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Alpha By Samantha Horne Alpha Laura is having the worst couple of months and desperate to get away from it all Deciding one day to pack up her life and move somewhere new fate intervenes when her car breaks down in the middle of
  • Title: Alpha
  • Author: Samantha Horne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alpha By Samantha Horne Laura is having the worst couple of months, and desperate to get away from it all Deciding one day to pack up her life and move somewhere new, fate intervenes when her car breaks down in the middle of a strange town Forced to seek help, she s thrown in to a world of drama, mystery and secrets The town Laura has arrived in is full of wolf shifters, and not all of them arLaura is having the worst couple of months, and desperate to get away from it all Deciding one day to pack up her life and move somewhere new, fate intervenes when her car breaks down in the middle of a strange town Forced to seek help, she s thrown in to a world of drama, mystery and secrets The town Laura has arrived in is full of wolf shifters, and not all of them are happy that she is there Tensions run high as Laura learns the true meaning of pack mentality but will she make it out alive 18 due to sexual scenes and scenes of violence
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    1. Alpha was all over the place It was a hot mess I had so many problems with the editing and the story I don t understand how she was married to a guy that cheated on her within a month of their marriage to her best friend Then she finds a supposed secret wolf community but it s not that secret because she obviously found it without even trying Then she decides to buy a house there and whatnot I was confused for most of it but I of course kept reading on to see if it would get better or ya know st [...]

    2. Horrible Immature writing, story telling, character creating Children s books are leagues better, with less words and PICTURES This was like a pre teen s attempt at writing a sexy story , a REALLY BAD story that highlighted her inexperience and LACK OF IMAGINATION Horrendous waste of time.

    3. This was a cozy shifter romance book The characters had integrity and the story wasn t racy It was a classic paranormal romance I highly recommend

    4. DNF at 34% This h is unbelievably stupid It is literally not believable Everyone except three people in this entire town of strangers treats her like shit on their shoes But, what the hell, she s gonna buy a house and live there She s looking for a fresh start where no one knows her name, and her story about her hubby sleeping with her BFF, a month after they were married Sooooo she s gonna settle down in a town where everyone hates her and treats her like shit Wtf Why would any sane person do t [...]

    5. ExcitingThis is a very good story about a human who finds herself a small town with shifters Laura is a very strong character as well as Jackson Together they form a bond as the pack deal with the dangers of a human knowing about them.

    6. Like the idea of a human accidentally finding a werewolf community that shouldn t be found but there were SO MANY blatant editing issues that it was distracting and annoying e.g I was sat Instead of I was sitting or I sat leave instead of believe This definitely needed another read through with a fresh pair of eyes.As for romance, enough happened and enough time passed for the declarations of love to be somewhat believable So that part of the story was good.

    7. I absolutely loved this book If u like wolf books like I do, this is the book for you I m so glad I stumbled upon this book Laura Jackson wow just wow Amazing characters and so well written With such a good story base too Characters that you can relate to and imagining yourself in the book This book touches the feels hard I can t wait to read the next book Ps Blake is great he s so funny sweet Defiantly gave this book 5 stars

    8. Sooo I don t if it is just me going through a book funk this just didn t do it for me it seems to just be like I m here not accepted then accepted let tell her everything that we have been trying to keep hidden from everyone around the world then other packs want a war so lets take the newest but I m thinking her ex was in this but idk just couldn t finish it maybe ill try it another time and maybe fall for it.

    9. OkayStarted off really good but the romance was far too quick for my liking so when I had read 66% I gave up as nothing really had happened It would have benefited from descriptive writing and building on the characters roles and emotions I love shifter books especially those with soul mates but this didnt feel like one of those books.

    10. DifferentThe story was different, a human and wild shifter Not bad at all, but the editing was and is terrible It takes away from the storyline.

    11. The hidden townIt was a very good story of a town that ended up being just what was needed for a good life

    12. Awesome bookExcellent,outstanding,loved this book Samantha is an awesome writer and storyteller I can t wait to continue reading this series .

    13. umm I understand that Laura was in a bad place hell, if I found my best friend and new groom in bed together I would have blown up Running away was probably the best idea at the time Running into a small town completely of wolf shifters sounds wonderful I love books about shifters, and hotties are awesome however, what turned me off is that he was covered in tats I am a visual reader I image everything as I read Personally, that did not do it for me But I kept reading The story was not awful, ju [...]

    14. I feel bad giving this 2 stars because it had great potential But I ve given books that are better 3 stars recently The main problem is the formatting and editing There are few paragraph breaks as well as numerous incorrect or misspelled words throughout Not enough to take away from the story, but it was noticeable I would probably read of these book thowhich is saying something The premise was intriguing and I love paranormal romances that aren t erotic or overly sexual but still makes you fee [...]

    15. The main character is having a rough week Essentially before the ink is dried on her marriage listen every she finds her husband sleep f with her maid of honor So she leaves only to find her car breaking down in a small town in the middle of nowhere Next came finding out the town s secret and dealing with arsonist and vandals oh and falling in love with a supernatural being Our heroine is quite busy Romantic not steamy Worth the read if you like a good romance with a little something extra.

    16. LOVED this book I must admit wolves and fantasy isn t normally my genre to pick but I thought I d give this one a go and I loved it Can t wait for Isaacs story to be published I thought the couple of bad reviews I read may have put me off but it sure didn t Personally I don t think you can tell this is a new author but before leaving a bad review it might be worth considering this author is very new to writing and everyone starts from somewhere Well done Samantha Horne Fab story, fab writing

    17. Rain and broken carLaura is driving and her car stops She is running because she found her husband in bed with her best friend She has no choice but to walk She sees lights ahead and enters a bar The only nice person is the bartender who helps her and is making a phone call, when in walks the biggest and meanest man she has met Hi as name is Jackson This is where a great a nd interesting story begins So enjoyed this book Pick it up, you will not be disappointed.

    18. GoodI see where some said they didn t like the book but I liked it There was some words not in a line are mispelled, but I can say i really liked they story and want to read the next But everybody s got their own opinion of it So read it and if you dont like or like will be your own choice

    19. It was badOh how I wished I hadn t spend time Reading this book The writing was bad Not a lot of typos, but constantly jumping in time not keep the story coherent It was a very weak book not gonna read anything from this author Again.

    20. FunA lot of grammatical errors but fun It was written as if the writer expected spell check to figure out what she was saying but didn t have than one person read and correct its mistakes.

    21. Fantastic bookI would read this book again I couldn t wait for the next chapter You can always tell the type of the book ,with the first chapter, if you want to keep going to the next chapter.

    22. OMGI loved the characters and the storyline I can t wait until the next book to find out if everything works out.

    23. Oh myI love this book from beginning til the end Can t wait for the next book I highly recommend this book.

    24. Enjoyable readI decided to give it a try when I saw this as a recommendation and am so glad I did It was action packed and a good quick read.

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