Dievų miškas #2020

Dievų miškas By Balys Sruoga Diev mi kas Diev mi kas memuarinis lietuvi ra ytojo ir poeto Balio Sruogos romanas para ytas m Jame atsispindi ra ytojo i gyvenimai naci tuthofo koncentracijos stovykloje kuri B Sruoga buvo i si stas
  • Title: Dievų miškas
  • Author: Balys Sruoga
  • ISBN: 5415004637
  • Page: 437
  • Format: None
  • Dievų miškas By Balys Sruoga Diev mi kas memuarinis lietuvi ra ytojo ir poeto Balio Sruogos romanas, para ytas 1945 m Jame atsispindi ra ytojo i gyvenimai naci tuthofo koncentracijos stovykloje, kuri B Sruoga buvo i si stas 1943 m kov Romanas kupinas ironijos ir pasi aipymo i lageri tvarkos, elgesio su kaliniais ir apskritai i visos esamos situacijos, ry ki sarkasti ka ironija ir ju Diev mi kas memuarinis lietuvi ra ytojo ir poeto Balio Sruogos romanas, para ytas 1945 m Jame atsispindi ra ytojo i gyvenimai naci tuthofo koncentracijos stovykloje, kuri B Sruoga buvo i si stas 1943 m kov Romanas kupinas ironijos ir pasi aipymo i lageri tvarkos, elgesio su kaliniais ir apskritai i visos esamos situacijos, ry ki sarkasti ka ironija ir juodasis humoras kalini mu imo, lavon tampymo scenos , kuris buvo vienintelis b das, leid s bent kiek atsitverti nuo altai apgalvotos, racionalizuotos moni naikinimo sistemos.Knyg B Sruoga para vos per kelis m nesius, tik gr s i koncentracijos stovyklos Lietuv 1945 m vasar , besigydydamas Bir tono sanatorijoje Jos spausdinimas sovietin s priespaudos laikais buvo u draustas.
    Dievų miškas By Balys Sruoga
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      437 Balys Sruoga
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    About "Balys Sruoga"

    1. Balys Sruoga

      Balys Sruoga February 2, 1896, near Bir ai, Lithuania October 16, 1947, Vilnius was a Lithuanian poet, playwright, critic, and literary theorist.He contributed to cultural journals from his early youth His works were published by the liberal wing of the Lithuanian cultural movement, and also in various Lithuanian newspapers and other outlets such as Au rin , Rygos Naujienos etc In 1914 he began studying literature in St Petersburg, Russia, and later in Moscow, due to World War I and the Russian Revolution In 1921 he enrolled in the University of Munich, where in 1924 he received his Ph.D for a doctoral thesis on Lithuanian folklore.After returning to Lithuania, Sruoga taught at the University of Lithuania, and established a theater seminar that eventually became a course of study He also wrote various articles on literature From 1930 he began writing dramas, first Mil ino paunksm , later Radvila Perk nas, Baisioji naktis and Aitvaras teis jas In 1939 he began teaching at Vilnius University.He wrote many dramatic works and poetry, but his best known work is the novel The Forest of Gods Diev mi kas , based on his own life experiences as a prisoner in Nazi German concentration camps, where he was sent in March 1943 together with forty seven other Lithuanian intellectuals Sruoga and the others were sent there after the Nazis started a campaign against possible anti Nazi agitation in occupied Lithuania In The Forest of Gods Balys Sruoga revealed life in a concentration camp through the eyes of a man whose only way to save his life and maintain his dignity was to view everything through a veil of irony and humor, where torturers and their victims are exposed as imperfect human beings, being far removed from the false ideals of their political leaders For example, Human is not a machine Gets tired in regards to the guards beating prisoners Originally the novel was forbidden to be published by Soviet officials it was ultimately published in 1957, ten years after the author s death In 1945 he returned to Vilnius and continued teaching at Vilnius University, where he wrote the dramas Paj rio kurortas and Barbora Radvilait.Refusal to publish The Forest of Gods, and weak health resulting from his time in concentration camps, led to his death in October 16, 1947 1 The 2005 film Forest of the Gods was based on the book.


    1. If I would to recommend one Lithuanian book for the foreigner, it would be this one The Forest of Gods Its style makes you smile through the tears The irony is a way of coping with grotesque reality, the only way of keeping sanity Hands down, one of the best Lithuanian books.

    2. Negaliu pak sti lietuvi ra ytoj , ta iau Bal Sruog galiu priskirti prie t nedaugelio m giam lietuvi ra ytoj , kuriuos galiu suskai iuoti ant vienos rankos pir t Jis tur jo tai ko neturi iuolaikiniai lietuvi ra ytojai humoro jausmo Ypa juodojo humoro ir ironijos Balys Sruoga sugeb jo savo varg paversti juoku, o tai visi kiti lietuvi ra ytojai tik dejuoja ir dejuoja kokie j veik jai ar jie patys nelaimingi Sruoga parod , jog jis ne toks Ir be to jo ra ymo stilius savoti kas, kas reta iais laikais [...]

    3. You can read this book again and again It s full of irony, it s full of comedian situations, but the main things lies on the tragedy of people s lives How long can a simple man feel suffer, how not to become an animal How to survive and forget your past Wonderful book

    4. The story of author s Nazi concentration camp experience in Lithuania but written through a bright lens Overall one of the most hilarious books I have read 5

    5. Vienintel knyga, kuri man liep skaityti mokykloje Ir kuri su malonumu perskai iau.To bu la Trys od iai.

    6. I read this book in Polish many years ago, when I started working at the Stutthof Museum as a guide, since it was one of the best testimonies of that happened at this camp Unexpectedly, now I am working in Lithuania, and many Lithuanian people tell me about the importance of this book for their nation I am glad that recently the book has been republished in Poland again.

    7. One of the best Lithuanian books It shows the tragedy that people have gone through, how all hopes to survive were crushed and because of all the despair the author snatches the irony of the situation A strong man is who can laugh at himself Of course some parts of the book makes you laugh so hard you think you will go to hell for that, but all in all it s a great book.

    8. Probably best work of lithuanian literature I adore how author deal with stress situations through ironic perspective of view is author s own unique way to survive in such harsh reality.Divine comedy.

    9. Mr Sruoga really knows the art of black humour Somehow he managed to turn a book about the Nazis into a pleasurable read Throughout the whole book you can really feel that the writer used humour as a device of survival and it was wonderfully done.

    10. I admit, Balys s writing style is unusual He speaks so ironically about such things like death and hunger and just plain lack of humanity in people Even though at times it irked me, mostly it gave spark to this book It made it different and that s why I m giving it four stars.

    11. Painful yet sublime How Sruoga was able to maintain a gently ribbing tone after his experiences, I will never understand and will hope to carry with me as an example Since this is a book you ve probably never heard of Balys Sruoga, prominent Lithuanian intellectual, documents his two years in a Nazi concentration camp His voice is unique a sort of tenderly na ve irony, neither accusatory nor hateful, that somehow makes the horrors ever so real while also providing a sort of buffer allowing the r [...]

    12. I really don t like Lithuanian authors but if I can recommend one book I either would talk about this one or Gintaras Grajauskas Heresy though it s not translated to English Forest of the Gods talks about WWII and concentration camps It s a memoirs, a biography of Stutthof, a dark humor tale about prisoners life while under SS supervision.It starts as a little introduction to the place where eventually Stutthof gets built And slowly story transitions to the the beginning of author s experience h [...]

    13. Raamat p hineb t sielu s ndmustel, mis k ik toimuvad Stutthofi koonduslaagris, kus raamatu autor on heks koonduslaagri elanikuks Autor annab elu ja olu edasi v imalikult neutraalse hoiakuga ning raamatust ei kuma l bi kordagi autori n virisemine v ga raske elu le Autor lihtsalt nendib, et nii oli ja et ka k ik teised vangid olid samas olukorras, kui temagi.Ma tegelikult imestan, et autor tuli sellest laagrist ldse elusana v lja, sest raamatu viimastel lehtedel kirjutatu, nii tervisliku seisundi [...]

    14. Ironija, groteskai, satyra ir t.t Dar niekada neskai iau tokio genialaus k rinio, kuriame pla iu aspektu galima velgti ir humoro, ir gan tinai daug iaurumo, represij Irony, grotesque, satire and etc I never have been reading so magnificent book like that, where in wide aspect could be possible to saw humor and cruelty at the same time.

    15. Viena geriausi kada nors para yt knyg karo siaub ir udynes velgiama su humoru kuris ne visada yra patogus domus ir prikaustantis pasakojimo stilius ir istorija, kurios ne manoma pamir ti.

    16. Viena geriausi knyg kurias teko skaityti mokykloje Skaitydama roman jau iau tokius pat irpuliukus kaip kad skaitydama Dan Brown k ryb Kadangi is jausmas n ra labai da nai ir retai kuri knyga aplamai j pasiekia, Diev mi k vertinu labai gerai.

    17. patiko autoriaus po i ris, ta iau priprat s prie ra ymo stiliaus prad jau kreipti d mes esminius dalykus, knygos erdv je atrodan ius tik motyvais Juok pakeit iurpulys, buvo sunku pabaigti skaityti.Bendrai tariant, tai yra unikaliausia knyga, saky iau, net gi verta Nobelio

    18. Puiki knyga, kurioje autorius ironizuodamas atskleid ia iauri ties apie tuometin laikotarp ir tikr j gyvenim lageriuose.

    19. I loved the way Sruoga used sarcasm Truly a unique book, full of interesting, horrifying stories that really made me think and remember what agonizing times it was What i love about reading these kind of books, autobiographies, such as the diary of Anne Frank , is the insight of true events Also, i understand that foreigners might not like this book as much due to the fact of untranslatable words I ve heard that people don t really get the humor and think that this topic, concentration camps, sh [...]

    20. 1 10 Lietuvi knyg i kis10hkaip dvi skirtingos knygos, skaitant 8 klas je ir po 13 met , domu kaip susiskaityt po koki 20 met.

    21. Puiki knyga Ir jaudinanti, ir dramati ka Priver ianti susim styti, o ir daug k pasverti i naujo Knygos turinio niekada nepavykt tobulai ekranizuoti, nes tai buvo i gyventa giliai ir stipriai paties autoriaus, o galiausiai u ra yta tik daug velniau Mat kas buvo reg ta, jausta kel per didel skausm , jog b t galima tai vardinti, aptarin ti i knyga i dava to, kas gelb jo autori nuo nu mog jimo.

    22. Manau, kad tai knyga reikalaujanti gyvenimi kos patirties, brandumo, literat rinio i prusimo B tinai perskaitysiu kada nors v liau.

    23. Lugesin raamatut juba teist korda Esimest korda millalgi pubekap lves, mil nautisin perverssel kombel rohkem musta huumorit ja nn rapanemist N d n gin raamatut veidi teistmoodi Filmi olen ka n inud, aga igal juhul tuleks raamatut eelistada, sest adaptatsioon pole kaugeltki ldse mitte see.Sattusin lugema blogipostitust, milles raamat tembeldati sisuliselt vastikuks ja eemalet ukavaks saastaks ning kirjutaja ei suutnudki l puni lugeda Njaa, eks ta ole Jumalate mets n retab m rgisusest, kibestumise [...]

    24. Koncentracijos lageris labai sud tingas giltin s mal nas Kiekvienas, eng s j , yra jau faktinai pasmerktas mirti, anks iau ar v liau Nuolatinis badas, mu imas, sunkus ilgas darbas, nebuvimas poilsio nakt , parazitai, tvankus dvokiantis oras v liau ar anks iau turi padaryti savo, net jeigu iaip kokia nelaim neatsitiks ar netik tai kas neu mu itokioje atmosferoje br sta ta savaiminga iauri lagerio gyventojo psichika mogus, patek s v ri k aplink , i silaikymo instinkto apimtas, n pats nepajunta, ka [...]

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