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The Submissive's Last Word By Deena Ward The Submissive s Last Word The powerful conclusion to Nonnie Crawford s remarkable journeyDespondent and adrift Nonnie lingers in self enforced exile on Gibson Reeve s estate The daunting task of rebuilding her life seems than
  • Title: The Submissive's Last Word
  • Author: Deena Ward
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  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Submissive's Last Word By Deena Ward The powerful conclusion to Nonnie Crawford s remarkable journeyDespondent and adrift, Nonnie lingers in self enforced exile on Gibson Reeve s estate The daunting task of rebuilding her life seems than she can face.I d never been anywhere so magical, so perfectly easy, and maybe that was why I couldn t make a plan, why I couldn t move Any plans I might make involvedThe powerful conclusion to Nonnie Crawford s remarkable journeyDespondent and adrift, Nonnie lingers in self enforced exile on Gibson Reeve s estate The daunting task of rebuilding her life seems than she can face.I d never been anywhere so magical, so perfectly easy, and maybe that was why I couldn t make a plan, why I couldn t move Any plans I might make involved leaving No one in their right mind would want to leave this place Or these people.Or one powerful man in particular, a man who visited me in my dreams and called me beautiful, who touched me in a way that made me believe no one had ever humiliated or degraded me With him I felt whole again Maybe only with him Maybe only here.How could I move if the only path I could travel led me away from what I needed most Nonnie has allies than she realizes, chief among them Gibson Reeves His knowledge can help her heal, if only she ll trust him and listen to some hard truths.Trust and truth They ll need both as they try to find their way back to one another, while they struggle to earn indestructible love and when at long last, they reach to claim the ultimate power to please Warning adult material This book contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature, including exhibitionism, light bondage and consensual domination and submission, which some readers may find objectionable The Submissive s Last Word is book four of The Power to Please, a BDSM erotic romance series It is approximately 94,000 words, 340 print pages.____________________________________ The Power to Please, is a four part series of novels chronicling Nonnie Crawford s journey into the alluring but sometimes dangerous realm of BDSM.After ending her disastrous ten year marriage, Nonnie finds herself irresistibly drawn by desire She yearns to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful and dominant male.Two Doms vie for Nonnie s submission, the enigmatic Businessman and the charming Playboy Both men want to guide her sensual journey and lead her to places she never imagined she might go.Knowing who to trust is always a challenge, and the odds of Nonnie making a mistake are multiplied when she s gripped by the thrill of new passion Her choices prove the difference between perfect bliss and utter ruin.In the end, she must answer a critical question in a relationship that s all about the exchange of power, who holds the ultimate power to please
    The Submissive's Last Word By Deena Ward SUBMISSIVE Comfort for the Submissive Mind SUBMISSIVE Comfort for the Submissive Mind Do You Feel It The yearning The need to give in, surrender, yield To give up control of your body Maybe even of your mind To just let go, allow yourself to be taken, to be used Used by someone else, for their pleasure, for their entertainment To feel their dominance over you, their control. Confessions of a Submissive Why Fifty Shades of Grey Is Aug , Fifty Shades of Grey is fiction, but the kinky sex in its pages is very real One ambitious, assertive woman describes how she became a submissive and why it s not as fringe as you might think. The Last Submissive Chapter Prologue, a twilight fanfic M M SLASH Seth was born the last submissive, and the last hope for all wolf kind to gain back the power they once had The only thing stopping him from saving the future are the vampires that use them as pets slaves and the stubborn alpha who thinks it s his right to breed him. What It s Actually Like Being A Submissive Jul , Being a submissive in your relationship can be misunderstood and many people that only know me away from my husband are often surprised to learn that that he is the dominant one This seems odd to me since, for me, it feels natural, like it s just the way of things. The Submissive Man Who Isn t Allowed to Orgasm This week, the Submissive Man Who Isn t Allowed to Orgasm Male, , South Carolina, college professor, heterosexual, in an open The last period of ordered denial was fourteen days. How Far Can You Make It As A Submissive How Far Can You Make It As A Submissive Remember, the word red is important from this point on Posted on February , , GMT Ben Henry BuzzFeed Staff Paul Curry D s Relationships Page Submissive Guide Many of the things we do when it comes to BDSM and D s relationships seem to come faster than in a traditional relationship, so often we forget that the base of a D s relationship is a traditional one You are still two people that plan to cohabitate With that comes The Submissive Series PenguinRandomhouse Tara Sue Me Abby King and Nathaniel West explore the boundaries of dominance, submission, and passion with their Partners in Play group in this New York Times bestselling series New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me is back with a scorching new romance tenth in the Submissive Female submission Female submission is an activity or relationship in which a woman consents to submit to the direction of a sexual partner or allows her body to be used sexually by or for the sexual pleasure of her partner The expression is often associated with BDSM, when the woman voluntarily and
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      I think nothing could be finer than having a job which demands I spend my days in worlds of my own creation.I recently finished a BDSM erotic romance series, The Power to Please All four books are available at the Kindle Store, Barnes Noble, Google Play, AllRomance Ebooks and Smashwords One complete volume of all four novels, The Power to Please Collection, is also available.Try the first book in the series, The Businessman s Tie, for FREE at , BN, iBooks, Smashwords, AllRomance, Google Play, Kobo, Sony, Oyster and others.I live in the Midwest USA with my partner and a rowdy, plump beagle The Power to Please a dark and sensual tale of shattering loss and redeeming love.Who knows where one night of passion might lead Recently divorced Nonnie Crawford craves a new beginning it arrives in the form of an enigmatic, dark eyed stranger she dubs The Businessman He seduces her with a sizzling introduction to the thrill of sexual submission As the days pass, she can t forget him or how he made her feel She seeks him out, her search leading to a BDSM club where she meets Michael Weston, a charming playboy who s keen to seize the reins left dangling by the absent Businessman.Knowing who to trust is always a challenge, and the odds of making a mistake are multiplied when gripped by new, intoxicating desires Nonnie s choices prove the difference between perfect bliss and devastating ruin Truth and trust She ll need both as she struggles to earn indestructible love, and to claim, with that love, the ultimate power to please Warning adult material This series contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature, including exhibitionism, multi partner scenes, SM, bondage, consensual domination and submission, and other activities which some readers may find objectionable The Power to Please is a four book, BDSM erotic romance Titles in the series should be read in order 1 The Businessman s Tie2 The Playboy s Proposition3 His Name Is Sir4 The Submissive s Last WordAll books are included in The Power to Please Collection.


    1. 4.5 Seductive Stars The final book in this series, Nonnie s continuing to face some hard truths,while in hiding on Gibson s estate and Gibson is doing everything in his power to undo what Michael has done to Nonnie Gibson is making sure that Michael is getting what he deserves tooYes, Yes, Yes.The best is yet to come.lly Gibson is a man in love and Nonnie aftereverything had learnt she is deservingGibson Nonnie so freakin Hot together A great series

    2. I m not even sure what to say I simply loved this book It s definitely the best book of the series It tied all the elements of the first three books together and also revealed some surprises Once again, you found out that some things you thought you knew were open to than one interpretation.Ron and Elaine were charming as usual and it was a pleasure seeing of Xavier and Paulina on the estate Xavier was a great friend to Nonnie and that Paulina was a danged hoot I know she is meant to be the La [...]

    3. Ok this is the last installment of this seriesdly I have fallen head over heels for these characters To see Nonnie grow into a beautiful strong woman and Gibsonwellgh Flaws and all, is all that I m gonna say LOL Beautiful Deena Wardjust beautifully and tastefully written I look forward to reading from you As for the rest of y have to get the series to know what I m talking about HAPPY READING EVERYONE

    4. I read the first book of this series the businessmans tie Loved the first book so of concede had to buy the rest Such a great story Hope maybe there will be another book would like to know what the future has fornonnie and gibson, the wedding any children Also what ended happening with michael the evil one.

    5. Nonnie and Gibson have come so far since we met them 4 books ago in The Businessmen s Tie Nonnie is no longer naive and Gibson is human than ever before You re pissing me off I m sorry to hear it, but it doesn t change anything I was so excited to be reacquainted with these old friends I knew what awaited me was going to frustrate me, get me swooning, and would most likely cause me to require cold showers for the duration These 3 things definitely did happen Multiple times.My mind was empty, I [...]

    6. 4.5 Wow What a great end to the series The characters are very layered and I liked how Nonnie and Gibson remained true to their convictions yet were able to compromise in the end This is about Nonnie going for what she wants and needs and that is for Gibson to give himself what he needs It s a complicated relationship Some things happened to Nonnie in the past that made Gibson wary of pushing her In a Dom sub relationship there is thing about trust and for some part of the book, trust was a prob [...]

    7. I have really, really enjoyed this series I m going to miss Nonnie and Gibson and all their friends and indeed foes.This book is a lot less intense than it s predecessors, it s like Nonnie discovering herself and finding peace with what has happened, if there is such a thing as finding peace after what the hell happened to her.I just really loved everything about these books, yes they are shocking but they are so well written, Deena Ward has a brilliant way with words and catapulting scenes int [...]

    8. Loved it, perfect ending to Nonnie and Gibson s love story love how noble Gibson is and how muc he did for her, to protect her.Paulina and the guy with the ill fitting shoes, Freaking hysterical Read this series

    9. I have to say its been a while since I ve read a series of books I have enjoyed as much as these Once I started reading I could not put them down I would highly recommend this series Thanks for the great read

    10. What a great end to a fantastic series I wasn t sure how the author was going to pull it off, but pull it off she did My suggestion is to be sure to read the series in order and push through the tough stuff You will be glad you did.

    11. Deena Ward has made me happy and sad at the same time So happy with how everything turned out for Noonie and Gibson, but sad that the ride is over I can t recommend this series enough I m hoping Deena has something just as fantastic coming out soon.

    12. Didn t end quite like I thought it would, but I did like the ending Enjoyed the whole series Gibson one sexy man I really loved his character even with all his money, he had wonderful morals and a deep, thoughtful love.

    13. I absolutely loved 3 out of the 4 books It s not the second book is bad, just that the subject matter is darker However, it fuels the storyline and in the end is totally worth it Highly recommend

    14. Loved it hated that it had to end loved Nonnie and Gibson hope in the future you may let us see what happens after marriage and children.

    15. I loved the ending I was never able to really connect with Gibson He is always so detached I was thrilled it see Nonnie find her true submissive side.

    16. Series Good read Story line, character development and ease and flow of storyline was very good Enjoyed the whole series of books.

    17. I finally finished his book and to be honest it took me a very long timelonger than expected to read it I think it should ve been wrapped up after book 2, they should have finished the series but considering that didn t happen she did an okay job with the last book I m honestly still trying to figure out why the author of these type of books along with 50 shades of gray make the lifestyle into something that it s not When people read the series and become curious about BDSM then their view is sk [...]

    18. Loved all the other books in this series and Deena s writing.I liked parts of this final book Thought it could have done better at novella length, rather than full length There were too many scenes of Nonnie relaxing at the estate, hanging out with Toy Paulina Xavier Elaine Hoyte for my taste and that slowed down the pace Yes, we know Nonnie is recovering from things, but I just felt everything slow down which it never did in the previous books.I liked how the conclusion happened with Michael We [...]

    19. Well I won t be reading this author again Everything was well written, I just didn t care for the way the whole story unfolded I also was uncomfortable with the way the author broke this story up into four books Some stories just shouldn t be serials this one would have been better if it had been just one book The conflicts are all drawn out, painfully so, and when the resolution comes at the end the whole thing is just weird All the characters are two dimensional I found the love scenes unpleas [...]

    20. I absolutely loved this series and sad it s endedghFrom the moment Gibson entered into Nonni s world, I was intrigued by everything he is isn t To me, he is perfect imperfection His strength is also his biggest flaw, in regards to Nonni, which I came to understand in this final book There is not one thing I would want changed in this series as the journey of Gibson Nonni is so truly wonderful heartwarming to me.Looking forward to from this AMAZEBALL author.

    21. What a great ending to such a wonderful series I want I can t believe I am done I loved the story of Nonnie and Gibson I loved the power of both characters in their relationshipeverything Deena Ward is on my list of favorite authors These books are not to short novelettes that have been making their way around lately, these are FULL length books and oh, so good A must read Most definitely, not for the faint of heart

    22. Absolutely loved this series Thought provoking I love the light fluffy stories to escape reality, but this one just made me laugh, cry, and get furiously mad Lovely story, great writing The descriptions of people and places just kept me captivated This will be one I read over again Can t wait to see from this author.

    23. I can t decide if the third book is my favorite or if it s this one This final part made me cry near the end so maybe it is this one Either way, I loved it And I m so happy with the way it ended We got to learn about the characters to understand them better so I was very pleased with that I think everything was wrapped up nicely Good for you, Nonnie Crawford.

    24. This is the final book in the Power to Please series I really felt like the books got better as they went I m glad I decided to read all four I didn t expect the bad things that happened I also wished for a stronger punishment for the villains All in all a satisfying read I still want to know how a fivesome works LOL

    25. Thrilling end of an amazing series This books answers all your questions even though it isn t filled with the steam we have learned to expect from this series Solid a and bittersweet.

    26. Best yet I appreciated how Nonnie grew and even though she broke my little heart at times I still loved her And Gibson Oh Gibson Please be real and standing on the other side of my front door

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