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Time to Upsize By Graeme Aitken Time to Upsize Upsize Instantly to this Witty Sexy and Bestselling Australian Series of E books The Indignities Book is Available as a Special Introductory Offer Turning thirty years old can be traumatic for youn
  • Title: Time to Upsize
  • Author: Graeme Aitken
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Time to Upsize By Graeme Aitken Upsize Instantly to this Witty, Sexy and Bestselling Australian Series of E books The Indignities Book 1 is Available as a Special Introductory Offer Turning thirty years old can be traumatic for young gay men who yearn to be boyish forever but what can you do It s unavoidable Or is it Clever, conniving Stephen Spear thinks he can outsmart this particular mileston Upsize Instantly to this Witty, Sexy and Bestselling Australian Series of E books The Indignities Book 1 is Available as a Special Introductory Offer Turning thirty years old can be traumatic for young gay men who yearn to be boyish forever but what can you do It s unavoidable Or is it Clever, conniving Stephen Spear thinks he can outsmart this particular milestone After all, he s managed to convince his sweet, passive boyfriend Blake that he s been faithful to him for the past three years Smoothing over and explaining away inconvenient realities is an absolute cinch for Stephen But when temptation moves right next door in the form of Rick, a Sydney hunk with a legendary endowment, Stephen disregards any sense of caution He s too entranced and far too self absorbed to realise that the seduction might not actually unfold in accordance with his master plan.Stephen Spear, the anti hero of the bestselling Australian novel Vanity Fierce , rides again in this outrageous sequel Set ten years after Vanity Fierce , this new series of books can also be read as a self contained storyline Praise for The Indignities from influential Australian mainstream media Aitken s wit is wicked in every sense of that word, while his ability to address confronting issues in a deceptively sunny manner is admirable Australian Book Review The gay world has turned since Vanity Fierce , with the internet making its mark on social and sexual behaviour Aitken has a keen sense of that, opening a window onto the lively confusions of gay culture The Age, Melbourne A must read Sydney Star Observer The newspaper of record for Sydney s gay and lesbian community urges readers to read The Indignities Aitken may have written the prequel to this book than a decade ago, but don t let that fool you into thinking The Indignities is a second rate follow Far from it Aitken has has not only given character Stephen Spear a whole new audience, but also provided him with the depth of character readers of Vanity Fierce feared he may never find A must read Sydney Star Observer Upsize today This funny, sexy and very entertaining book is free
    Time to Upsize By Graeme Aitken Time to Upsize The Indignities by Graeme Aitken Time to Upsize by Graeme Aitken Pick up Stephens story right after he ex boyfriend Ant has moved to New Zealand and his best friend Blair has relocated to London, both went in pursuit of the love of their life which turned out to be only a poor imitation. Time to Upsize The Indignities Book Kindle edition Aug , Usually, readers prefer to have some sort of sympathy or empathy for the characters of a book, but Time to Upsize had NO such characters in it They were unfailingly whiny, bitchy, unfaithful, and preoccupied with sex. How To Know When It Is Time To Upsize RealtyBizNews Oddly, there is not much time given to people that are looking to upsize their living situation There are many reasons why you might be looking to get out of your current situation and finding a When is the Right Time to Upsize oXYGen Financial Determining the right time to upsize involves a long thought process and contains a lot of financial decisions As you can see it is not always a simple black and white answer It is important to keep in mind as well that not upsizing now does not mean never upsizing. Time to upsize or resize your home Articles Consumers However, if some household members are working from a cramped closet or struggle to get the privacy they need, it may be time to upsize Schooling from home How and when K students safely return to school is still being worked out. Time to Upsize Your Guide to Buying a Bigger House Jan , Time to Upsize Your Guide to Buying a Bigger House Jan , comments Sixty nine percent of people in small homes say they would like larger accommodations Maybe your kids are getting older and space would keep bickering to a minimum Or maybe you are planning to welcome an in law or two into your home. Time to Upsize Rosie Rourke Real Estate Team Best It is a great time to sell, buyers are circling and looking for a home like yours, trust us Everyone is climbing the real estate ladder right now Renters are buying condos, condos are upsizing to starter homes, starter homes are upsizing to forever homes, forever homes are downsizing to ramblers, and everything in between Is It Time To Upsize Your Home DuGood Credit Union If you re ready, or you think you might be ready to upsize your home, give us a call Our Lending Experts can help you figure out if upsizing is the way to go, help you build a budget, or show you our loan options if you re looking to upgrade your new home before you move in. Is now the right time to upsize your Morton Grove home Upsize your Morton Grove home if your family has grown The main reason why people don t want to live in smaller apartments or houses is a growing family Thus, if you live in a studio as a bachelor and you are just about to live with your partner, it is high time you moved out of that one boy kingdom. Nick Zamonis Realtor San Diego CA San Diego Realtor Whether you are in the military, new to the area, a long time resident planning to upsize or downsize, or an investor, I have the skills to deliver results I am a top San Diego real estate agent and will gladly be of service to you Please fill out the contact form and I will soon be in contact with you as soon as possible.
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    1. I picked this up for free from ARe, and that s about all the good I can say about this book If this was supposed to be satire as the blurb might lead you to believe , it failed Stephen is in a relationship with Blake, who might be a bit bland compared to his usual fare, but is a nice, reliable, caring guy Stephen, however, is not only a conceited, vain asshole, too busy thinking about his less than average dick, but also a cheater and liar, and basically takes Blake for granted He s an out of wo [...]

    2. Granted I haven t read the other book in this series, but to me this book sucked There was too much information on some things in the beginning that to me just droned on and on and on I thought it would never end I don t like the characters and wasn t able to connect with them at all To me overall it is being rated in at 1 star and I m sorry I wasted my time.

    3. Picked it up free for Kindle I was looking for something different to get me out of a reading rut I ve read a few great M M books, but I generally have a hard time finding ones I really like Probably because I m female and what I consider a great romance book may not be at all what a great M M romance book is like AnywaysI actually enjoyed this book It s a very quick read The MC is a narcissistic has been who has never really made it big in his career At first, he seems to be the one with his he [...]

    4. Meh Stephen was an idiot Is an idiot Refuses to stop being an idiot I felt like I was reading an episode of Queer as Folk, and Stephen was Brian Kinney, narcissist extreme But I adored Brian.Stephen Did I mention he s an idiot I loved the end, where he unleashes his personal revenge, but it s sad that, at the end of this story, he still didn t seem to get it.

    5. Interesting writing styleThis read like a diary so while it outlined lots of stuff I kinda felt like I was reading the story instead of feeling it Couldn t deny that I was caught up in the storyline though and was even disappointed when I got to the end I wanted to find out how Blake and Rick felt about Stephan s revenge.

    6. A fabulous study of a narcissistic character The narration was interesting as it focussed on the telling of a story rather than attempting to experience the emotions of the MC There were some laugh out loud moments, but that may be ue to my perverse sense of humour The only thing I wasn t a fan of was the lack of character development but that is very realistic for a narcissist.

    7. Absolutely awful, do not water your time like I didThe characters are so completely unlikable, the story is crap and asinine Don t water your time Seriously get another book.

    8. Time to Upsize by Graeme Aitken Pick up Stephen s story right after he ex boyfriend Ant has moved to New Zealand and his best friend Blair has relocated to London, both went in pursuit of the love of their life which turned out to be only a poor imitation Still there they were and Stephen was left with just Strauss as friend and companion and a limping acting career to boot Lest you think that Stephen has become any less self centered or less crazy for that matter, think again Once again Stephen [...]

    9. Dnf 24% What was that If a stranger aimlessly took a seat next to you at an airport or you happened to share an elevator and that person was mindlessly rambling and rambling about incoherent goings on in his life, or was unknowingly verbalizing the disconnected thoughts in his mind that would be the same experience as trying to read this book Maybe it was eventually going to go somewhere or maybe one or of the characters would come to life, but I doubt it It is really unclear who is who and who [...]

    10. I really wanted this to be good I read the whole thing even though I was tempted several times to stop The MC Steven is deliciously flawed if not a little too stereotypical, but he s definitely a character you love to hate and I think that was the intention of the author So in that sense, although I think his faults could have been done with subtlety, this book achieved its end.So why the one star Exposition Tons and tons of exposition And I hated that The dialogue at times was strained, or unr [...]

    11. Stephen and Blake have been a couple for the past three and half years and living in Sydney But Stephen is approaching thirty and needs assurance that he is still not toy material Blake was sweet and naive when they met but he has changed and suspects that Stephen is cheating on him Then a hunky guy moves in next door and Stephen is thinking of ways to have him But the bomb is dropped when he returns home after a job to find Blake has moved out and into the house next door.

    12. The main character is so wrapped up in himself and rationalizing his own behavior and affairs, he s blinded to what s really going on around him It was tough to feel sorry for him when it all hit the fan And even tougher to excuse his boyfriend s bad behavior.All in all, it felt draggy and uninteresting.

    13. It s bad news when I sympathize and connect with the hero s partner than the hero I can only hope that this story suffered from being the product of a complete novel being sliced up into three parts for ebook publication I can only hope because I didn t like this part enough to buy the other installments to find out.

    14. Wow I really struggled to get through this one The main character is extremely difficult to relate to and has no redeeming qualities Everything about him was frustrating, and I honestly didn t understand the overall point of telling his story I finished it because I don t like giving up on a book, but I struggle to understand exactly who would find this book appealing.

    15. I liked it, not love, probably wouldn t recommend, but I liked it The overall tone was good, it was free and definitely felt like a set up for the real story I am going to buy the sequel, so not bad.My major complaint is that for all the sexual endeavors there was a huge lack of sex scenes I don t want to read sex sex sex but it would be nice to read a good scene or two or four.

    16. Time to upsize by Aitken is definitely a gay boy s book I found the extra marital goings on of Stephen rather tiresome and deceitful Sauna sex is always good and there are no accidents as happened with HIV Ant, a former lover Blake does come across as bland but it s Stephen s shallow story and he is totally narcissistic, seemingly a prerequisite for gay guys.

    17. The author definitely knows how to write, I ll give him that However, the main character is a major asshole from the beginning to the end It made it an unpleasant read for me to say the least At least, I got the book for free on Kobo so I didn t waste any money on it I usually hate to start a series and abandon the rest but not this time.

    18. 1 Star Experiment reading free books after I subscribed to Book Bub, a website that sends you updates on kindle bargains Again I feel so sad for other of my experiment books falling to my expectations But I just could not handle it there was cheating everywhere, everywhere,everywhere.

    19. It s rare for me to list a book on my Can t Finish shelf But I just can t finish this story I never developed a connection with the characters The author never drew me into their story, probably because I felt like I was being told the story and not shown the story Bouncing all over the time line didn t help any either I m actually sorry I even spent.99 on this drivel.

    20. It was quite interesting Not what you expect to get when you type gay erotica in the searcher, but it was nevertheless, with the lack of actual, graphic sex, and only mentions of it quite a lovely reading Absolutely loved the ending I would not add nor take from the story It s watching at the world from the head of a self centered, insecure person.

    21. This is a short story about gay relationships and gay friendships It s an easy and enjoyable read set in Sydney about a group of friends approaching their 30th birthday and affect of this event upon their lives I found it all amusing and look forward to the next story in the series.

    22. Getting backI liked the book but at first I really didn t like the person telling the story I did like him better at the end if you cannot talk about your problems in a relationship then you do not have a relationship Great ending.

    23. Not worth the time wasted listening to the main character go on about his conquests then whine for the last couple chapters about his boyfriend leaving because he was cheating.

    24. Upsizethis book was ok I think it could have been a lot better the beginning wasn t too interesting but it ended up getting g better

    25. Very Funny Great book Very funny and witty Shows you that relationships, whether hetero or gay, all enjoy the same things and suffer the same indignities.

    26. I really like the writing Sadly I know why I hate the oblivious twit I saw too much of myself and most of my friends here.I ll be reading the other books as a guide to changing my own behavior.

    27. A 2.5 star read upgraded to 3 for GR The MC is a spoilt brat who deserves all he gets and I won t be reading any of the series.

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