De jongen, de viool en de meester #2020

De jongen, de viool en de meester By JulieThomas De jongen de viool en de meester Daniel Horowitz is een jarige Joodse jongen met een ongekend talent om viool te spelen Als hij een prestigieuze muziekwedstrijd wint trekt hij de aandacht van de Spaanse dirigent en jurylid Rafael
  • Title: De jongen, de viool en de meester
  • Author: JulieThomas
  • ISBN: 9789029721912
  • Page: 327
  • Format: None
  • De jongen, de viool en de meester By JulieThomas Daniel Horowitz is een 14 jarige Joodse jongen met een ongekend talent om viool te spelen Als hij een prestigieuze muziekwedstrijd wint, trekt hij de aandacht van de Spaanse dirigent en jurylid Rafael Santemaria Gomez Die nodigt hem uit voor zijn jaarlijkse symposium in Washington DC Tijdens dit symposium duikt een zeldzame, waardevolle Guarneri viool op Is dit de viooDaniel Horowitz is een 14 jarige Joodse jongen met een ongekend talent om viool te spelen Als hij een prestigieuze muziekwedstrijd wint, trekt hij de aandacht van de Spaanse dirigent en jurylid Rafael Santemaria Gomez Die nodigt hem uit voor zijn jaarlijkse symposium in Washington DC Tijdens dit symposium duikt een zeldzame, waardevolle Guarneri viool op Is dit de viool van de grootvader van Daniel die is verdwenen tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog En hoe is hij in handen gekomen van de schatrijke Rus Sergei Valentino
    De jongen, de viool en de meester By JulieThomas
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      Julie started writing at the age of eight, stories about pre revolutionary Russian princesses who rode troikas through the snow She has worked in the media for over 25 years, radio, TV and film She has written three novels and seven feature film scripts In 2011 she sold her house in Auckland and moved two hours south to Cambridge, a glorious English style village, not unlike St Mary Mede She shares her house with a highly intelligent and manipulative, but affectionate cat, Chloe, and is passionate about music, cooking and sport She writes from the heart about subjects that she feels passionate about and her motto is To dream of the person you could be is to waste the person you are And also, It was a brave man who ate the first oyster.


    1. The premise was interesting but the writing was not that great and kept getting bored while reading and had to force myself to finish Also plotline was obvious a quarter of the way in I think so that didn t help, you d want to build suspense for a story like this one

    2. Great story about a missing Guarneri violin The tale is told through several decades and the people who loved and knew its worth I liked how the stories intermingled and came together at the end 3.5 stars

    3. Overall score 3.5 5 stars The Secret Keeper is the story of two families one German Jewish and the other Russian who are bound together by a single, priceless instrument a 1742 Guarneri del Gesu violin.The Horowitz family loses everything in the Holocaust, including the precious instrument which, through a variety of circumstances becomes the property of the Valentino family We see the story of both families, across several generations, beginning before the onset of WWII and ending in 2008 Throu [...]

    4. A violin, a family, a war, a young musician I would like to dedicate this piece to poppa grandfather and to all my family I never knew Daniel Horowitz, a 14 year old violinist, says this prior to performing at one concert His family is Jewish, from Berlin and many of them perished in the camps during World War II They also had all their worldly goods stolen from them including a priceless 1742 Guarneri del Gesu This is the story of that instrument and the people who played it and cared for it in [...]

    5. It s said that good things come in small packages How true has that proven to be in this case.I m a student of violin Violin is where I escape to, a place far away from my worries So this book was a treat for me.For this books protagonist is not a person, but a thing If you can call a violin a thing, that is The book revolves around a German family s attachment to their heritage To read the rest, go here a

    6. Very Pleased that I chose this book for a book club read It caught my interest from the start I enjoyed the parts of the book that describe family relationships and how the war affected those relationships For me, it got a little complicated with the switching of the 1930 s and present time and keeping all characters straight I definately would read another book by this author.

    7. This is the New Zealand author Julie Thomas debut novel and, although flawed, it has many strengths It is the story of music, war, two families one primary, one subsidiary and a violin, and the tale stretches over eighty years.The book is divided roughly into thirds The first part involves Daniel Horowitz, a young teen from the Chicago area, a violin prodigy who chafes at the restrictions of his highly organized life in music and therefore, despite having won a prestigious international competit [...]

    8. For a debut novel I found this story very impressive It moves between the past and present day in telling the story of an incredible violin and the different people who owned it.The story begins in Berlin in February of 1935 when life was getting very difficult for anyone of Jewish ethnicity Simon Horowitz is following in the family tradition of playing the violin a tradition passed on from father to son and so on His family own a bank and believe that nothing bad will happen to them They own ma [...]

    9. A fourteen year old Jewish violin virtuoso in Nazi Germany is linked to his counterpart in contemporary America by a priceless violin, superlative talent and family line In my opinion, this was an unremarkable novel comprised of rather average character development, mediocre writing and a predictable, sweet plot dependent on implausible coincidences and extraordinary circumstances.

    10. A heart wrenchingly good book that I didn t want to put it down The life of the violin is a wonderful tribute to things lost and found I would recommend this book to all of my friends as the story sucks you in and leads you through a wonderful journey of life and love.

    11. The story of a priceless violin, whose value is not only in monetary terms, nor in the beauty of its tone, but in what it means to two different families Though the instrument was made in the 1700s, we are introduced to its history through a Jewish family in the US Daniel, a young virtuoso violinist is battling with his parents, torn between his love for playing the violin and baseball A wise conductor, Raphael becomes aware of the true history of the violin Presently it is in the hands of a wor [...]

    12. Upon finishing this book I wasn t sure know how else to describe it except that it s almost beautiful In a way, it s kind of like a painting, in that even though I ve seen or in this case read it once, I can t help but look back on it and smile.The book includes three main story lines The first is Daniel Horowitz, a fourteen year old violin prodigy, who isn t quite ready to devote his life to music The second part, tells the tale of Daniel s grandfather Simon Horowitz, and the horrors he lived t [...]

    13. This book is incredibly good I won it on giveaways and I m so glad I did or I might not have discovered this author I love Julie Thomas I don t want to say anything about this story because I want you to discover all its magic on your own I couldn t put it down.

    14. This is one of the books I love most in the world Saying thank you to The Keeper of Secrets author, Julie Thomas, will never come close to expressing how much I see and feel in her writing, and and how much I treasure the story she brought to life for all of us.

    15. This is not so much Daniel s story as the story of a German Jew, a Spanish Catholic, a Russian agnostic, and a rather special violin The Keeper of Secrets is a fascinating story marrying history with contemporary It is also a multifaceted story told through various elements characters, ideologies, cultures, families, a maestros, a virtuoso, artisans, heroes, villains, war and peace then and now, linked together through the passion and brilliance of music Have you ever held an antique object or d [...]

    16. WOW The Secret Keeper is a must read The Secret Keeper is about music, WWII, the loss suffered by the Jews at the hands of the Nazi and human nature The story goes fact and forth in time between the present day and WWII Germany with the same Jewish family It is easy to follow and you are able to see the cause and effect of the events The Secret Keeper is about the power of music especially on the violin The characters are so real you feel their pain Julie Thomas has the ability to write so that [...]

    17. Read because it was a mystery about a precious violin, lost in WWII, but reappearing 60 years later I like music, particularly non fiction about ancient instruments, and one of the Troy novels had a similar subplot.What I didn t know is that Julie Thomas writes like Jeffery Archer No character development Russians always have fabulously tailored suits, women like strings of pearls, and underground, temperature controlled safes Jews are at best pitiable, requiring third party deus ex machina to a [...]

    18. A beautiful, heart wrenching story about a violin, a boy, family provenance, as well as innate gifts Reading this I actually felt the music Enough history to take my breath away I cared for the characters deeply, in the present as well as the past that all makes this a very well written historical fiction novel for me.

    19. What I liked Development of characters.Intense it was a page turner.WWII time periodWhat I didn t like Strong language numerous F words

    20. Not a favorite Too much talk of violins lost my interest The only part of the book that captured my attention was Part 2 which was heart wrenching Otherwise I didn t really connect with the characters outside of this section of the story I found myself skimming through the remainder of the book to finish it.

    21. This book came highly recommended but read like a Young Adult book Basically interesting story about a family s attempt to regain possession of a fabulously valuable violin stolen by the Nazi regime.

    22. The Keeper of Secrets is written by Cambridge, New Zealand author, Julie Thomas I first heard about Thomas and her book just over a year ago in an article in the New Zealand Herald nzherald lifestyle n I had just published my first novel and was intrigued and inspired by her story as she, too, penned her novel while others slept and while she maintained a full time career I was also captured by her success at the time After rejections from publishing houses, Thomas published her novel as an e bo [...]

    23. I received an Advanced Reading Copy of The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas from HarperCollins Publishers and thereadingroom I am very happy to write that it has been a pleasure reading this book The story sweeps from pre war Germany in 1939 to 2008 in the USA We meet a boy who is amazing at playing the violin but is torn between his talent and just being a normal baseball playing kid Daniel Horowitz loves music passionately, but he also loves hanging out with his friends playing baseball and d [...]

    24. The Keeper of Secrets really is a story about a family and what brings a family together I love reading about families and the ties that bind them This book also involves a priceless violin and while I was never really good at playing any instruments I failed at playing the flute and the piano , I appreciate the ability of music to bring people together Add some great historical detail and you have a fantastic book that will keep you engaged.I really enjoyed reading about the family at the cente [...]

    25. I received a copy of The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas as an Early Reviewer for Librarything in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.Initially, I did not think I was going to enjoy The Keeper of Secrets The author s writing style was distracting with the abundance of adjectives used to describe every person, place and thing I am not sure if, over several chapters, I became accustomed to Ms Thomas writing style or if the author s writing changed as her novel progressed, but I did adap [...]

    26. The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas captured my heart on many levels It is a well written and emotional read This is the story of a very special violin, the love of baseball and music, and Simon Horowitz s wealthy Jewish family It also is about the impact of World War II, Communist Russia and the horror of Dachau This is a well researched book and part of the emotional scenes reminded me of several other books I have read such as The Book Thief and Rose Colored Glass In this story, Thomas tell [...]

    27. I really liked this book, possibly as the main characters a young violin virtuoso and an interesting orchestra conductor are such likable people Also, part of the story takes place during the WWII time period and I always like books written about that period of time This book has a way of flowing so softly, smoothly that makes it such an easy read And difficult to put down I liked the way that it flows between the WWII Germany time period and then to the present day, very seamlessly The story ce [...]

    28. Julie Thomas can write This book reads like it was written by a bona fide published best selling author Currently it is a free kindle download absolute proof that there are truly talented authors out there sharing their works for free The Secret Keeper tells the history of a priceless antique violin, through WW2 to modern times On this description alone it is not perhaps a book I would have necessarily chosen myself It s hard to try and shove it neatly into a genre little bit of mystery, a littl [...]

    29. It s been a while since I read anything WW2 concentration camp Nazi related and I ll admit to having some weepy moments throughout The Keeper of Secrets The protagonist of Julie Thomas novel is a priceless violin and the tale spans from Nazi Germany to Communist Russia to London and the US in 2008 I loved the fact that every single character was intricately woven with backstories and characteristics that jumped off the page nothing kills writing than flat, undeveloped characters The novel was f [...]

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