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Cursed Love By T.H. Snyder Cursed Love Lincoln Minzotto has the life everyone wants yet he resents it He s grown up as the youngest of three children to a wealthy congressman and successful lawyer Pushed to his absolute excellence Linc f
  • Title: Cursed Love
  • Author: T.H. Snyder
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  • Page: 306
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  • Cursed Love By T.H. Snyder Lincoln Minzotto has the life everyone wants, yet he resents it He s grown up as the youngest of three children to a wealthy congressman and successful lawyer Pushed to his absolute excellence, Linc felt the real path for him was different than his parents hopes and dreams On the most important night of his father s reelection, Linc makes a choice that will lead to a lLincoln Minzotto has the life everyone wants, yet he resents it He s grown up as the youngest of three children to a wealthy congressman and successful lawyer Pushed to his absolute excellence, Linc felt the real path for him was different than his parents hopes and dreams On the most important night of his father s reelection, Linc makes a choice that will lead to a lifetime of regret Deciding to start a new life, he and his best friend, Daulton, purchase a rundown tattoo shop called Cursed Magic While restoring Cursed Magic, Linc s faith in life is put to the test in ways than one Faced with the horrors of the bleak, starless nights and the women that come and go, he decides to give up all together, until one fateful night with a stranger Will one night shape his future forever Can he turn the Curse he s endured into a blessing even though all odds are against him
    Cursed Love By T.H. Snyder
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    1. T.H. Snyder

      I m a fun loving, down to earth kind of chick who loves to laugh, smile, and have a good time Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in September 1979, I m a true East Coast girl who loves the mountains and the beach In Spring 2012, I became an avid reader and since have read over 300 books ranging across genres, primarily focused on romance and paranormal Simply put, reading is my escape, a way for me to turn off the outside world and get lost in a new one I ve found a true love in reading and writing, and I never imagined I d be where I am today When I started writing my first novel in June 2013, I was anxious to see where my journey would take me Becoming an author has been a dream come true This is than just a hobby for me, it s my passion


    1. I usually would have given this 2 stars as it wasn t so completely horrible that I despised it totally okay, thats a lie it was actually shit but all this stuff happened over the period of a week so unrealistic and such utter unequivocal levels of bullshit I found myself skimming There were consistency issues, some typos and a few parts were hard to follow It was a novelette, there s a cliffhanger where you wonder which of 3 people has been shot all 3 are unconscious at the end so we don t know [...]

    2. Release is this week coming so I am NOT giving too much away pre release but holy s If you have read any TH Snyder before you know this is a whole new ballgame here I absolutely got sucked in on page one and loved the story from there forward The man whorishness of Linc and especially Dault made me want to bang their heads together but the lessons each guy learns about who they are and what they want.loved that Linc comes to find two women very necessary for his growth and healing for two very d [...]

    3. Cursed Love.a love the Linc Minzotto knew from both sides An event in his childhood left his traumatized and scared He wasn t prepared to give himself to anyone he was very guarded He didn t talk about his past The only one that really knew everything about him was his best friend Dault Opening up to others wasn t in the cards for Linc and that is what he needed to do to heal his heart and also the people around him.LOVED THIS BOOK A MUST READ Growing up the son of a politician provided him a co [...]

    4. 3 stars Spoiler free review.This was a short and quick read.I finished it in one sitting.StillI wasn t thrilled with it I had a feeling that author has rushed to end,and forget to write some major parts that was missing in book.I just didnt connect with any of the characters.Didn t feel the connection between the 4 main characters Linc,Jo,Dault,EttyAll in all solid 3 stars

    5. This book was okay for me but it also confused me a lot There 3 PoV Linc, Jo and Etty which made it interesting But for me the plot was air tight and the characters weren t in depth enough I like a particular standard of writing and this unfortunately didn t appeal to me Please note that this is my personal opinion and in no way whatsoever can it be taken into account of you wanting to read this book We are all different and all have different tastes So please enjoy the book.

    6. I think this book has the making of a good book but the writing is choppy and I just didnt connect with any of the characters Linc and Daulton are suppose to be best friends but never in the entire story do I feel that way The ending was a cliffhanger and was the best part to the end of the first book I wish I would have enjoyed the rest.

    7. T.H Snyder is a great writer I recommend her to anyone looking for a hot read I fell instantly for Linc, mmmmm one hawt ticket is what I would call him Got to love a tattoo artist Once you read the first in this series you will want to read them all.

    8. It s to be said, that I love every book of T.H.Snyder s She s a fabulous author and makes you love and hate her characters at times This book is no different You will love the characters and be blown away with the ending This book like T.H s others are told in dual POV s You will see Linc, Etty and Jo s POV You will fall in love with them and the heartache each of them endure Linc is from a wealthy family, one that never showed him love He has Dalton his best friend and business partner of Curse [...]

    9. Hot tattooed guys Check Pasts that destroy you Check Relationship problems Check Suspense Check Cursed Love has it all I ve been waiting forever it seems for this book to be released, and as soon as it came out I made sure to grab it Cursed Love is different than t.h snyder s other books It s very edgy, rough, and very erotic at times.Cursed Love is Linc s story As the book begins we see glimpses of his life growing up, as well as the tragedy he went through Linc and Daulton are best friends and [...]

    10. Cursed Love is by far one of the most wonderful books you ll read this year T.H Snyder s writing just keeps getting better and better I love following her journey through her books I fall in love with each one a little than the last one I ve read.I absolutely adored Linc He is an amazing man that will capture your heart I felt horrible for him because of what he and Dault dealt with as kids No child should have to go through that It broke my heart through the book that he didn t believe he dese [...]

    11. Cursed Love is the beginning of to come I was not totally liking Linc in the beginning of the book His best friend Daulton, I liked right away with his laid back personality Both men, as young boys, experienced a horrific ordeal and together their bond has been tight and they were able to move on.Linc by getting away from where he grew up, with Daulton, was able to follow his dreams He began working for a Tattoo business and was able to learn the trade from an experienced mentor He then was abl [...]

    12. Is the first book of the series and I have to say I fell so completely in love with this book, that reading the whole series became a must T h Snyder is a great story teller As you read this book you feel you are there with Linc and Dault living their lives journey Two men marked by fate, by decisions made as young boys, decide to take that fate in their own hands and head out from the town that torments them with bad memories of that ill fated day.Moved to Alabama, they decide there they will s [...]

    13. I WANT A CURSED LOVE OH YEAHAuthor t.h Snyder has ready stepped it up in CURSED LOVE Linc comes from a family of Lawyers and Politicians He may not want for things but what he wants of is Love Affection from his parents Dalton is his Best friend since elementary school, he also his family is totally different family life One night at Daulton s home they experience something No child should That night Changed Linc and he doesn t know how to deal with it When Linc Daulton graduate from school the [...]

    14. Love Love Love this story I fell in love with Linc in this book Still disturbed by his past of what happened once a long time ago he keeps it all to himself Never really moving on im afraid to put to much into this review i do not want to give anything away i Love Linc with Jo yes it took some time for it to happen and for him to kinda lose her to realize it along with becoming great friends with Etty to make him realize he is in love with Jo Etty is on the run from her past she has her own demo [...]

    15. Linc made a decision when he was nine that would forever haunt him His childhood was less than ideal, his parent didn t really care about him and one wrong move forever changed his life He is forever haunted by that fateful night Linc doesn t know how to love anyone and doesn t want to learn or so he thinks, another decision made will turn his world upside down.Daulton is Linc s best friend They share a bond that no one understands Dault is only looking to get laid nothing he has everything he [...]

    16. I love this book From Page 1, I was completely enthralled I found that I was reading super fast just to see what was going to happen next T.H Snyder has the unique ability to weave the past and the present in Cursed Love and do it in such a way that it just flows seamlessly Linc is DAMAGED He has demons and I just wanted to give him a hug He s this tattooed, bad boy hiding his demons and trying to protect himself.Jo is REAL She s me She s you She s every woman who loves a man and wants to be the [...]

    17. I was fortunate enough to be gifted a copy from the Author.T.H Snyder s work is simply, beautiful She has a way of writing a story that makes you fall in love with the characters.Cursed Love is different to her other books, it s sits quite nicely on the edge of erotica and dangles its feet into a genre that Ms Snyder hasn t written before.I enjoyed the fact that this book is 3 persons POV, that all the characters have flaws and aren t perfect , and the engaging dynamic between them all.The one t [...]

    18. I am giving this book 4 strong stars I took one away lol cause um The ending was just confusing But really the difference in this book and alot of others that I loved was that its about friendship And learning to trust and fight your demons Because lets face it everyone has them but its how you handle them In this you find that he meets someone that he grows so attached to and feels he would do anything to protect her Even go against his best friend And she in return feels the same about him th [...]

    19. Oh My God I loved, loved, LOVED, this book There is intrigue, hunky tatted botties, steamy sex, and the mother of all endings, all rolled up to make this a must have book Linc, whose disastrous decision made as a child changed his life forever, is a tortured soul Daulton, is Linc s best friend shit, really his brother They ve been friends forever and yes, Daulton who has his OWN demons is part of Linc s mysterious and tortured past Jo and Gretchen are the women in their lives one has a secret th [...]

    20. Linc and Daulton suffer a horrible childhood They try and move on in their own ways The two friends stay together through it all Thick as thieves AndHoly bowl full of hotness These men are HOT They live their lives how they want They can have who they want and they typically do They don t really know what love is even when it slaps them in the face.Linc has Jo, she is his friend with benefits She confesses her feelings and bam, hit storm and then she is gone Linc is lost until Etty enters his li [...]

    21. I couldn t finish the book I thought it was a story about Linc but then it seemed to turn into a story about Etty These two gave me motion sickness the way they sway back and forth Jo leaves and within hours he questioning did he love her and how will he ever go on without The same day he meets Etty and finds in her a trusted friendship It s been a DAY Within a week Linc is spouting about how much he cannot live without Jobut his connection with Etty makes him miss her less and less as time goes [...]

    22. I was gifted a copy of the book in return for an honest review from the author Cursed Love was amazing, it told the story of a man who has dealt with some rough things in his life from his childhood and he keeps a strong shield around himself This story has multiple POV and they are easy to follow along with Cursed love is about Linc and his story is pretty rough, in the beginning you learn about him as a boy This will help you really understand his story You also meet Jo, Daulton and Etty There [...]

    23. OMG I just finished and I am stunned One minute I m speechless, the next I want to tell everyone I know to read this book I went into reading Cursed Love knowing it had to be good I love TH Snyder s books and have had friends say how good it is This book is that good I have so many emotions going through me it s hard to explain I m happy, I m sad and I don t know whether to kiss or slap just kidding TH Snyder at the moment The ending had me on pins and needles especially since I won t no the out [...]

    24. Linc is this troubled boy who when old enough moved on to another city with his best friend and runs Cursed Magic tattoo shop He is hot, charismatic, and troubled but what bad boy isn t right Linc has his one nighters, but he has one that he will go back to and when things get sticky he walks away However after meeting a stranger Linc s life start s to become clearer and he fights for himself and his demons as well as keep his best friend Daulton in check LOL Yeah right one hot man keeping anot [...]

    25. In the end, I d say I did end up enjoying the book The story took a while to ramp up and in some areas the plot was too simple This definitely feels like a book that was meant to be a series opener with to come The characters were introduced and the book ends with a cliffhanger And two additional alternate endings Ummm maybe there should have been a total of three POVs instead One last noteI thought Etty s reaction to Dalut s was a little over the top What he said was the truth and not that bad [...]

    26. What a great read I have read several books but this author before but she really surprised me with this one It s not the typical girl meets boy story line at all plus we get three POV s Linc has an event from his childhood that still haunts him and as a result he has never experienced love, even from his family A stranger turned friend helps him realize this but is the only women he s ever cared about already gone Then the story take a direction I wasn t expecting It is a cliff hanger ending an [...]

    27. Cursed Love is such a great book You have 2 broken souls who find a friendship like no other Linc and Etty are from different parts of the country but yet have the same broken life Etty finds Linc to be the brother from another mother And Etty is a sister from another mister for Linc These two help each other realize that they both could love again and to get past their previous voids in life Linc loves Jo and needs to prove it once and for all but is it to late One click today you won t be disa [...]

    28. Wow this book was Awesome The storyline was Great it pulled me in and didn t let go I absolutely loved all the characters, and fell completely in love with Linc My heart broke for Linc Dault and what they went through as children I totally loved reading this book, and I can t wait for the next book to see what happens with Linc, Jo, Etty, Dault May is not going to come fast enough for me lol.The ending was Awesome but Man it totally left me wanting of their story.

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