Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed #2020

Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed By Michael Sweet Honestly My Life and Stryper Revealed Honestly coincides with the release of Michael s log awaited solo album I m Not Your Suicide Michael Sweet in this his first autobiography chronicles his life as the founding member songwriter sing
  • Title: Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed
  • Author: Michael Sweet
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  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed By Michael Sweet Honestly coincides with the release of Michael s log awaited solo album I m Not Your Suicide Michael Sweet, in this his first autobiography chronicles his life as the founding member, songwriter, singer, and guitarist of the pioneering Christian rock band Stryper The first Christian rock band to see chart topping success on MTV, Stryper went on to see over 10 mil Honestly coincides with the release of Michael s log awaited solo album I m Not Your Suicide Michael Sweet, in this his first autobiography chronicles his life as the founding member, songwriter, singer, and guitarist of the pioneering Christian rock band Stryper The first Christian rock band to see chart topping success on MTV, Stryper went on to see over 10 million albums and has sold out arenas all over the world Sweet gives and honest an moving account of the unexpected highs and lows throughout his tumultuous path to success It s especially fitting to find the intensely personal nature of these musical expressions supplementing the vastly thorough and revealing subject matter of the book Honestly, titled ever so poignantly after the chart topping Stryper song of the same name Not only does Sweet delve further into his rarely discussed youth, but offers a full array of rock n roll antidotes, plus several surprises from his family and faith journeys.
    Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed By Michael Sweet
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      Michael Sweet Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Sweet author readers around the world.


    1. Wow, what a page turner for me at least I have been a Stryper fan since finding their first album in the record bin about 3 months after it hit the shelves I have seen them multiple times in their heyday of the 80 s, evening meeting them before and after shows a few times the photos are on Facebook to prove it , as well as the very first reunion show in 2003 meeting them before the show again I have been a fan all through the years of everything the band and individual band members have released [...]

    2. The title says it all This book is so honest sometimes brutally so I am amazed Michael was willing to be so vulnerable with the reader He basically opens himself up for so we may take a peek into his soul I so appreciate his honesty Too often in the Christian community we are so willing to judge others It seems we Christians have made an art of it I found myself doing this exact thing as I neared the end of the book SPOILER ALERT As I finished reading the heartbreaking story of how Michael s fir [...]

    3. To see that Michael Sweet wrote a book about himself and Stryper was such a gift to behold During the mid to late 80 s, I was knee deep into the hair metal bands, subscribing to Hit Parader, Rip, Creem and other metal magazines I initially latched onto Bon Jovi as my fave hair metal band, but was really smitten and intrigued by Stryper What a unique concept it was to crossover into the mainstream metal scene while still being a Christian band They achieved this by clever lyrics that had messages [...]

    4. HONESTLY is as informative as anything I could have hoped for, though there are certain aspects of Stryper the jealousy, the infighting of which I d almost prefer to remain ignorant Michael Sweet bares his soul here almost to a fault, even when he knows the unvarnished truth might make him look petty, vain, and or hypocritical It s not every day a Christian singer starts off a book by admitting to drinking, swearing too much, and enjoying the occasional smoke all within the very first paragraph [...]

    5. I drink, writes Michael Sweet of Christian metal band, Stryper I smoke If you ask my wife, my kids, my tech, my agent or my manager they ll tell you that I curse than I should Add to the list a little pre marital sex, hanging out at strip clubs with Lemmy and an arrest for indecent exposure and you ve pretty much got your full compliment of rock star debauchery in HONESTLY MY LIFE AND STRYPER REVEALED As Sweet himself says right off the bat in chapter one, this ain t exactly THE DIRT.What you d [...]

    6. For those of you fighting the impulse to giggle or criticize with visions of yellow and black spandex, puffy hair, and guy liner dancing before your eyes, skip this review because neither it nor the book are really for you.I came to the book as a fan of Michael Sweet than Stryper I missed their hey day in the 80 s as I was of a Whiteheart Petra guy at the time still am But I ve enjoyed Sweet s solo work a great deal, and I happen to think that Stryper has never sounded better than on Murder by [...]

    7. I have been a Stryper fan ever since I was about 12 and discovered their music without having the slightest clue who they were I had to sneak and listen to them because I wasn t allowed to But once I found out who that gorgeous voice was and was able to get hold of their music, it was Katy bar the door as my mom used to say I still love Stryper and Michael Sweet to this day and am grateful to them for what they have done with their music This book was very interesting to me because I am a fan, a [...]

    8. Being a fan of Stryper as a teenager, it s great to read what was happening behind the scenes I resonated with so much of what Michael Sweet encountered from church people Now that Stryper is back together and playing again, a little older and wiser, I think they have as much ministry ahead of them as they do behind them This was a revealing and refreshing look at a childhood hero that I hope to mee in person one day

    9. I was never a huge Stryper fan Nonetheless, I came of age musically during the height of Stryper s popularity They were an anomaly an unabashedly Christian band having its music videos played on MTV alongside the likes of Motley Crue and Poison I was most interested in learning how this band gained such mainstream popularity in an age where sexism and faux Satanism was in fashion for so many other metal acts.While Michael Sweet does spend a good portion of the book explaining Stryper s origins, [...]

    10. Overall, a good book I know I only rated it a 3 5, but on my scale that is still worth your time Michael Sweet gives a brief overview of 30 years in the music industry, and he isn t afraid to tell it like it is The book was an easy read, but it didn t really reach out and grab me.Don t misunderstand, there were some very interesting parts, and a few funny parts the story of Michael and the piece of gum on his shoe was one of the funniest stories I ve ever heard, almost worth the price of the boo [...]

    11. Amazing For those who have been a fan of Stryper this is a MUST read.Michael gives us his vision of what it was beeing in the band All the good and the bad.Personally I m not a person who believes in the same things Yes, I m catholic, my fathers decided so when I was born, but through the years I ve come to the conclusion that is not religion what makes the world heaven or hell, it is each one of us With our decisions.Of course I prefer what Michael does, instead of talking about destruction, mu [...]

    12. I would describe this book using the title of one of Michael Sweet s solo albums Real Sweet is the guitarist and driving force behind the ground breaking Christian rock band Stryper He is also a former guitar player for classic rock band Boston This book lives up to it s title in that Michael Sweet bares his soul and feelings about the rather tumultuous life he has lived, a life that includes whirlwind success, struggles of conscience over poor lifestyle choices, bankruptcy with huge debt, and t [...]

    13. I had to order this off of because I could not find this book in any store, but it was so worth it Even though I knew of Stryper s music in the 1980s 1990s, I was never a big fan until they restarted the band and I went and got their back catalog Their latest CDs have been better than the stuff being put out by major bands.This book was easy to read and the author is truly honest which ties in the the title also the title of their pop hit I read the book in three days Sweet talks of how he star [...]

    14. I liked hearing about the origins of Stryper and the factors that led to their demise in the early 90s That saidMichael Sweet is a major DB The entire book is pretty much him complaining or congratulating himself Anything that went well in his life is because he rose above the turmoil to make it succeed Anything that went wrong is because everyone else failed despite his best efforts God is weaved throughout but mostly as an afterthought or to pay lip service.And then there s the constant whinin [...]

    15. So let s just get this out of the way, I am a HUGE Stryper fan Have been since Yellow and Black Attack came to the Gordon College bookstore many years ago I have followed the band and Michael Sweet for all that time and believe the are making the best music of their careers now Having said that, I really enjoyed this autobiography Sure, it is not the best written work, but it is raw and honest and Michael take a hard look at himself, his life and his career He indicts himself often than he clai [...]

    16. I remember the first time I heard Stryper It was on OZ FM out of St John s, Newfoundland The song was Calling on You and I was hooked I was sad when they broke up in the early 90 s.I had followed Michael Sweet s solo career to a point but had not listened to any of their new stuff I heard Michael interviewed by Chris Jericho and went out and got the book.It was choppy and felt somewhat unedited However, that does not diminish the power of the story at all I love the honesty, the struggle and the [...]

    17. Of course I wasn t expecting another The Dirt still, overall, Honestly was an entertaining read with some funny bits here and there the glass eye in Australia, and the stories about Stephan Galfas being full of poo were really awesome I also found the tales about the magnificence of the eighties and the demise of the band during the first years of the nineties to be really interesting That being said, I d recommend this book to the fans of the band only and to those who like me still enjoy liste [...]

    18. I ve been a long time Stryper fan, and a Michael Sweet fan so a lot of the stories I knew, but what I did learn was about all the hardship, relationship issues within the band, and how the intricacy of the music industry contributes to these issues The honesty and frankness of this book gives you a deeper understanding of not only Michael, but Stryper I appreciated the truthfulness of it This book in many ways felt like Dave Mustaine and Dave Elefsons biographies An absolute page turner and enco [...]

    19. Well written and a fantastic read Really enjoyed seeing how this musical great who is also one of my all time favorites, is really a regular human like the reast of us He opens up and shares how he dealt with struggles and is honest about his faith during those difficult times I remember hearing some of the stories as a fan and it was really cool to hear Michael s perspective on them Highly recommend for a Stryper fan or not.

    20. Really enjoyed reading this autobiography of the solo artist and frontman for the hard rock metal band Stryper As a kid who grew up loving Stryper s Soldiers Under Command and To Hell with the Devil albums, Ireally enjoyed reading the inside scoop of how they came about and pulled off being a successful, mainstream band of Christians Michael is very honest and can at times come across as arrogant, but he also demonstrates sincerity and humility throughout the book.

    21. I really enjoyed this easy read It was refreshing to read in that he is almost brutally honest about himself He doesn t portray himself as some saintly person who has his life and faith figured out He talks about how he at times feels trapped by his job in Stryper and at other times loves what he gets to do We can all relate to this because who doesn t feel trapped and unfulfilled in their calling at times and at other times cant believe we get to do what we do

    22. I love this book I grew up in the 1980 s listening to Michael Sweet front the band Stryper and to this day I am not only a Stryper fan but a fan of Michael Sweet This book chronicles the life of Michael, Stryper and his family I admire his faith and his willingness to share it If you love biographies than this one will not disappoint Enjoy

    23. Being a life long Stryper fan, this was a must read A great look into a musicians life Michael does a great job allowing the reader to experience life as a musician in the 80 s on through stardom and hit records to bankruptcy, then on to retaking the world I love this band and there mission and will always be there for them.

    24. This was a great look into the life of Michael Sweet and his music career over the years It was very interesting to read about certain behind the scenes stuff that helped explain some of the Stryper decisions over the years It was a good lesson in that when you are right with God you will prosper, but when you are not following God s direction things will regress to bad places.

    25. Very good read.Very good read.This is a very open and honest look at Michael Sweet s life I wish at time s he would go into detail about making records, touring etc but overall this is a very good book To read about his first wife s struggle with cancer in heartbreaking.

    26. While I did like this book, I find Sweet often comes off as sour grapes in regards to his role in Stryper I mean he s the driving force behind the band as the lead singer songwriter A band that has sold around 8 million albums and yet he s hung up on Oz Fox getting all the lead guitar accolades I suppose since he s a born again christian I found that very surprising All in all I did enjoy it.

    27. I either wanted to high five Michael or cry on his shoulder and I know he d offer it The best chapter was 18 Best part of all I met Michael Sweet a few months ago My copy of this book is autographed And he now has a copy of my books, too.

    28. A really insightful book into the life of Michael Sweet and the behind the scenes of Stryper I m not one who reads a lot But when I find a book that really captivates me, I ll devour it This was one of those books.

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