The Secret of the Nightingale Palace #2020

The Secret of the Nightingale Palace By Dana Sachs The Secret of the Nightingale Palace Struggling to move on after her husband s death thirty five year old Anna receives an unexpected phone call from her estranged grandmother Goldie summoning her to New York A demanding woman with a
  • Title: The Secret of the Nightingale Palace
  • Author: Dana Sachs
  • ISBN: 9780062201034
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret of the Nightingale Palace By Dana Sachs Struggling to move on after her husband s death, thirty five year old Anna receives an unexpected phone call from her estranged grandmother, Goldie, summoning her to New York A demanding woman with a sharp tongue and a devotion to fashion and etiquette, Goldie has not softened in the five years since she and her granddaughter last spoke Now she wants Anna to drive her toStruggling to move on after her husband s death, thirty five year old Anna receives an unexpected phone call from her estranged grandmother, Goldie, summoning her to New York A demanding woman with a sharp tongue and a devotion to fashion and etiquette, Goldie has not softened in the five years since she and her granddaughter last spoke Now she wants Anna to drive her to San Francisco to return a collection of exquisite Japanese art to a long lost friend.Hours of sitting behind the wheel of Goldie s Rolls Royce soften Anna s attitude toward her grandmother, and as the miles pass, old hurts begin to heal Yet no matter how close they become, Goldie harbors painful secrets about her youthful days in 1940s San Francisco that she cannot share But if she truly wants to help her granddaughter find happiness again, she must eventually confront the truths of her life.Moving back and forth across time and told in the voices of both Anna and Goldie, The Secret of the Nightingale Palace is a searing portrait of family, betrayal, sacrifice, and forgiveness and a testament to the enduring power of love.
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    1. The Secret of the Nightingale Palace takes readers on a cross country road trip adventure from New York to San Francisco with 35 year old Anna and her grandmother, the eccentric and fashionable Goldie Rosenthal An artist who recently lost her husband to leukemia, Anna is surprised when she receives a phone call from her estranged grandmother Goldie, requesting that Anna meet her in New York to discuss an important opportunity.Curious and intrigued by her grandmother s sudden request, Anna drops [...]

    2. I love following the career of my favorite authors I read Dana s first book, House on Dream Street, about her time in Vietnam in the early 1990s, not long after I myself returned from living there It was the first memoir I d read about post war Vietnam that felt genuine to me that showed a true understanding of the country With each book she went on to write, I appreciated the new ways she made me look at a country I love very much Then she departed from the Vietnam centric subject matter with T [...]

    3. Yesterday was the sort of Sunday that Seattle loves to inflict on its inhabitants, so dark that my lamps were on all day and the rain trickled on and off in an annoying drip I picked up a book that I had been meaning to read for a week, fell into it, and stayed there until bedtime The Secret of the Nightingale Palace is that sort of book.This morning I woke up haunted by its heroine, simply because I d never encountered her in fiction before Surprisingly and originally, center stage wasn t taken [...]

    4. spoilers included in review This book frustrated me Or rather, its characters frustrated me The story and plot were quite good, and kept me interested despite the nasty grandmother and her emotionally stuck grandaughter Sometimes personal character details were introduced, but didn t really add to the story Goldie s twisted feet why mention them so much I already understood she was poor, and I already understood she was insecure, so their continual mention was unnecessary Anna s waffling about h [...]

    5. Review first published on my blog memoriesfrombooksThe Secret of the Nightingale Palace is the story of Goldie and her granddaughter Anna Goldie and Anna were close during Anna s childhood, and yet, they have been estranged for five years since Anna entered into a marriage Goldie did not approve of Now, Anna is a widow, and Goldie has asked for her help in a cross country journey to return artwork to an old friend.Through this journey, the reader learns of Goldie s past and of Anna s past The re [...]

    6. I ll read anything Japan related, and this book promised a Jewish grandmother as well as a road trip, so I figured I d like it And I did It was a little odd in parts and it took me awhile to engage fully I think in some ways the author tried to stuff too much into one book You ve got a grandmother and her granddaughter driving from New York City to San Franciso on a mysterious mission Grandmother is haughty and granddaughter is mourning a husband who died of leukemia The parts of the book on her [...]

    7. Based on the summary, you may think Why do I want to read this It sounds like twenty other stories, AT LEAST, and if they make it into a movie, they ll cast either Shirley MacLaine or Jane Fonda as Goldie And that s a valid concern But this is an amazing book, one that completely transcends the grandmother and granddaughter don t see eye to eyeuntil a road trip basic plot.And the summary doesn t even begin to do justice to this book The writing is gorgeous good luck reading only a chapter or two [...]

    8. This novel doesn t fit neatly into any categories, but I think if you enjoy historical fiction as well as stories about families and relationships between women, it s for you The major characters are prickly, but they grow on me, especially as I learned and of their backstories I found the way that Anna s husband s illness progressed to be particularly striking I have a close friend whose mother s life ended in a similar way, with a lot of anger and lashing out at her loved ones, so it resonat [...]

    9. What a nice story At first, I wasn t that interested in the flash backs, but soon, they came to reveal details I wanted One thing I liked about the book was how the author shared the story indirectly it s a refreshing way to experience a book The other thing I enjoyed was unraveling the truth of a history There s the facts, and there s what we let people know, and the differences between the two can be significant Lastly, I like how bits were dropped that became significant later, like you can l [...]

    10. Loved the premise, loved Goldie The storytelling started off promising, but lost some of its luster in the last third or so of the book Would be a good read on a long trip I would think The 1940s portion of the story was probably my favorite part.

    11. I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review I rated it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.Just how well do we really know the members in our family and our background That s one of the questions facing the Anna, one of the primary characters in Dana Sach s The Secret of the Nightingale Palace Likable characters, good dialogue and plenty of emotional angst, make this an unforgettable tale Balancing a mixture of history and the perspective of the [...]

    12. This is a fun book about a cross country trip in an old Rolls Royce made by an 85 five year old grandmother and her thirty five year old granddaughter Grandma Goldie summoned Anna, her granddaughter, to New York City to drive her to San Francisco, ostensibly to return a set of Japanese prints to their rightful owner Anna and Goldie had been estranged for the past five years when the summons arrived Anna s husband, Ford, of whom Goldie never approved, had died of leukemia The first section of the [...]

    13. Anna, still grieving over the death of her husband drives her also widowed grandmother, Goldie, across the country from New York to San Francisco They have been estranged, and the first part of the journey emphasizes their differences and the reasons they may never completely reach an understanding Goldie grew up in a poor Jewish family and through hard work, managed to marry up the social ladder and achieve success and a sort of safety Anna, growing up with everything her grandmother had to wor [...]

    14. This is a lovely story on many levels Anna is a 35 year old Memphis widow who feels lost in all aspects of her life Her 85 year old grandmother, Goldie, is a widow two times over and lives the good life in Manhattan Anna feels that Goldie never approved of Anna s late husband, which resulted in a rift between grandmother and granddaughter But when Goldie summons Anna to New York and asks her to drive with her across the country to deliver some Japanese artwork to its owner, their relationship ch [...]

    15. This is a book I won thanks to firstreads, and not a book I typically would have picked up on my own However, it turned out to be a great story of family that doesn t always see eye to eye and a long lost love I can completly relate to Anna losing her husband, as I have lost a fiancee a few years ago And the hopelessness that comes from losing someone so close, it can feel enveloping As the book progressed it was an encouraging look into someone else s life and that we don t have to have a plan [...]

    16. Other reviewers have provided a summary of the book It took me a while to get into it Like many other reviewers, I grew weary of the sniping between Anna and her grandmother And it took time to figure out Anna s relationship with her deceased husband, Ford it was complex But in Part Two, Goldie s character developed depth and strength I began to like her And the book took a meandering journey into the 190s, which was very well done From that point on, I was compelled to finish the book.The autho [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book It tells the story of Anna, who was estranged from her grandma, Goldie, for several years as her grandmother did not approve of the man she married Anna s husband has passed away and Goldie asks her to join her on a drive from New York to San Francisco to return some prints given to her by a Japanese man before he went to an internment camp during WWII On their car ride, we learn about Goldie s past and Anna s marriage and the grieving process that she is working throu [...]

    18. I just finished reading this beautiful novel, and I m still wiping tears from my eyes Its one of the best to me that I ve read in awhiles going to stay with me for a long time I loved this story of a grandaughter, Anna and her fiesty Jewish grandmother, Goldie together on a road trip I don t want to give away much of the story, so all I can say is if you read this book, do so with an open mind as well as an open heart I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys lots of beautiful writing, h [...]

    19. Wonderful story about an older woman named Goldie and her granddaughter, Anna who take a two week road trip together to San Francisco from New York The story about Goldie s earlier life in San Francisco, rich in detail, melds with Anna s story and this beautiful novel is told within the context of their brief rapprochement after a five year long estrangement This very poignant story is well written and a delight to read.

    20. One of the best books I ve read in a long time The family dynamics are quirky and hilarious The bridging of generations was beautfully done For a grandmother and granddaughter to find any common ground can be challenging Yet this story unfolds and allows the reader to relate and get immersed in the characters Some fun recollections of the Grandmother s history and a love story opens up her granddaughter s outlook on her future Great book

    21. I really enjoyed this book while i was reading it and I thought the ending was fantastic But I kind of hated the characters Not a passionate hate, but a mild hate They were all kind of not nice people in their own ways I forgive them, but they were irritating I did love the writing, and the story is a good one So I d say it s worth reading.

    22. So many feelings can come of similarities and differences and how we each deal with what life gives us This book is a wealth of these feelings The writing moves swiftly The changes of time are not as often or as disruptive as many I have read Each time teaches us about the characters as they are and as they may become It was very enjoyable.

    23. I received this book from First Reads Thank you Wow, this was a wonderful, beautifully written book Gripping plot, emotional ride of family secrets, love and loss, and how famlies endure through the power of love and forgiveness As Goldie would say Make your own party Thank you for this thought provoking, road trip I look forward to reading novels by Ms Sachs.

    24. What I thought was going to be a road trip story involving a woman who ended up wondering if she married the right man who died a very young and grandma hated , ended up being full of backstory about the Jewish Grandmother s love for a Japanese family in 1941 I look forward to from this author.

    25. I m glad I read this book The sections about the grandmother s life before WWII were particularly engaging The grandmother is also such an imperfect character cheers to the author s skill in making readers, or at least this reader, want to read .

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel When I read I do not usually think of the ending so this one was lovely and perfect and a bit twisty Maybe another person would have figured it out but I didn t Sort of made the book mysterious

    27. I had this book read to me.which I think make it even interesting was well paced and kept me interested It was a very good book and I would recommend it.

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