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R.P.G. By Miyuki Miyabe R P G Selected by The Chicago Tribune as one of the Best Books of Mysteries Thrillers Shadow Family is a compelling murder mystery focusing on the murky world of Internet chat rooms populated by peopl
  • Title: R.P.G.
  • Author: Miyuki Miyabe
  • ISBN: 9784087473490
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • R.P.G. By Miyuki Miyabe Selected by The Chicago Tribune as one of the Best Books of 2005, Mysteries Thrillers Shadow Family is a compelling murder mystery focusing on the murky world of Internet chat rooms populated by people from all walks of life attracted by the possibility of being whoever they want to be.Police investigating the double murder of a middle aged salary man and his collegSelected by The Chicago Tribune as one of the Best Books of 2005, Mysteries Thrillers Shadow Family is a compelling murder mystery focusing on the murky world of Internet chat rooms populated by people from all walks of life attracted by the possibility of being whoever they want to be.Police investigating the double murder of a middle aged salary man and his college aged girlfriend discover email correspondence linking the victim with members of an online fantasy family, in which he plays the part of Dad Meanwhile, his real life teenage daughter is assigned police protection after complaining of being stalked The investigation focuses increasingly on the shadow family, as there is evidence that the members emerged from the chat room and started meeting up offline.Veteran Desk Sergeant Takegami finds himself unexpectedly in center stage of the investigation after his colleague is hospitalized Adding to his surprise, he is partnered with his old friend Detective Chikako Ishizu after a break of fifteen years Working on a hunch, they collaborate to unravel the fine line between fantasy and the harsh reality of murder.Shadow Family is excellent detective fiction that keeps you guessing until the end Within a skillful web of intrigue, Miyabe sensitively explores the meaning of family and relationships, and the devastating effect of betrayal
    R.P.G. By Miyuki Miyabe
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      See also Miyuki Miyabe Miyabe Miyuki is a popular contemporary Japanese author active in a number of genres including science fiction, mystery fiction, historical fiction, social commentary, and juvenile fiction Miyabe started writing novels at the age of 23 She has been a prolific writer, publishing dozens of novels and winning many major literary prizes, including the Yamamoto Sh gor Prize in 1993 for Kasha and the Naoki Prize in 1998 for Riy The Reason A Japanese film adaptation of Riy , directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, was released in 2004.


    1. Extremely impressive.Like Seicho Matsumoto, another favorite Japanese crime novelist, Miyabe is less interested in keeping the reader guessing who did it than in showing us how the detective s come to discover the murderer, and in this case, wring a confession Miyabe is equally interested in exploring a social problem in the last novel I read, All She Was Worth, it was the world of credit, loans, personal debt and bankruptcy here it s the fantasy alternate life the Internet provides.Astute and w [...]

    2. A Japanese mystery.A man is killed When the police investigate, they find he had a real family, as well as an entirely different family that he met online.A police procedural, but also, like most Japanese mysteries, a book of manners.

    3. Shadow Family is an interesting look, via a mystery story, into the universe of online role playing The odd thing about this particular role play is that a girl has other people role playing her own family, after finding her own less than attentive, let alone supportive Though at times this framework seems a bit to literal for those of us who grew up in the age of going online and interacting with others as an escape mechanism or otherwise it s still an interesting read nonetheless.

    4. The only other Japanese book I ve read is Out, by Natsuo Kirino, and I loved it so much that Shadow Family disappointed me a little It s not bad, it s just too predicable and a little slow in the middle.

    5. Hace mucho que no me divert a tanto con un libro Si lo van a leer, tengan en cuenta una cosa ac no importa que sepamos r pidamente qui n es el asesino, disfruten del viaje porque hasta a m me ha sorprendido al final y eso es extremadamente dif cil de lograr Sabemos qui n es el asesino, pero mejor es c mo lleg hasta ah y c mo se resuelve todo Tiene unos di logos impecables en cuanto a autenticidad y unos mon logos internos cre bles.

    6. Shadow Family is a mystery story Two people get murdered within a couple of days of each other, and seemingly unrelated But thread from a striking blue parka left on both crime scenes soon prove to the police that things are than meets the eye Meeting dead end after dead end, one of the officers come up with a theory that could potentially make or break the mystery behind the curious deaths.And it is here that the story finally starts to reveal itself.One of the victims had, during the one year [...]

    7. It s hard to talk about a mystery, especially one as short as Shadow Family, without giving too much away What I am comfortable saying is that the story is not exactly what I d expected from the summary, but not in the way which makes me cringe and wonder if the blurb writer even read the same book Rather, to have said too much would have dampened my enjoyment of the revelations made throughout the novel The author slowly pulls back layer after layer of stories and role play, to expose the truth [...]

    8. If you re looking for a great modern Japanese piece of mystery crime noir, check out Miyabe s Shadow Family I had read her other book, All She Was Worth awhile back and wasn t overly happy with how the story ended That wasn t the case this time around Shadow Family is a fabulous novel whose action revolves around a small cast of characters Most of the action takes place inside a police interrogation room, although what is going on isn t what you d expect This relatively short novel 190 pages onl [...]

    9. Police investigating the murder of a middle aged office worker and his young over discover that he had been a regular in an internet chat site where he is the father in a make believe family Other participants are a young girl, a young boy, and a middle aged woman, the mother All four are drawn into this fantasy family because of less than ideal situations with their real families A female detective is assigned to protect the real daughter of the murder victim, for she claims to being stalked Th [...]

    10. Miyuki Miyabe daha ok anaak m yazarl k diyebilece imiz, korku gerilim, polisiye, d nem dramalar ve melodramlar yaz yor Olduk a ok say da da eseri var Asl nda bu tarz kitaplar lkemizde her zaman okur bulur ancak Miyabe nin yaln z bu kitab evrilmi , ilgin geldi bana Polisiye gerilim t r ndeki G lge Aile, kolay okunabilecek kendinden akan bir kitap Grange den sonra bu tarz polisiyenin iyi rneklerini okumak ok zor Ciddi anlamda, her eyin sarmal oldu u, sonunda da etkileyici bir ekilde katilin ortaya [...]

    11. I like reading Japanese stuff and generally stick to the well known ones like Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto I d never heard of Miyuki Miyabe before, and would totally read of her writing a bunch of the characters have a past together so I m assuming this is a sequel or follow up novel This was a super quick read, a murder mystery involving four unrelated people who meet online and form an imaginary family Most of the drama actually takes place at the police station, in the interrogation [...]

    12. Final para la Tetralog a de Tokio Nuevamente Miyabe me ha enganchado con sus forma de escribir, sus personajes y sus casos En este caso, como en los anteriores, el culpable es bastante sencillo de adivinar, pero eso no es lo que importa en esta novela.o importante es la soledad, la falta de comunicaci n y la familia,esto por encima de todo Hay algunos momentos en los cuales me he llegado a emocionar, y he tenido que parar Como me gusta esta autora, y espero que sigan apostando por ella en Espa a [...]

    13. Terrific novel, just as good as All She Was Worth Definitely kept me guessing, and there s a big twist at the end, AFTER you find out whodunit I wish of Miyabe s books were available in English.

    14. Qu pasar a si sabes que tu pap tiene una familia virtual y que se lleva mejor con ellos que contigo siiiiii es muy interesante este libro, lleno de sentimientos y resentimientos.

    15. Like a song by Savage Garden, just change the word telephone to internet to keep up with the times Like Noriko s Dinner Table is about fake rental family The Japanese title RPG is succinct There are two sets of players acting out a scenario, to different ends To catch the criminal, the police has to get into the character of the criminal and see it from their point of view, just like a role playing game.

    16. The mystery is easy to figure out, but some surprises await in the denouement Implausible surprises, but entertaining nonetheless Miyabe s usual poetic for a mystery writing style is a bit too overwrought here, but still, it s an interesting little novel that s not a terrible way to spend a few hours.

    17. No sab a que espera de este libro en particular Admito que existieron unos cap tulos majestuosos, que a m opini n valen la pena leer, en general el libro fue mon tono y un poco predecible.A lo mejor el sentimiento del autor se perdi con la traducci n

    18. Al principio me sent decepcionado de lo r pido y f cil que resulta deducir quien es el asesino, tanto que deseaba arrojar el libro a un lado y olvidarme de l Pero quien lo hizo no es lo importante en este libro, tampoco las razones que lo llevaron a cometer el crimen No, lo que me enganch fue el como teji la vida de la v ctima, la psicolog a de los jugadores de ambos RPG, y las conversaciones que se desarrollaron, tan reales y humanas.

    19. Jeg har det noget blandet med Miyuki Miyabes Skyggefamilie Den har en psykologisk dybde, jeg ellers ofte savner i krimier, og den spejler et Japan, hvor mange f ler sig ensomme og fremmedgjorte, selv over for de mennesker, der burde st dem n rmest.Det er nok til, at jeg gerne vil anbefale Skyggefamilie , men samtidig har den dog et par tr k, som for mig trak noget fra l seoplevelsen.I begyndelsen af bogen bliver man pr senteret for en st rre gruppe politifolk Eller pr senteret er m ske s meget s [...]

    20. Right away, let me tell you that this book is not really active, in the sense that it is purely psychological So if you re looking for an action packed mystery, this is not the one for you A large number of people totally panned this book because there was very little action between its covers But, if like me you are okay with exploring psychological motivation behind a person s acts, then you ll like this one.The Metropolitan Police District is investigating two linked murders a young girl and [...]

    21. After being captivated by Crossfire, I always want to read something else by Miyuki Miyabe I really like the way she tells her story Shadow Family takes place 4 years after the incident in Crossfire We once again meet Chikako Ishizu, a police officer who is now already being demotion because of her case in Crossfire.This time, Miyuki Miyabe doesn t turn her book into a killing spree and full of action like before, Shadow Family is into psychological thriller rather than full action police chase [...]

    22. Shadow Family is a short book by Miyuki Miyabe, which is quite fun, but also light and not very complicated, with a plot seen hundreds of times.It all starts when the police calls the daughter and wife of a man that was killed to the station They want the daughter to check on some people the father met on the Internet, some people with whom he had made a fake family on the net While the police interviews the family , she tries to remember if she had seen any of them with her father.The plot of S [...]

    23. This book focuses on the two murders of a middle aged man named Ryosuke Tokoroda and a college student named Naoko Imai Email correspondence from Tokoroda s computer shows that he s created a fantasy family on the Internet where he is the father His real daughter, Kazumi is drawn into the interview process of this shadow family and the psychological thriller begins.What I liked about Shadow Family is how believable each and every character was Takegami is the lead detective in the case and he s [...]

    24. Yani imdi O bir y ld z vermeye elim gitmedi yeminle ama hi oylamasam puan d meyecek Oylamaya etki eden s f r y ld z se ene i olsa ac maz basard m Arkada ben mr mde b yle rezil bir polisiye gerilim okumad m, diyece im ama bunun ne polisiyeli i belli ne gerilimi belli Ele tiri yazaca m elim gitmiyor yeminle yisinden k t s ne ok polisiye okudum S r yle er p ge ti elimden S k l p yar m b rakt klar m da oldu ama b yle rezalete rastlamad m S rf hakk nda k t eyler s yleyece im i in haks zl k olmas n di [...]

    25. Welcome to the age of technology, where people dissatisfied with their real families can create their own ideal families role playing online Harmless fun, right That s until the cyber family decides to meet up IRL in real life , and one of them ends up dead But who s the murderer A member of the real family, the cyber family, or an outsider I was happy to see Chikako from Crossfire back in one of Miyabe s novels She s a great character that I didn t really want to leave behind, and after reading [...]

    26. I just finished Shadow Family by Miyake Miyabe It was billed as a mystery, and I suppose it was, but it read like a play It reminded me of some English mysteries I ve read by P.D James heavy on character exposition psychology.It also suffers or made me suffer with foreign language name discrimination trouble one character I only figured out was a woman long after I had formed a mental picture of as a man Then there was the Takegami Tokunaga Tokoroda surname juggling The author was a lawyer in J [...]

    27. this surprised me maybe i have just not read enough crime, maybe my tastes are to the why than who , but this is a short work, an incisive, sympathetic critique of a family s dynamics, parent and child emotional needs, somewhat digital it did not bother me that the perp was easy to find early on as reading this, i was in my mind transforming it to other mediums radio, tv, film and how much could this be fruitful, how it works mostly as dialog, how it might be translated to Western cultures, how [...]

    28. A decent reading that provides a good insight on the dysfunctionality of modern Japanese families However, I find that the bad overshadow the good in Shadow Family The initial title, RPG Role Playing Game , was in my opinion a better title choice As a detective mystery story, the plot and ending are too predictable Although I quite liked the method used by the police force, I could neither relate to the characters nor find them believable I don t think that the storyline was well constructed The [...]

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