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The Last Tycoon By F. Scott Fitzgerald Edmund Wilson The Last Tycoon A mysterious woman stands and smiles at Monroe Stahr the last of the great Hollywood princes Enchanted by one another they begin a passionate but hopeless love affair
  • Title: The Last Tycoon
  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Edmund Wilson
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  • Page: 208
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  • The Last Tycoon By F. Scott Fitzgerald Edmund Wilson A mysterious woman stands and smiles at Monroe Stahr, the last of the great Hollywood princes Enchanted by one another, they begin a passionate but hopeless love affair.
    The Last Tycoon By F. Scott Fitzgerald Edmund Wilson
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      208 F. Scott Fitzgerald Edmund Wilson
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      Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was an American writer of novels and short stories, whose works have been seen as evocative of the Jazz Age, a term he himself allegedly coined He is regarded as one of the greatest twentieth century writers Fitzgerald was of the self styled Lost Generation, Americans born in the 1890s who came of age during World War I He finished four novels, left a fifth unfinished, and wrote dozens of short stories that treat themes of youth, despair, and age He was married to Zelda Fitzgerald.


    1. They were smiling at each other as if this was the beginning of the world There are very few writers whose careers you can trace through their work like F Scott Fitzgerald.emmareadstoomuch.wordpressThe kind of charming immaturity of This Side of Paradise the polished, profound if a little thematically evident , career defining The Great Gatsby Tender is the Night, a decade s attempt to live up to Gatsby and, finally, The Last Tycoon, the book that finally would ve done soD FITZGERALD JUST HAD TO [...]

    2. I m not precisely sure why this book effected me the way it did, but it certainly did Fitzgerald finished writing the fifth chapter of this book before he had a heart attack and died When you get to the end of this unfinished novel, you find the last word one of the greatest American writers ever wrote Something about this is chilling And despite the fact that one can not make any substantial investment in characters who we know in advance we ll never know completely or whose stories we won t ev [...]

    3. Oh, Fitzgerald, Fitzy, Scott, F I kept putting this one off because I knew exactly how it would leave me, and I was exactly right As much as I love Gatsby, as much as I love Tender is the Night and the short stories and the essays and every wastebasket scrap he s written, this would have been It Capital I It It still almost is, even terribly unfinished Now what The other woman was missed in her absence They were alone and on too slim a basis for what had passed already They existed nowhere His [...]

    4. Reading F Scott Fitzgerald s penultimate novel, Tender is the Night, saddened me, because it showed a once great man struggling and failing to write a novel worthy of his prodigious talent and storied past.Reading The Last Tycoon saddens me, because he found that novel, then suddenly died before he could finish it The Last Tycoon tells the story of Hollywood golden boy Monroe Stahr He s a good guy, pays his people well, and works hard to make good, profitable films he s not even afraid to green [...]

    5. I have now read all of Fitzgerald s major published works After finishing The Love of The Last Tycoon, the incomplete manuscript on his desk when he died, I ask immediately wonder how this novel differs from his other works Did he know he had this one last chance to voice his ideas Did he compile the breadth of his lifelong learning into his final literary hero Unfortunately, we can only speculate on these questions But I find comfort in the idea that we would not have these questions had not Fi [...]

    6. This was F Scott Fitzgerald s final book He never finished it On December 21, 1940, the day after he wrote chapter 6, Scott Fitzgerald died of a heart attack For an unfinished novel The Last Tycoon is a powerful work I feels like a second draft rather than the first draft that it apparently is Heavens, the man could write I m not sure why GR has this book listed under the title The Love of the Last Tycoon My copy was a first edition, published in 1941 and is titled simply, The Last Tycoon a much [...]

    7. Another Fitzgerald novel that I read in French a long time ago, and have just rediscovered with wonder by reading it in English There s something about Fitzgerald s writing style that is really unique and that no translation, as good as it may be, can communicate Because The Last Tycoon is unfinished, and is a work in progress that will always stay this way, it can come across as frustrating not to have the complete novel, and to read sentences and paragraphs that the author may have rewritten B [...]

    8. Despu s de El Gran Gatsby, no hab a podido leer nada m s de Fitzgerald, intent leer ste lado del para so, pero creo no llegu ni a la mitad alg n d a planeo terminarlo as que sent como una excelente oportunidad continuar con los libros de Fitzgerald con sta novela Cuando le la sinopsis qued convencida, ya que amo el mundo del cine, tanto nuevo como antiguo, as que ten a muchas ganas de leer al respecto.El libro es narrado a dos voces, la principal, que es un narrador en tercera persona, y con oca [...]

    9. EDIT Junio, 2015I Watched the movie again last night Sick and all, STILL LOVED IT.Rese a Original November, 20143.5I read the book a looong time ago, but last week I saw the movie for a fourth time and I m not sure why but, for some reason, I prefer the film version to the bookMI wonder why that is.I mean, I think the movie had a certain something a superior someoneI know it had something someone definitely superiorThat i loved a lot u in the movieOf course, the book was amazing But the movie h [...]

    10. BBC Blurb The celebrated theatre director Bill Bryden adapts F Scott Fitzgerald s last and unfinished novel Starring Aiden Gillen, Jack Shepherd and Charlotte Emmerson.Haunted by the death of his wife, 1930s Studio Head Monroe Stahr works eighteen hour days, each one a collision of talent meetings, set visits, script brainstorms and preview screenings He s the last of the princes , is making the studio millions and seems bullet proof.At the end of an epic day, an earthquake breaks two water main [...]

    11. FRom BBC Radio 4 Saturday Drama The celebrated theatre director Bill Bryden adapts F Scott Fitzgerald s last and unfinished novel Starring Aiden Gillen, Jack Shepherd and Charlotte Emmerson.Haunted by the death of his wife, 1930s Studio Head Monroe Stahr works eighteen hour days, each one a collision of talent meetings, set visits, script brainstorms and preview screenings He s the last of the princes , is making the studio millions and seems bullet proof.At the end of an epic day, an earthquake [...]

    12. I finally read F Scott Fitzgerald s final novel, and I m glad I did It had been on my bookshelf for decades literally , but I could never bring myself to read it because it was unfinished Fitzgerald died of a heart attack at 44, and this final work was only half written.Recently, my husband and I watched the new series The Last Tycoon, based on Fitzgerald s unfinished novel, and we enjoyed it As I watched, I couldn t help but wonder how much the movie people changed his story or added to it This [...]

    13. I really wish that Fitzgerald had the chance to finish this before he died I think out of all his novels this had the potential to be as great as the Great Gatsby My copy of this book had notes on how Fitzgerald planned to finish the novel, he planned meticulously by all accounts But it s simply not the same as reading the actual story, especially as one of my favourite parts of his books are his endings.

    14. I knew going in to The Love of the Last Tycoon that I would feel unsatisfied with it that it would be nearly impossible to review this incomplete work fairly Yet I dove right in with high hopes and left myself vulnerable to its shortcomings This was the novel F Scott Fitzgerald had been working on just before his untimely death Because of this, the novel was left unfinished and, as a result, is riddled with flaws The obvious critiques I have are concerned with the story not having a conclusion, [...]

    15. Es el ltimo libro de Scott Fitzgerald, autor de El gran Gatsby Muri antes de terminarlo y pese a que est inacabado sabemos gracias a las notas del autor el final que le hab a dado Mi problema con la novela no es que est inacabada, es que no consegu empatizar con ning n personaje por lo que la lectura se me hizo muy cuesta arriba Mi rese a contandoteunlibro

    16. Anche se non sono mai comparsa sullo schermo, nel cinema ci sono cresciuta.Che senso ha riflettere su un romanzo rimasto incompiuto Pu essere almeno interessante, oppure il mio un maldestro tentativo di far apprezzare agli altri un abbozzo, un opera che rimasta congelata in uno stato di acerba bellezza Sono io quindi che scrivo, oppure la simpatia che ho per Francis Scott Fitzgerald che mi spinge a pestare le dita sui tasti Pi o meno erano questi i pensieri che mi facevano compagnia mentre medit [...]

    17. This is Fitzgerald s last work before he died, and is incomplete This authorised text version comes with a lot of preface and appendices, all designed to be extremely helpful to the Fitzgerald enthusiast.That ain t me.Aside from a couple of neat lines in The Great Gatsby, I was incredibly bored by that book and haven t bothered with anything else of his.I don t think I d even heard of this book before, but I had to read it for one of my bookclubs It s very short, at only 127 pages, and ends abru [...]

    18. There are some really great scraps in this manuscript complex, well drawn characters witty dialogue a vivid sense of setting, both time and place rare insight into the workings of the studio system and frequent passages of gorgeous prose It seems that if F Scott could have kept working on it, he could have reclaimed his talent and turned it into another great novel, maybe going on to write many .Unfortunately, he died before he finishing a whole draft this book has no end and worse what we do ha [...]

    19. xoxoxoe 2013 05 t Fitzgerald deftly sketches the 24 hour schedule of a studio boss, while also making him a thinking, feeling human being The object of Stahr s desire, Kathleen, is a little less clearly drawn, but that seems deliberate, as she presents herself at first as a woman of mystery, to discourage Stahr s romantic pursuit Stahr and his work, not just his potential romance, are so involving that it is truly tragic for the reader when the text stops abruptly The very copious notes included [...]

    20. I finished The Last Tycoon, what there is of it, and it underwhelmed in the end I have a bit of a problem with the mix of first person and third person Fitzgerald justifies it in a letter included with the book, but I think the book would have been better all in first person He also says in the letter that Unlike Tender is the Night, it is not the story of deterioration it is not depressing and not morbid in spite of the tragic ending If one book could ever be like another, I should say it is l [...]

    21. The paragraph transitions are a little choppy, but for an uncompleted manuscript this is extremely polished and honed Sometimes one will simply forget this detail because of the quality of the story telling I am quickly falling in love with the book that is the unfinished jewel at the pinnacle of a master s career I grew up in Southern California, not far from Hollywood, and has always despised the movie industry in a way from the familiarity I lost the sense of glow and glamor, but Fitzgerald i [...]

    22. Monroe Stahr is a charismatic and successful Hollywood producer, mogul and workaholic He lives in a bonfire of vanities, amid cynicism, hypocrisy, promiscuity and people willing to do anything to be immortalized on screen cinema But Stahr, this Great Gatsby film industry, can not get over the death of his wife, Minna, a famous actress Until a vision dominates the much the same unknown with his late wife The tragic story of the last tycoon love is told by Cecilia, daughter of a member of Stahr, w [...]

    23. Well that was a very sad story, made even depressing by the fact that Fitzgerald never got to live to write everything in his beautiful prose, but he did stick around long enough to give a sufficient outline of his novel so we can still know how unbearably sad this story would turn out to be Wonderful how that works.

    24. F Scott Fitzgerald s The Love of the Last Tycoon is a book about a successful Hollywood producer who is struggling to find love and compassion in an industry where everyone is looking of the superficial This book was his last work that was written with the help of his friend Edmund Wilson because of his premature death Though we talk about how Hollywood is superficial and how unfair it is, this book is actually written by someone who completely understands how it works and there are a lot of par [...]

    25. Definitely an incomplete work, but with sentences and passages scattered throughout that remind readers of why Fitzgerald is such a revered writer.For example, It s not a slam at you when people are rude it s a slam at the people they ve met before 11 A statement that does not seem 100 percent flushed out what if you have already met this person or were rude to them yourself just moments before , but whose sentiment holds significant value nonetheless A microcosm of what this book is and does fo [...]

    26. 3 5Fitzgerald is always a good idea.Una novela que retrata realmente todo el entramado de Hollywood, sus mentiras, enga os y todo lo que est debajo de todo ese, en muchas ocasiones, falso esplendor.Tambi n una novela que narra la p rdida y nuestra incapacidad de afrontarla, el amor y el desamor y sus consecuencias Personajes maduros y cuyas experiencias hacen reflexionar Muy recomendada.

    27. Fitzgerald s last novel, The Last Tycoon was unfinished at his death in 1940 In the introduction by the great critic and author s friend Edmund Bunny Wilson, says that, essentially, this was Fitzgerald s first grown up work It is marked off also from his other novels by the fact that it is the first to deal seriously with any profession or business The earlier books of Fitzgerald had been preoccupied with debutantes and college boys, with the fast lives of the wild spenders of the twenties The m [...]

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