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Choosing Happy By Aria Grace Choosing Happy More Than Friends Zach s ex Steve is living in Portland with many regrets He has alienated the people he cares most about by making bad choices that continue to haunt him When he meets a kid that s
  • Title: Choosing Happy
  • Author: Aria Grace
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  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Choosing Happy By Aria Grace More Than Friends 3Zach s ex, Steve, is living in Portland with many regrets He has alienated the people he cares most about by making bad choices that continue to haunt him When he meets a kid that s in a bad relationship and needs some help, Steve reluctantly offers it, knowing it s his chance to redeem himself What he doesn t expect is to find happiness It s there,More Than Friends 3Zach s ex, Steve, is living in Portland with many regrets He has alienated the people he cares most about by making bad choices that continue to haunt him When he meets a kid that s in a bad relationship and needs some help, Steve reluctantly offers it, knowing it s his chance to redeem himself What he doesn t expect is to find happiness It s there, all he has to do it choose to accept it.For mature readers M M
    Choosing Happy By Aria Grace
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    1. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via Don t Buy My Love program.3.5 stars for this contemporary M M romance.Steve is a man haunted by his bad life choices He has had two loves in his life The first was a big wig in a local motorcycle club who died in a bike accident The second is the subject of earlier books in this series, Zach.Steve feels guilty for having intruded on Zach s current relationship, and wishes he could find a real partner He is attracted to this youn [...]

    2. I thought id be interested in Steve s story but it kinda fell flat for me i couldn t connect with any character and the storyfelt like it went on and on Sadly, i have to give this book 2 stars.

    3. I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review through Don t Buy My Love program.The story arc grew stronger as the action progressed and a climatic showdown neared This was also a much better edited title than an earlier title in the series which I read If I could offer another half star on the scale, I would Steve s quick pursuit and rescue of Joey and some less desirable characteristics in both of them kept me from feeling a deeper empathy for their situa [...]

    4. 3.5 I wasn t sure what I was going to think about Steve s story, after not really liking him at the end of Drunk in Love, but I was pleasantly surprised I actually had a lot of empathy for him, I was happy to learn about his backstory I feel like there was a lot depth to Choosing Happy than there was to More Than Friends and Drunk in Love Steve actually has a big heart, and he just wanted to find someone to share it with I m glad he found his little duck.

    5. This romance is really just a sketch It has a fast moving plot if a bit unbelievableokay way unbelievable.And while Steve and Joey are likable we don t get enough character development on Joey and really just a bit on Steve to trust that they fell in love so fast.It isn t a bad read and I might try in the series but it is thin in terms of what I like best which is character building and interaction.

    6. First can we take a second to appreciate the cover of this book sigh okay, moving on while looking back Here, we have Zach s ex Steve lemme tell ya, I did NOT like Steve in the last book so I was hesitant to read this one I shouldn t have been He than made up for it and seeing inside Steve s head and getting to know the person he is, it s impossible not to love him Even by the end of the first chapter I was completely smitten with him Steve, as we knew from last book, owns a waffle stand, and e [...]

    7. The Blogger Girls I was extremely hesitant about putting my trust in Steve, especially since he was so untrustworthy in the last book, and nearly destroyed Zach s relationship Knowing that he intentionally broke the threesome parameters, and appeared to care less at the same time, meant that Steve had a long uphill battle in redeeming himself.Fortunately, the Steve in this book was completely different than the Steve I knew and disliked so immensely It was almost as if it was a different person, [...]

    8. Steve seemed very fleshed out, I liked his voice, him as a narrator at least didn t try to gloss over what he or his past was like The way Joey came into his life felt genuine, but the way the dialogue changed between them after only three days together, all the little terms of endearment and just the overall syrupy sweetness to it all lost a star from me It s a pet peeve of mine in romances how suddenly when people get together they start talking like teenage crushes rather than the adults they [...]

    9. The author was kind enough to provide me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a fun, quick read I finished the book within a few hours I haven t read any of the previous books in the series, but this works perfectly fine as a stand alone.I m always a sucker for some angsty hurt comfort with an abused MC, so I enjoyed this one Joey and Steve were a bit stereotypical, though Steve the tough macho biker with a bit of a dominant streak, who s set on protecting poor [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsThis story is the third book in the More Than Friends series The author states it could be read as a stand alone and I have to agree I have not read any other books in the series and I had no problems following the story With that being said, I did feel like I was missing some background information, especially regarding Steve s friends It wasn t enough that I couldn t follow the story and enjoy it, but it was enough to take away just a tiny bit of gratification.Another warning, this bo [...]

    11. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of the M M Group DBML program.3.5 StarsIf you read the 2nd book in the series you might not be a fan of Steve s Don t hold it against Steve you only got a glimpse of him in that story and you were looking to blame someone for Zach and Ryan s bad choices.With that said I absolutely loved Steve in this story But you have to suspend a lot of reality this one, if you can then you will enjoy the story, if not then you re go [...]

    12. I wasn t too sure I d be interested in reading about Steve as he was the villain of Drunk in Love the previous installment in this series However villain is a strong word and whatever Zach Ryan allowed to happen was perhaps born out of growing pains and stupidity but nonetheless a choice they made.Turns out Steve has been dealt a few bad hands in life and has also made bad and thoughtless choices but on the plus side he s not in denial and is willing and trying to redeem himself and go down new [...]

    13. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.This book is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone I honestly didn t feel like I was missing out on much by not having read the previous books I do admit that there were a lot of names to keep straight, but that happens even with non series books.Steve Montgomery is a waffle maker I m going to digress here to say that this is an awesome job I loved how that played into the book and actually added something [...]

    14. A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I haven t read the second book in the More Than Friends series, so I don t know the actual events that led to Steve s self hatred, but I assume he s done some serious soul searching and been through major personal growth, because in this book he was a sweetheart A sweetheart with some anger issues and quite a few caveman moments, but a sweetheart nonetheless Whatever ass hat moves he made in the past can t possi [...]

    15. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsWhat I liked The chemistry between Joey and Steve it was interesting from the start with how infatuated Steve was That the relationship built up a bit before Steve and Joey jumped into bed together The setup with their friends to help Joey get out of the situation he got himself into The worrying and depictions feelings of the characters while planning and carrying out the plan to help Joey The excitement and adrenalin [...]

    16. I ll start by saying that I have not read books 1 or 2 in this series I felt as though I was missing out on some character development or history, having said that though I didn t feel lost at any time For a story on the shorter side, there s a lot of emotion packed into it I loved the almost instant connection between Steve and Joey I found Steve s inner struggle with trying to take things slowly with his little duck to be telling of his character than any amount of words or actions any author [...]

    17. I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.I liked this story I love when hurt people are comforted and when it is double hurt comfort it is usually even better what I didn t like about this story was that it seemed a little overblown plotwise there was just too much happening and it made thestory seem implausible but it was still a good read and I than liked the story I would have been happier if the story wasn t so convuluted I would have been happy if this was a ma [...]

    18. This is book three of the More than Friends series This story is written from the point of view of Steve, ex boyfriend of Zach from stories 1 and 2 The story moved quickly from point A to point B, and I would have liked to see build up of the emotional bond The little duck fell for Steve much too quickly after having just escaped a disasterous D s relationship view spoiler I did enjoy the whole take down of the evil ex hide spoiler Book 4 of series focuses on one the characters introduced durin [...]

    19. The cover is what initially drew me to this book I adore inked men, add in those muscles and the troubled stance of the cover model and I was hooked Choosing Happy is the fourth book in a series, but it s the first one I read While it says the book can be read as a standalone, I personally think doing so made a difference in how I experienced the story as can been seen in my review The feelings between the two MC develop very rapidly Almost insta love Maybe not quite since Steve has been watchin [...]

    20. I was a little hesitant to read about Steve from the previous book seeing as he was such an asshat but it almost felt like I was reading about a completely different character He talked about how awful he was but if I hadn t read the other book I wouldn t have believed it And Joey I think I loved him from the first moment he appeared You just knew he was in a messed up relationship The inst everything in this book was a little too much and Joey wanting Steve so soon after being abused was just o [...]

    21. I would give this 3.75 stars I picked this up as a stand alone even though it is part of a series I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it The emotions and craving for redemption were written well and realized in a way that just fit right within the short story It is approximately 140 pages or so and there is enough plot and steam to keep your attention I have purchased the next in line that picks up right where this one left off I enjoyed it so much.

    22. Ms Grace has yet to let me down Choosing Happy is well written with surprisingly likable characters Since I ve not been a fan of our MC, Steve, in the previous books I was hesitant to read this However I m really glad that I did There s nothing better than to witness a bad boy fall in love and choose to be happy.

    23. I loved this book Though I wondered why the author decided to change the POV of this book to first person when the first two books were close third.

    24. Since I read listened to these books out of order, I started this knowing about Steve than we saw in book 2 That said, it was interesting for me to see Steve from the beginning, to learn about his Little Duck I loved the growth Steve went through, the self realizations control he learned Joey s story pulls at you, giving a glimpse into a life that is too often overlooked Both men have scores of baggage to unload before they can learn to trust what is starting between them Aria Grace continues t [...]

    25. The heavy found his happy Steve had screwed up his life so badly but when he notices Joey tailing behind the scumbag strolling by his waffle cart he feels a connection with his Little Duck You see this series takes place in and around Portland OR and the Oregon Ducks football team Steve was in the 2nd book in this series and was a pretty bad dirt bag to the heros there This is his story of his soul s redemption and how both him and Joey choose happy to complete each other.

    26. This novella was actually pretty sweet Steve owns a waffle haus and it seems like he s made a lot of bad decisions in his life and his redemption could come in the form of Joey, a quiet younger guy he has his eye on.There are a couple steamy scenes that were very well done if ya know what I mean, but it also was a story with heart I read it in one afternoon It s told in Steve s pov with a hea.

    27. I Love this story Choosing Happy the third book in the More Than Friends series by Aria Grace Fantastic characters Wonderful storyline In my review of the last book I said I hate Steve I never thought I could feel any differently about him So I certainly didn t know what I would think about this book Steve and Joey are fantastic together This series is becoming a must read Aria Grace is becoming another of my favorite authors

    28. This was my first book by Aria Grace and it will not be my last From the beginning pages the reader really feels for the characters From the young abused Joey to the strong and capable Steven, the honest interactions and the powerful angst to right a wrong could not be written better This story had me locked in from the opening chapter and I could not put it down This is a must read.

    29. Little duckLoved it I m a huge fan of pet names between lovers and found this one chocked full of cuteness Which was needed given the dark realm from which he story was born This book kept me on my toes and I found I was unable to put it down.

    30. J ai lu ce tome car je voulais savoir qui se cachait derri re le personnage de Steve et finalement, le seul int r t que j ai trouv au livre, c est le personnage de Joey Il est attachant Au del de a, tout se passe vite, trop vite et a manque de consistance Je laisse une derni re chance cette s rie avec le tome 4.

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