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Let's Stay Together By J.J. Murray Let s Stay Together Lauren Short dumped her cheating mega star fianc amid major viral media fallout That was the easy part Restarting her stalled career as a thirty something actress t so much What she needs is advice fr
  • Title: Let's Stay Together
  • Author: J.J. Murray
  • ISBN: 9781617734809
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Let's Stay Together By J.J. Murray Lauren Short dumped her cheating mega star fianc amid major viral media fallout That was the easy part Restarting her stalled career as a thirty something actress t so much What she needs is advice from someone non Hollywood Someone like her surprising new online pen pal He s a Brooklyn handyman who s understanding, honest and daring Lauren to do one risky, siLauren Short dumped her cheating mega star fianc amid major viral media fallout That was the easy part Restarting her stalled career as a thirty something actress t so much What she needs is advice from someone non Hollywood Someone like her surprising new online pen pal He s a Brooklyn handyman who s understanding, honest and daring Lauren to do one risky, sizzling reboot of her glamorous life.Lauren is the one woman Patrick Esposito has crushed on forever He never dreamed they d meet much less that she could use his help Or that she would be even down to earth in person But now their offline romance is making them the hot new celebrity couple And between the secrets they didn t expect and the trouble they didn t see coming, Patrick and Lauren will need all the right moves to stay real, keep it together, and script their own happily ever after.
    Let's Stay Together By J.J. Murray
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      193 J.J. Murray
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      Multicultural romance and mystery novelist J J Murray writes multicultural novels in all genres He grew up in New York Huntington , New Jersey Plainfield , Pennsylvania Pittsburgh , Missouri St Louis , Indiana West Lafayette and College Corners , and Ohio Marietta , and has now lived than half his life in southwest Virginia After college Marietta OH he settled in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia and taught public high school English for twenty years to students who sometimes actually spoke it J J is currently lead teacher in a wilderness residential school for at risk young men Readers can visit J J s website at JohnJeffreyMurray.


    1. LET S STAY TOGETHER was my first read from J.J Murray I wasn t exactly sure what to expect from this romance but what I ended up with was a straight forward uncomplicated story with a sweetly entwined love story What I experienced was a romance without all of the hard edges that are popular in contemporary romance right now I enjoy the rough and gritty as well but it is nice to have something a bit smoother every now and again and LET S STAY TOGETHER fit the bill for that Lauren and Patrick are [...]

    2. Netgalley ARC for honest review Former Hollywood sweetheart Lauren Short has to figure out what she wants to do with her life, after she dumps her cheating fiance A fiance who just happens to be the current Hollywood it man Amid the fallout after news of her break up gets out, Lauren is trying to decide how to either revive her once successful acting career, or just walk away from Hollywood s bright lights altogether In order to make the right decision, Lauren decides she can use some help, and [...]

    3. This was a cute romance between Patrick and Lauren Normally I don t go for instant love, but I think both of them were in love with the qualities of good personalities, so it was easy for them to fall in love It is very bizarre for a star and a handyman to fall in love so quickly You can t blame the reporters for their confusion, although the author did a good job proving how annoyingly repetitive they were and brainwashed I suppose it comes down to money for them.What bothered me a little was C [...]

    4. This story was 506 pages of repetitive, boring nonsense A smart relatively, given the relationship she had with her most recent boyfriend , beautiful, talented, financially secure woman discovers that she needs only true love, great sex, and children to be completely fulfilled and blissfully happy for the rest of her life That says it all And it s no surprise that J.J Murray is a man Run far, far away from this book Blech

    5. 4.5 5 JJ Murray is my favorite male author of heterosexual romance and I really, really like this book It was at times hilarious, ridiculous, over the top, funny I don t tend to like books that are written this way but this one appealed to me very much It was also charming, heartwarming, sexy, hopeful, a great happily ever after romance I would definitely read this one again.

    6. Umm It s not horrible, but it s terribly stretched Rating 2 5Recommend Audience AdultStatus RChemistry Intensity Ultra instantConflict Drama Character Depth inconsistencies Re read No

    7. I really liked this story of a lonely not quite mid list actress trying to choose which path is right for her, either keep trying to make or give it all up when she meets Mr Right If you want to know how an average dude ends up with a beautiful celebrity, this is how it might have happened Sometimes celebs just want a normal life because they ve seen and been the center of real and often hurtful, drama The story, like others I ve read of Murray s again, was a little long and I used to really lik [...]

    8. Disclaimer I was given an ARC of this book in exchange of a fair review So here s my review May be a bit SPOILERY.It took me two attempts to finish this book I first started it and got annoyed reading the earlier chapters because of the editing and the excerpts of the script that took a few pages So I stopped but then took it back I got better, at first, and I even enjoyed the story that was being developped around this terrible show that Lauren try and turned into a decent one And now, after ha [...]

    9. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI honestly loved this book I thought that this romance was fresh and unexpected let me set the plot for you Patrick is a regular guy who writes his favorite actress after her very public breakup with an action star he s not looking for anything, just offering her support Lauren is just a woman in need of a man s attention They correspond and the fun begins.The good Romance OMG, I wish Patrick could teach a class about how to be roman [...]

    10. An unabashed J.J Murray FanI always enjoy J.J Murray characters The heroine is a has been actress who is betrayed by her actor fiance The hero I especially liked He is an everyday guy _ a handyman maintenance man for a several apartment complexes in Brooklyn He is genuine, likable, stalwart as he takes care of the elderly tenants who love to complain Like all of his stories, this has a lot of humor The paparazzi gets hold of the story and describe the couple as Beauty and the Beast They weather [...]

    11. I liked this book but towards the end it lost my interest The beginning was good, I like how it started off Even though she was going through a break up and she found someone else, he treated her nice and made her smile But when they met up and she went back with him to New York, and the paparazzi followed, it was annoying how they wanted to be private but would answer any question they had.It was almost like they like the attention, but we re playing as if they didn t I don t know if I ll finis [...]

    12. Ahhh.I struggled to get through this one tooAnd in the end it was meh for mer starters the book dredged on and on and as I said earlier while reading this book I was not feeling the main character Lauren at all I thought that I would warm up to her but no dice there either And the male lead was ok but I wasn t starry eyed over him either I tried though and that s all I can do At least I finished itI guess I m biased when it comes to male and female authors which sucks but it is what it is

    13. I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest reviewLauren Short is 38 and a former actress Chazz Jackson is an action movie icon and had been her fiance She lived with Chazz and caught him cheating on her in the house they shared for 7 years She had given up acting since she had been with Chazz She had an email from a fan named Patrick and she wrote back to him He was thrilled From their, they start a correspondence together.I read about about half of this book and couldn t find any [...]

    14. Loved it Simple, feel good love story A regular joe gets the surprise of his life due to an online pen pal At a crossroads and looking to get her acting career back on track after a high profile breakup, Lauren Short consults on line pen pal Patrick Esposito A handyman Patrick cannot believe his luck He s had a crush on Lauren forever Although a predictable story with unbelievable scenarios, I found it to be entertaining fun Would definitely recommend Received an ARC for an honest review.

    15. Good read Really sweet and feel good romance The heat meter between Lauren and Patrick was hot I thought Lauren s mom was tough but loved her unconditionally hard Patrick s dad was great 40 years without saying a word wow His love for his so ad his son s mother was unwavering Chazz the spaz was a typical egotistical actor everything is all about what he wants Good read Renee and Jay is still my favorite book by this author.

    16. A contemporary romance which I rarely read which failed to deliver on it s original premise actress and penpal fan fall in love The main ingredient that was missing was tension There was little conflict and the story just happily meandered alongring Even the fact that it features a rare African American main characters couldn t save the day Features some steamy sexual dialogue texts and scenes.

    17. As a long time J.J Murray fan I think this story book harkens back to Renee and Jay in terms of how fast the love between two people go It s funny that his prior books have been super slow burns lacking much of the sex scenesd I guess this book he makes up for all those fade to black This is the first new book that went STRAIGHT to paperbackwhat s up with that decision

    18. It was a nice book to read in the evenings before bed I would ve given it a better rating if it was realistic Who buys a ring for a first date with someone you ve known for a week If they had been talking online for a few months before meeting and getting engaged that would ve earned it stars from me Not the best book from this author, but still enjoyable.

    19. I didn t like this It was to unrealistic I understand this is a work of fiction, but this was a little to out there for me I gave it 2 stars because I m a JJ Murray fan, but if this was the first book of his that I read I won t read another.

    20. Geez I like this author But this book got me I just don t know why this book is as long as it is, how they fell in love almost instantaneously, or how their family expanded at such a lightning pace It s a lot of story for what is a pretty uncomplicated story Phew

    21. This story was a nice and relaxing read This was the first book I ve read of this Author.A nice cozy story for those cold night in winter

    22. I tried This book here It was really a struggle for me to read but I finished it, after skipping pages Who is with a guy for 7 years and not know he is gay.

    23. Awesome From the witty dialogue to the UBER hot connection between the characters, this book was good to the last word

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