Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks #2020

Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks By Andrea Brokaw Pride Prejudice and Curling Rocks Darcy Bennet lives to be on the ice When the other little girls were watching the Olympics and dreaming of figure skating she was dreaming of representing her country not with skates but with a broom
  • Title: Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks
  • Author: Andrea Brokaw
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  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks By Andrea Brokaw Darcy Bennet lives to be on the ice When the other little girls were watching the Olympics and dreaming of figure skating, she was dreaming of representing her country not with skates but with a broom At seventeen, Darcy still has Olympic dreams, but she has immediate concerns Like getting her team to Regionals, making sure she s accepted by the local college, andDarcy Bennet lives to be on the ice When the other little girls were watching the Olympics and dreaming of figure skating, she was dreaming of representing her country not with skates but with a broom At seventeen, Darcy still has Olympic dreams, but she has immediate concerns Like getting her team to Regionals, making sure she s accepted by the local college, and convincing her best friend and team skip not to go to a university on the other side of the continent And, possibly most important of all, resisting the urge to kill Lucas Fitzwilliam Cause he may be really annoying, but Darcy s pretty sure they don t have curling in prison.
    Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks By Andrea Brokaw
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      Andrea Brokaw generally prefers to be called Andy She s a dreamer, a skier, a curler, an NFL fan, and a homeschooling mom As a Navy brat and then a Navy wife, she s lived on three continents, in four countries, in seven states, and in fourteen towns Or something like that She loses count She has two cats and a eleven year old boy.Andy has a collection of acronyms, including GAD, ADHD, and PMLE That basically means that she s clinically diagnosed with worrying too much, not paying attention to things, and not being able to play in the sun.If you want to talk to Andy, she s very active on Google Plus, where you can find her as AndyBrokaw and she can be reached by email at andrea andreabrokaw.


    1. It s young adult It s quirky I loved it Darcy Bennett could really be a younger me Back when I was young, idealistic and had curling dreams I loved the curling detail I loved the teen angst I just loved this book.If you re a curler and looking for a sweet, contemporary romance this is a great option.

    2. Getting into this book I knew nothing of Curling stones but I certainly found out about it It was the first time I heard of it and it turned out to make the book stand out from others that use sports This is Darcy s story She s a young girl that knows where she wants to be next year and what she wants to to be doing She definitely wants to be curling and she wants to keep her best friend with her and for her to do that she needs to get Jean and Adam together And here comes the obstacle to that p [...]

    3. perfect YA for the young Janeite that curls in your life A delightful read Plus if you are not a curler I am , you will learn about the sport.

    4. This was pretty cute The curling part of the book was what I was hoping for when I picked it up.There are a ton of relationships that are important to this story, and they re very varied Darcy feels an incredible amount of loyalty to her curling team, and that loyalty affects her choices and how she judges other people s choices She spends a lot of time with her family her brother, two half brothers, mom, and stepdad and often doesn t seem to like them, but those relationships improve over the c [...]

    5. This was so cute I love a good Pride and Prejudice retelling, though often find them hit and miss This one was perfect though The plot has been changed enough that it s not a strict retelling, but all the elements of the original are there in one way or the other The added aspect of curling was great too and not only because it s my favourite winter sport to watch By adding this, it makes the characters feel well rounded, allowing their lives and the plot to revolve around something other than [...]

    6. This week I had the pleasure of curling up with my blanket and herbal tea to read a YA romance novel about curling No, I don t curl, and I generally don t like romance novels To be honest, I didn t know how I would feel about this book when I started it But I found it to be a delightful tale, and was even than a little perturbed at my Kindle battery for dying on me toward the end because I was forced to wait for recharge before I could find out what happened Angst The plot centers around Darcy, [...]

    7. Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks un retelling YA di Orgoglio e pregiudizio in cui la protagonista, Darcy Bennet un accanita giocatrice di curling, questo sport cos antico ma di cos recente approdo qui in Italia, dove lo abbiamo scoperto solo nelle pi recenti Olimpiadi invernali Jean Jane non la sorella di Darcy, ma la sua compagna di squadra la skip, ovvero la regista nonch migliore amica, mentre Lisa Lydia la sorella pi piccola di Jean e gioca assieme a loro Il quarto elemento della squadra [...]

    8. I m a huge fan of Olympic curling, so I really enjoyed the technical aspects of the book I would have liked a bit of explanation at times, but I suppose the title automatically invites a niche audience I was a little confused at times as to which Austen book the author was channeling There were some Emma moments, names from Emma, PP and Mansfield Park, as well I wouldn t call it a PP modernization Honestly, her Mr Darcy character, Lucas Fitzwilliam did not come across as remotely attractive or D [...]

    9. I had the great pleasure of reading this several times and trust me when I say that each time I reread it, it got better Even if you re not a fan of curling or if you don t know the rules, Brokaw does such an excellent job with her descriptions and explanations that it s totally easy to follow the sporting aspects of the book Curling fans and players alike will delight in the details that bring the bonspiels to life.But at the heart is an update of a beloved book that does the original justice D [...]

    10. While you don t need either a familiarity with Pride and Prejudice or Curling, it certainly adds to the experience if you have both I found there was a bit of a learning curve with curling which I ve watchedbut only at the Olympics and I ve never played On the other hand, I ve read quite a few Pride and Prejudice retellings and this is one of my favorite It wasn t exact on the plot twists but that was part of what made it fun I kept waiting for those moments that tied in to the classic It was li [...]

    11. Strong 3.5I really enjoyed this book I had issues with it at first because I was spending too much trying to guess where the story was going Once I stopped doing that, I started really loving the book I really liked that while the author was inspired by Pride Prejudice, it wasn t an exact retelling of the story in a different context Sure you could pick out the characters from the novel and certain plot points but the story took it s own path and own storytelling The characters became their own [...]

    12. Going into this book I was simply expecting a cute little story to function as a palate cleanser after finally finishing the Song of Ice and Fire books I certainly did not expect to be drawn into this novel about a young girl and her teenage angst as deeply as I was The book started off feeling a bit clumsy both in it s introduction to the characters and in it s descriptions of the sport of curling, but about a third of the way through, once the scene had been properly set and the characters had [...]

    13. It seems I prefer books inspired by Austen that stray from the original story while still retain some characteristics and scenes that are easily perceived.I enjoyed reading it even if the main protagonist, Darcy, was a bit blind and got on my nerves Lucas, on the other hand, is way sweeter than the original Mr Darcy yes, because here Lizzie is named Darcy Bennett rolls eyes Also there s curling o It might be the only winter sport I like to watch even if I forget the rules from one year to anothe [...]

    14. While I m sure fans of Jane Austen and curling will naturally connect with the premise of this book, I must confess I don t care for Jane Austen I knew nothing of curling YetI gave it a try and fell in love with the sweetness of this novel It s a smooth flowing, witty book about a modern girl who s growing up She loves curling, she wants her best friend close, she s making plans for her future, but what about that v.e.r.y infuriating boy Warming read Recommended for anyone who enjoys a good love [...]

    15. Cute story about a high school girl, who s passion is curling She struggles with her best friend wanting to leave their curling team and move across the country Her emotions are torn between two boys As a ya romance, it was a cute love story.3.5 stars rounded to 4 because I don t think the similarities between this story Pride and Prejudice are strong enough to share part of a title, and I spent a good part of the book comparing who the characters were suppose to represent.

    16. If only I had curling knowledge before reading this book Such a interesting take on the classic Loved the use text messages and e mails in the book Also loved that the names were a little mixed up, threw me at first, but Darcy and Lucas is still good Loved that none foe the Bennett girls are related in this, but all still have their place in the overall story Interesting twist and turns make this a fun PP remake.

    17. Interesting premise, but very disappointing With any P P remake, at least Darcy and Elizabeth should be redeemable so there s a reason for them to actually get together The curling was confusing, but easy to get through if you don t care to learn about it Tons of typos, and unnecessary profanity that, in my opinion, makes characters all the unappealing.

    18. Better than expectedI ve read loads of retellings of pride and prejudice so I really didn t have huge expectations for this one Andrea Brokaw certainly brought something new to it without it feeling hamfisted.

    19. I really enjoyed this retelling of Pride and Prejudice BECAUSE it didn t follow PP so precisely Darcy made a great Elizabeth, and the twist on Mr Darcy s relationship with his younger sister, Georgiana as reinterpreted in this book is really adorable.

    20. Fun, quick read Is meant for young adults but enjoyed it anyway Not sure that non curlers would get it but for someone like me who enjoys the sport, it was great Wasn t difficult to figure out where the story was going but Ms Brokaw writes well.

    21. I really enjoyed this book and the different modern twist that this particular author used for Pride and Prejudice It was a great read and was loosely based on the original storyline which i really enjoyed It was funny, well written and a great read

    22. Unusual YA romance and friendship story Read in one day Strong and sensible heroine and an adorable geek boy hero Plenty of nods to PP without slavishly following the characterisation and storyline, which made it all the enjoyable.

    23. Good fun Any retelling of Pride and Prejudice gets me going And this one is a good, fun read for those crazy winter afternoon with all the snow piling up

    24. I don t usually read YA, but the clever title drew me in and I m glad it did I thought it was an absolutely charming read Bravo

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