica Gadziala s series, and I am hopeful that we will get from her There are some ot [...]

    8. I really don t know that it is about a big bear of a man who hardly speaks but omg Wolf was my favorite so far So loved everything about this one Janie was just tough enough and just soft enough when it counted All the secondary characters were interesting and I m ready for Safety No ow drama aside from the heroine noticing some club whores at a party but non spoke or had any interaction Janie had been celibate due to trama Wolf had his share but totally faithful from the moment he brought Jani [...]

    9. FIVE STARS WOLFWolf is the Henchmen s Road Captain He s a badass dude who has been known to fuck people up when the need arises He also has an almost sixth sense ability to see into broken women, and he s tries to help them if he s able to With Janie, he s not a badass at all, he s her strength, her healer and ultimately her protector.JANIE aka JStorm Janie is Hailstorm s little kickass explosives guru computer hacker She s a spitfire who never takes shit from anyone, least not anyone from the m [...]

    10. This may be one of my favorite couples by this author I loved Wolf and his one word sentences I loved what a badass Janie is but how she has a soft side that Wolf sees They were so perfect together I have to say that I was disappointed in Reign, Cash and Repo towards the end of the story for what they re doing to Maze I know they re manly men and all about the brotherhood but they all have strong women in their lives except Repo and should know better.

    11. 4 stars I ve struggled w my rating While I adore JG and ALL of the Henchmen this fell a tiny bit short I just want to explain I adore Wolf, he was perfect, but I would ve loved Wolf POV But, mostly there was so much backtracking from the other books it wasn t enough new to totally wow me like the others I understand why, but I always knew what was going to happen I always love catching up w the gang so I just want of the after I can t wait to get to know Repo and Maze and I m super intrigued w [...]

    12. 4.25 badass bitch starsWolf had intrigued me from the first book, because lets just say, I like me some less talker bad boy and Janie I had wanted to know about her ever since Lo mentioned her and her bad past You know how it gets when the author sets up for the next book in the previous ones gets you panting Well, this book runs parallel with Cash, and begins some moments before Cash does, with Janie bombing all the outlaws compounds, including her own home, just so she could kill Lex Keith th [...]

    13. 5 Extreme Badasses Stars For once, it s nice to have strong badass heroine like Janie She s a little mysterious woman who loves to play with explosives Also in this book, we get her story and why she s the way she is The only person that can handle this firecracker is.duhhhhhh, Wolf Wolf is the silent broody type of man who you don t want to cross His glare would make you wet yourself lol But when it concerns Janie, he is a giant fluffy marshmallow Is that even possible Well.once you read it, yo [...]

    14. Oh, how I love those strong silent types Wolf is a man of few words When he has something to say, it means all that much He is a knight for damsels in distress and exactly who Janie needed in her life Janie s past has driven her to make some pretty big moves and now there s backlash This book is a little different than the rest in that it s less focused on the sexual component, though we get some deliciously sexy lovemaking It s definitely strong with the internal conflict and emotional develop [...]

    15. 5 WOMAN stars Wow I have nothing but love for this entire series Seriously good I ll happily read whatever this author writes

    16. 5 Big, Bad Wolf stars Love, love, loved Wolf and Janie s book First, big thanks to Jessica for the arc of Wolf I am a huge fan and am addicted to her stories Wolf has been my favorite character from the very beginning, I so love the strong silent types Finally Wolf gets his own book and it does not disappoint The big, bad Wolf is really a giant teddy bear when it comes to Janie He s badass and alpha, the epitome of the strong silent type, his lack of ego and take em as he is or you can leave att [...]

    17. Wolf might be my favorite so far I love this author her writing These books are pretty much stand alone but feature secondary characters that are featured in this and other series of hers Though it s not necessary, I feel the reader will enjoy the books if they are read in order For info on the authors universe and reading order Click hereSafety info I consider this book safe or safe with exceptions depending on the readers own safety guidelines But it does have some triggers that might upset [...]

    18. Best of the three Really like this one The characters were so well developed and realistic Yeah it took so time for them, but it needed to be that way.Janie is something else, she is Lo on steroids I don t think she has an off switch, but she went through hell literally so you can t blame her I didn t think she and Wolf were a good couple but I was wrong Her loyalty was beyond loyalty and I loved how she fought for her man not caring what the consequences were I like how she just laid it on the [...]

    19. I had some serious reservation about Wolf, especially with his one worded demands But like a fungus he grew on me, couldn t help but find the mountain man irresistible Actions does speak louder than words, he proved his over and over Janie was the type of heroine I admire She didn t take crap off anyone, least of all Wolf She could put him through his paces Yeah think that would be interesting to see, both of them down on the mats grappling for top position She ll fit right on in with the rest o [...]

    20. I put off reading this for some crazy reason I think it s because although both Wolf and Janie are mentioned in previous books in the series I never really took much notice in them I m glad I caved, I ended up really liking both Wolf and Janie Given their traumatic and brutal pasts it s a wonder either of them can function The author paced this just right, with their relationship taking a while to develop.

    21. This book is about friendship and focuses on the bond that develops between Janie and Wolf Though I anticipated seeing action, this read was very motorcycle club lite, but still very enjoyable Loved the ending and can t wait to see the Mallicks in action

    22. 4.5 starsI loved this one from beginning to end Wolf and Janie were perfect together, I loved their honesty It s always refreshing to read a romance with no game playing They were both new at relationships and Janie had a lot to overcome, but with Wolf s love and patience I loved the woman she became Don t get me wrong she s still a firecracker but so much now and with Wolf she s living the life she never thought would be hers Looking forward to Repo s story.

    23. Woman, I liked this.I was looking forward to this book and I like that the timeline overlaps with Cash and Monster Wolf intrigued me and Janie, Janie is a great character and I loved her especially towards the end when she s a woman on a mission Wolf is fabulous, Wolf We re talking about the same guy here, right Twenty feet tall, million pounds of muscle, perpetually underused voice box The most self controlled person I ve ever met I found Wolf amusing at first with his Woman but then I worried [...]

    24. Four point five stars for Janie and Wolf I definitely underestimated Wolf s hotness level At first I was not intrigued by him but his quiet to the point demeanor became intriguing and eventually lovable His and Janie s story simple but at times horrific The third Henchman s book brings us the story of Janie and Wolf They ve encountered each other before because of Hailstorms alliance with the MC but until Wolf finds Janie alone and slightly broken on the side of the road he doesn t pay her much [...]

    25. Wow, Wolf is one crazy dude and Janie is just plain scary with her computer skills Together they make a great pair I ve been excited to read Wolf and Janie s story since being teased by it in Cash and I wasn t disappointed Janie has always been a loner The only person she seems to trust is Lo but Wolf knows he has to help her after recent bombings have her on the run Their story is a wild, crazy, sexy ride and one you don t want to miss I highly recommend this book and series.

    26. This was just another amazing story written by Jessica I have fallen in love with each of the characters and shooter has always been my favorite until now I adore Wolf, the way he took care of Janie was just wonderful He may be a man of few words but he gets his point across And it was great to see not only how strong of a woman Janie was but that she also had a soft girly side every so often I think this was my favorite story of them all so far no pressure lol.I was lucky enough to receive this [...]

    27. Gah Where is the 10 star option I loved Wolfe s story It was so much than I hoped for He was the silent and strong type Man those grunts and one word sentences Yum Loved like no other and killed for it Sexy as he ll I loved Wolfe and their story was amazing

    28. This book came with warning, so make sure this is your kind of book before you readd this.Loved this one, loved both Janie and Wolf Review soon

    29. My mountain man Oh how I love Wolf and Janie s story Everything I wished it would be and Highly suggest reading.

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