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Unforeseen Heartbeat By Maureen Mayer Unforeseen Heartbeat Now available BN iTunes and Kobo Used Broken Confused It only took one drunken mistake four years ago for Maddie Harrington to learn that when you fully give yourself over to a man you should nev
  • Title: Unforeseen Heartbeat
  • Author: Maureen Mayer
  • ISBN: 9781495383892
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unforeseen Heartbeat By Maureen Mayer Now available , BN, iTunes, and Kobo Used Broken Confused It only took one drunken mistake four years ago for Maddie Harrington to learn that when you fully give yourself over to a man, you should never expect anything in return Since that night, her views on love have become distorted, believing men would only want her for the pleasure her body could br Now available , BN, iTunes, and Kobo Used Broken Confused It only took one drunken mistake four years ago for Maddie Harrington to learn that when you fully give yourself over to a man, you should never expect anything in return Since that night, her views on love have become distorted, believing men would only want her for the pleasure her body could bring them She in turn finds herself hooking up with random guys, but never keeps them around long enough to see if there could possibly be something .That is until Hunter Bryant enters the picture.When the handsome pre med student shows up in the right place at the right time, captivating her with his stormy gaze, she immediately pushes him away, thinking he s no different than any other guy The deeper Hunter delves into her life, trying to break through her iron clad walls, the she begins to question whether she is truly capable of opening her heart up to another man Maddie soon finds herself forced to make a difficult decision, one that will forever change both of their lives Will she shut Hunter out of her life for good or will she finally open up her heart and allow herself the life she never dreamed she deserved Please note Unforeseen Heartbeat can be read as a standalone, however it is highly recommended that you read book one in the series, Relinquishing Liberty.
    Unforeseen Heartbeat By Maureen Mayer
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      Maureen Mayer was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and most recently relocated to Columbia, MD with her loving and supportive boyfriend of 13 years She s always had a great love for the outdoors and can often be found hiking, fishing, camping, or lying on the beach She s a sucker for off color humor, but holds a sweet spot for sick and twisted horror films When she s not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with her kindle, diving into a steamy romance novel and falling in love with the latest book boyfriend.


    1. I hope you all enjoy reading Unforeseen Heartbeat as much as I enjoyed writing it Update Bittersweet Catastrophe Second Chances 2.5 is now live on

    2. abbycook30.wix abbys book Fristly let me tell you this is the second book in a series BUT book one does NOT need to be read Book one is Liberty Shayne s story.Moving on I loved Unforeseen Heartbeat, much than I liked the first book I liked Maddie in book two you really got into her mind and saw the issues she had been dealing with since that awful night when she was sixteen Throughtout Unforeseen Heartbeat Maddie would talk about how she would or could never love anyone She never believed in fa [...]

    3. Maddie has sworn off love and is only taking from men what she wants, thanks to giving her V card up to her brother s best friend And the fact that he was a total man whore Maddie has spent her time drinking and bed hopping She is hell on wheels So with that being said, Maddie gets herself into a bit of a pickle at frat party when someone she trusts drugs her drink Enter Hunter, the all mighty delicious pre med hottie You have no idea how f king sexy it is for me to find your p ssy slick and rea [...]

    4. Well, this book wasn t what I was expecting at all There were twist and turns with every page, but what was amazing about it was that all of those twists and turns were completed by one of the sweetest and angsty love stories ever It was sweet, sexy, tantalizing and so beautiful Now, with all of that it comes a down side, this was so much than a pretty love story filled with hearts and flowers It was gripping and enthralling and just did not quit from page one But knowing all of this, it was st [...]

    5. BETH S 3 STAR REVIEW Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review Unforeseen Heartbeat is the second book in The Second Chances Series It is highly recommended by the author Relinquishing Liberty is read before you read this book, so I did read Relinquishing Liberty first, but after reading both, I personally don t think it is required The first book is about Liberty and Shayne, but you are also introduced to Maddie and her brother Brett in that book, but there really isn t a lot o [...]

    6. Check out of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormal.Unforeseen Heartbeat is book 2 in the Second Chances series, having read the first book Relinquishing Liberty I was lucky enough to be given a review copy of Unforeseen Heartbeat by the author in exchange for an honest review so here goesI will be honest it s been a while since I read the first book in the series and I had to do a quick reread of the end of book 1 to catch up.Although this book is a standalone I would recommend [...]

    7. ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review.If you ve read Relinquishing Liberty by Maureen Mayer than you are probably already in love with her and her writing, and Unforeseen Heartbeat will only make you love her This story has it all Love, Passion, Secrets, Suspense, EVERYTHING Maddie we met in Relinquishing Liberty and Unforeseen Heartbeat is her story along with the hot as hell Hunter Oh Hunter where to start I absolutely loved his character, the way he cared for Maddie, how he tr [...]

    8. This is my first book I read by Maureen Mayer Unforeseen Heartbeat, is the second book in the series, the first being Relinquishing Liberty I did not read Relinquishing Liberty and I followed the story pretty well I might suggest reading Relinquishing Liberty first to get to know the characters better I was a little lost about what was going on with the secondary characters, but it didn t effect Maddie and Hunter s story.Maddie will be the first to admit she is a little promiscuous.She has a eve [...]

    9. Once again Maureen has just brought so much to this book Suggestion If you have not read Relinquishing Liberty, read that book first Things just make sense that way I loved that Maddie found someone who treated her with respect, and thought of her before himself Enough so that Maddie started seeing herself in a new way, letting go of the past and focusing on the future that she thinks may be possible Hunter brings out the best in Maddie, and is such a good guy He s sweet, caring, thoughtful and [...]

    10. Let me preface this by saying that I have not read Relinquishing Liberty, which is the first book in the series Unforeseen Heartbeat, however, read so much like a standalone that I never felt like I was missing out Maddie, our lovely protagonist, doesn t feel like she deserves to have any kind of relationship with men other than friends with benefits type deals thanks to a drunken mistake when she was just sixteen years old She believes that men only want her for one thing, and one thing only se [...]

    11. To say I was excited to read this book was am understatement I may or may not have stalked and hounded Maureen to get her to keep writing, but she loves me Unforeseen Heartbeat is the second book in the Second Chances series but before you panic it can be read as a stand alone Book one followed the story of Liberty and Shayne, and Unforeseen Heartbeat is Maddie s story Unforeseen Heartbeat picks up right where Relinquishing Liberty left off but don t freak out, you are not left in the dark, you [...]

    12. Unforseen Heartbeatere is no better title for this book This book picks up from it s prequel, Relinquishing Liberty, but this is Maddie s storywhat a wonderful story it isMaddie is introduced in RL, as the bubbly best friend of Liberty She is young, wild and free, but an amazing best friend I never realized just how broken Maddie wase wears a mask, parading around as a happy go lucky party gal, ready for a good time But inside, she is withering away, yearning to be loved But thinks she isn t wor [...]

    13. Let me just start out by saying that the first book in this series, Relinquishing Liberty was good but Unforeseen Heartbeat was great We met Maddie in the first book and she comes across as a super bubbly, super friendly and super promiscuous But let me tell you there is so much to this character than meets the eye This book really lives up to the name of the series Second Chances as Maddie definitely makes some big changes in her life I ran the gamut emotionally with this story, from laughing [...]

    14. From Maureen Mayer s first book, Relinquishing Liberty, I was completely head over heels for Liberty and Shayne Well Hunter and Maddie have blown that crush to pieces Everyone wants to know who your book boyfriend is If I had a choice for book best friend, it would be Maddie She is fun, lovable, and hell on wheels She is Liberty s best friend She doesn t do relationships, but she is hardly alone She has many hook ups but never anything serious Queue Hunter Hunter is all muscle and yummy He drive [...]

    15. 4 sexy stars I have to say, I liked the first book in this series, Relinquishing Liberty see below a tad bit better than this one just because I liked the female lead better This is not to say that Unforeseen Heartbeat isn t good, because it is spectacular Maddie is a slutty and fashion savvy kind of girl the kind we love to hate , but if you read book 1 and the beginning of this book, you d understand why The poor girl took an important event in her life that led to dire consequences and mixed [...]

    16. I loved this one better than the first book which is Shayne and Liberty s story Both books are stand alones but it is best to read the first book to get the back story or you could be confused a little.The 2nd book is Maddie Harrington s and Hunter Bryant s story I fell in love with Hunter, I mean who wouldn t want a Dr G.I Joe Swooning I couldn t be sure what Hunter was doing to me, but I was quickly beginning to realize that he might be than what I had bargained for He just might turn out to [...]

    17. I was teetering on the edge of a 4 Star Rating for this book.Without spoiling this for any other readersI must start out by saying thisThe book was good truly it was My only issue was that I couldn t seem to understand why Hunter left Maddie without any further contact He said that he loved he so much and he wanted her so badly but he never once attempted to contact her at all.Maddie was the girl that went through something traumatic at a younger age and it left her feeling like love was nonexis [...]

    18. I give this book 5 stars.It is not necessary to have read the first book in the series Relinquishing Liberty to understand this book, but I recommend that you do so you can have some background information about some of the characters beforehand This book was amazing from start to finish Maddie was a girl with a past carrying the burden of her mistakes Her mistakes made her not care about men Meaningless sex with no attachments That is until one night one of her mistakes catches up with her Ente [...]

    19. Oh My Gosh I was lucky enough to read book 1, Unreliquishing Liberty, and book 2, Unforeseen Heartbeat back to back I highly recommend this The characters from book 1 are carried over and have big parts in the second book This can be read as a standalone, but knowing the history will add so much to the story.Maddie is broken She is sassy and sweet, but not so trusting when it comes to men She has put herself into the thought that she will never meet the right person, so one night stands are her [...]

    20. I received this complimentary book from the author for an honest review Sigh Hunter Bryant is one sexy man You have Maddie she was in teenage love her brother s ex best friend Shayne Shayne was a man whore in high school at a graduation party Maddie loses her V card to Shayne He was a complete jerk and it molded her to who she is today see Maddie is a bit Promiscuous She likes to get her needs met with out the trouble of a boyfriend So at a frat party one night things don t go the way she wants [...]

    21. What do I think Fantastic Fabulous This is book 2 in the series The great thing is this is a complete stand alone Relinquishing Liberty is the first book and it is absolutely awesome as well, but not necessary to read first.We have Hunter pre med student in the ROTC program Sexy, sweet, kind, thoughtful Yes, ladies, he has pretty much all we could ask for.Then we have Maddie feisty, witty, serious B word attitude She has little value for the opposite sex One night out, which supposed to be fun, [...]

    22. Unforeseen heartbeat by Maureen Mayer4 starsReceived in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authorsWe were introduced to Maddie in Relinquishing Liberty and now we get her story, let me begin by saying she is a very happy person and seems to love life and I love the banter between her and her roommate Robbie and his boyfriend Lance, too funny Maddie had a drunken night at the age of 16 which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy in which she terminated, she feels because of this [...]

    23. I give this book 5 stars Maddie had me wrapped me around in her story from the get go She was every man s dream A girl that didn t want commitment just wanted a quick lay and move on She didn t see what she was doing was destructive to herself Then one faithful night she meets Hunter Hunter is that guy every girls wants Sexy Pre med student From the moment Hunter Maddie met there was undeniable chemistry These two gave you love, hot hot steam sex and a new meaning of happiness.Two of the best qu [...]

    24. This was another great book in the Second Chances series I absolutely loved the characters and the story line had me interested from the very beginning This wasn t just a story of love but also one of personal growth I instantly took to Hunter and Maddie s story.Hunter and Maddie made an awesome couple Hunter is a pre med student in the ROTC program He s sweet, sexy, protective, and brings out the best in Maddie Their personalities really complimented each other I loved it when he teaches her ho [...]

    25. 5 stars My favorite part of being a blogger is watching an author grow in their writing though I loved Relinquishing liberty I love Unforeseen Heartbeat even .This book was perfect in so many ways it had me on a rollercoaster of emotions but turning page after page Once I picked this book up I could not stop reading until I finished When you first meet Maddie you cant help but fall in love with her in book 1 but there is so much to her that we dont know Behind the bubbly fun loving best friend [...]

    26. This was a wonderful book from Maureen Mayer There is a first book of this series Relinquishing Liberty, but I have not read it and you can read Unforeseen as a standalone.The story s main characters are Maddie Harrington who believes that guys only want her for one thing and one thing only This is based on Maddie s assumption of a mistake that took place when she was just sixteen years old At a party one night while a things seem to get a little out of control for Maddie and enter Hunter Bryant [...]

    27. Where to start Well first I loved every bit of this book Maureen has definitely topped herself with this one.Oh Maddie, I feel like a part of me was ripped out and put onto pages and has your name Her witty personality and broad use of vocabulary cockgobbler was probably my favorite made me love her after the first page Watching her charcter grow from the begining of RL to the end of UH was fun, sad, scary, and most of the time comical And I can t forget about Hunter Hunter is the definition of [...]

    28. So, first this is book 2 in the series BUT, I read it without reading book 1 and had no problem understanding what was going on Book 1 is called Relinquishing Liberty and is about Maddie s best friend Now I have bought both books because I loved this one so much I just have to read the first and I know I will be reading this book 2 again This book grab my attention right from the start I read half of it in one sitting then my kids started whining about being hungry and I had to stop I couldn t w [...]

    29. I read Relinquishing Liberty, which was Maureen Mayer s debut book, a few months ago and really liked it a lot Well let me tell you, Unforeseen Heartbeat blew that book right out of the damn water What an amazing continuation of this series Maureen Mayer has a true gift for storytelling I was heavily invested in these characters right from the get go Sexy, suspenseful, full of angst Unforeseen Heartbeat was a beautifully woven story Hunter is an amazing book boyfriend And Maddie, I loved to hate [...]

    30. What a way to rip a girls heart outOMGree chapters in and I was so relating to Maddie The mystery of not knowing who was stalking Maddie had me on the edge of my seat Hunter he was Maddie s life saver in ways than one You meet her new roommate Robbie and his boyfriend Lance Those two are a comedy show waiting to go live lol Maddie s story is heart wrenching, many of us woman use sex to escape and then something happens and it ends up biting us in the a I can t really say much about Hunter other [...]

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