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Command Performance By Nora Roberts Command Performance AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Years ago Eve Hamilton had a momentary schoolgirl crush on Prince Alexander His Royal Highness was powerful reserved and compelling and clearly disapproving of
  • Title: Command Performance
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373510375
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Command Performance By Nora Roberts AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Years ago Eve Hamilton had a momentary schoolgirl crush on Prince Alexander His Royal Highness was powerful, reserved and compelling and clearly disapproving of Eve Now, Eve is every inch a captivating, engaging woman, and Alex discovers he wants to show her that he s everything she could ever want in a man in this classic romance fAVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Years ago Eve Hamilton had a momentary schoolgirl crush on Prince Alexander His Royal Highness was powerful, reserved and compelling and clearly disapproving of Eve Now, Eve is every inch a captivating, engaging woman, and Alex discovers he wants to show her that he s everything she could ever want in a man in this classic romance from Nora Roberts, the 1 New York Times bestselling author hailed as America s favorite writer The New Yorker Command Performance includes an exclusive preview of Nora Roberts s new book The Witness.
    Command Performance By Nora Roberts
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      219 Nora Roberts
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      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.


    1. Alexander and Eve restored my faith in Nora Roberts I think that is praise enough to glorify this book A pleasant read As both the protagonists had been introduced in book 1 of this series, the characters were fleshed out The danger that lurks and threatens the lives of the members of the Cordina Royal family creates tension right from beginning to end The romance is endearing and evocative.Recommended to anyone who is a fan of a fairytale romance.

    2. I have been an avid reader of this author s books for many years In all honesty I didn t particularly care for this one The main characters resolved their personal conflict much too soon for my taste and the romance part just seemed cheesy after that The previous royal assassination attempt just wasn t explained enough for my taste.ough I didn t realize this wasn t a stand alone book but book 2 of a series and I had missed reading the beginning of the Cordina story The ending didn t come at the [...]

    3. This was better than book 1 in my opinion It definitely had feeling than the first, it was also dealing with a intense main lead The female lead was strong and the sense of loyalty and love was great Enjoyed this thoroughly.

    4. 5 Stars A new or old favourite that is firmly in the reread pile The word is immersive and well defined The Characters are engaging, identifiable, likeable and show some sign of growth or enlightenment The plot is flows naturally, logically and is well told The story is moving and entertaining, The style use is descriptive and evocative without being over described or awkward The language use is appropriate for the setting and characters and feels natural in spoken words, internal monologues and [...]

    5. As they got on their feet from the kidnapping of Brie Seven years later Brie s college friend s sister is asked to come to the palace to speak with Brie and Alexander to have Eve s performaners do a set of 4 plays None knew that since the first time Alexader and Eve meet they were in love They didn t even know, but they would find out Stuffy Alex didn t know what hit him and he had to ask Armand what was going on with him Armand gave Alex his mother s engagment ring Again they are marked by the [...]

    6. Read in Cordina s Royal Family Gabriella Alexander.OK read, not one of Robert s best but pretty typical for the time that it was originally written.

    7. Nora Roberts Cordina series Once again, wonderful character development along with a touch of mystery Good balance of romance and mystery Looking forward to rest of series.

    8. Delightful little romance with a looming threat over them It s fun to read about a modern day royal family I love how all her series tie together so beautifully.

    9. 5 stars for another ROYAL FAIRY TALE.His Royal Highness Alexander Robert Armand De Cordina, heir to the throne is very near to losing his patience, the control on his emotions and his heart The very three things he has been careful with all his life But Eve is driving him insane ever since she walked into his life and that Christmas ball 7 years ago When had he started backing woman into corners With Eve When had he started entertaining thoughts of taking a woman whether she was willing or not W [...]

    10. And from the moment I did, you ve never been out of my mind Aaaw Eve Hamilton jatuh cinta pada Alexander de Cordina sejak ia melihat sang pangeran saat pesta dansa di istana Cordina beberapa tahun lalu Tapi Alex tak pernah menganggap Eve ada Patah hati, Eve akhirnya dekat dengan Bennett, adik Alex Saat ini, beberapa tahun setelah pesta dansa itu Eve kembali ke Cordina Teater pimpinannya diundang keluarga kerajaan untuk tampil disana Sialnya, undangan itu datang bukan dari Bennett melainkan dari [...]

    11. This review and many others can be found at Book Travels It s interesting seeing Eve again and in a strange relationship with Alexander when we all thought she would end up with the playboy She was very important on the end of Affaire Royale, by helping save Brie and getting the family attention.She was just a teenager than and now ten years after her first visit to the palace, she s back and very successful business women as a request of the Alexander to help children, impressive right That you [...]

    12. Command Performance is the 2nd book in the series about Cordina s Royal Family but can be read as a stand alone It s actually the first book I read of the series and it completely hooked me in.The book reads almost like a fairy tale There s a prince and a very normal girl who comes to his castle There s danger and there s a love story.Nora Roberts does a good job of making the heroine likeable Eve is no Sleeping Beauty, simply waiting for a prince to kiss her so she can live again She s a workin [...]

    13. O Reino de Cordina 02Mercadora de Ilus esNora RobertsHarlequin2013Muito melhor que o primeiro livro da s rie Apesar do Alexandre ser um pr ncipe herdeiro, extremamente devotado as regras e tradi es Tenho pavor as regras e tradi es da realeza.Entretanto, o amor que ele sente por Eve e t o profundo, que o torna t o vulner vel, e por isso humaniza tanto, que h momentos que at esquecemos que ele um pr ncipe, pois ele se torna apenas um homem apaixonado Por mais que n o goste de livros com pr ncipes [...]

    14. They met seven years ago and both fell in love though neither admitted it even to themselves Alexander, the heir to the throne of Cordina knows his responsibilities and has always accepted them When Eve Hamilton returns to Cordina and brings her theater troupe with her, Alex is still captivated by her beauty and attracted even though he believes she and his brother Bennett are lovers Eve fell in love with Alex seven years ago but the attraction always seemed to be on her side alone Finding out t [...]

    15. Like the last one, just a cute little romance I liked it a bit better than the first, possibly because I already knew the characters, possibly because they didn t have the amnesia plot line which got a little irritating in the first one Also, I pegged the killed the first time he appeared in the book vs the last one where I was pretty sure, but kept questioning myself.Anyway Light, fun, good sex, a few laughs, and who doesn t want to dream of being a princess even though we know what negatives c [...]

    16. As usual, a romance by Nora Roberts include the too pent up suspense, and the romance, of course In the second book, the eldest Bisset, Alexander summons Eve Hamilton, the best friend of his younger brother, Bennett To be honest, I had no idea how Alexander asked Eve to come back to Cordina and not now that Ben and Eve are just friends The chemistry between the heiress and the prince was fun to read about, and the suspense in the book was little unlike the first one Anyhow, it was good.

    17. Prince Alexander is next in line for the crown He has to maintain control of his life and his emotions Long time friend of the family and theater producer,Eve, is invited to put on four performance in Alex s kingdom She believes he has alway disapproved of her, but that is not true There is someone out to punish the royal family and would love to use Eve as a pawn I really liked Alexander, I could see him exactly in my minds eye Eve was likable too, if not just a little too stubborn There is rom [...]

    18. In Eve Hamilton s youth, His Royal Highness Alexander de Cordina played the part of a fairy tale prince But seven years ago Eve had learned that its villains were undeniably real, and put her childhood dreams behind her Now Alexander s request brought Eve, along with her theatrical troupe, back to Cordina She still took his breath away, but it soon became clear that the dangers wouldn t remain in the past and neither would the desires.

    19. I loved this story even than the first This is the story of Alex and Eve, I loved reading how they tried to resist the attraction but fell in love anyway With Deboque still using others to get the royal family they have to be on the guard as the attacks start to happen With the tension between them and the threat looming it was a great book that I struggled to put down Cannot wait to continue in the series and see what happens to Bennett Definitely a series I would recommend xxx

    20. Buku ke dua seri kerajaan cordina ini sama menariknya dengan buku seri pertama.Bercerita tentang Alex, atau Pangeran Alexander, putra mahkota kerajaan Cordina yang jatuh cinta pada Eve Hamilton Seorang wanita Amerika yang sangat mandiri Dilema antara tugas kerajaan yang diemban oleh Alex, cerita cinta antara keduanya serta ancaman penculikan dan penyerangan dari musuh kerajaan menjadikan buku ini sangat menarik.

    21. As much as I like NR romances, this one took me awhile to read Now an adult, Eve returns to Cordina, and she encounters the next king, Alexander This time though, Alex is as entranced with Eve as she has ever been with him He hires her and her theatrical troupe to perform in Cordina, four different plays While there, their old nemesis rises his ugly head and strikes where the royal family is most vulnerable, with Eve and her troupe.

    22. This excellent story takes place appx 5 years after Affaire Royale Eve has been asked to bring her troupe to Cardina to perform 4 plays in 4 weeks Alex has always secretly been drawn to Eve Eve had an infatuation with Alex until she perceived he didn t approve of her The sparkles are set to fly in ways than one.

    23. On the last day of our church yard sale anything you can cram into a Trader Joe s bag is 3.00, so I hit the book department and bought a bag o books This was one of them It s an old Nora Roberts, from her genre romance days It was very predicable and a little cheesy but there s a fencing scene that is very Morticia and Gomez.

    24. Lovely story I really enjoyed meeting Alexander The story flowed well and the characters were well developed I enjoyed the little mystery and suspense and Nora did a good job concluding the story but leaving room for Bennet s story to come next.

    25. Best book of the series, i believe I love Nora brings her characters together and gives us a glimpse of all the things that had happened in the mean time I loved Alex and Eve There was so much chemistry and love.

    26. The fact that his first name is Alexander, and her surname is Hamilton, is funny enough to forgive a multitude of sins Such as the fact that the hero blames the heroine for the fact that he is sexually attracted to her.

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