Broetry Poetry for Dudes #2020

Broetry Poetry for Dudes By Brian McGackin Broetry Poetry for Dudes Hardback
  • Title: Broetry Poetry for Dudes
  • Author: Brian McGackin
  • ISBN: 9781594745171
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Broetry Poetry for Dudes By Brian McGackin Hardback
    Broetry Poetry for Dudes By Brian McGackin Broetry Poetry for Dudes McGackin, Brian Jul , With poems like Ode to That Girl I Dated for, Like, a Month Sopho Year and My Friends Who Don t Have Student Loans, we follow the Bro from his high school graduation and college experience through a quarter life crisis and beyond. Broetry Poetry for Dudes by Brian McGackin Broetry is a collection of poems for bros There are poems that talk about playing final fantasy, sports, picking up girls, and how a dog can be the greatest love in a life Poems that were inspired by older well known poems, and poems that seemed to be originals all on their own This is a great book of poems and I love them so much. Broetry Poetry for Dudes eBook McGackin Jul , With poems like Ode to That Girl I Dated for, Like, Two Months Sopho Year and My Friends Who Don t Have Student Loans, we follow the Bro from his high school graduation and college experience through a quarter life crisis and beyond. Why You Should Avoid the Broetry Writing Trend I spent three months researching the format to create this simple definition Broetry is a post style popular on LinkedIn immediately recognizable for its strange, poetry esque line spacing These posts typically begin with a clickbait opener like Is outbound sales dead and end with a clich like Don t judge a book by its cover.
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    1. Brian McGackin

      Brian McGackin is the author of BROETRY POETRY FOR DUDES Quirk Books and DEATH IN THE RICK deathintherick He has a BA from Emerson College in Something Completely Unrelated To His Life Right Now, and a Masters in Poetry from USC He enjoys Guinness, comic books, and Bruce Willis movies.


    1. Embarrassingly bad One need only read the poem on the cover to know how bad it is The description confirms how bad it is As contemporary poets sing the glories of birds, birch trees, and menstruation And menstruation Is this supposed to be funny That s a rhetorical question I know it s supposed to be funny Just like the rest of the book is supposed to be funny I don t find misogyny particularly funny Why should the success of this book come at the expense of female poets Most of whom, I might ad [...]

    2. Broetry poetry for dudes walks that thin linebetween poetryand doggerelwith a certain graceand a masculine sense of humor.In a wayit reminds me ofCharles Bukowski s poetrywhich probably says about how little poetry I readthan anything else.But is it art You ll have to decide thatbut if it isn t,it comes close enoughfor me.Anyway it was interestingand entertainingwhich pretty much coversall the reasonsthat I read.

    3. Broetry a book of poetry, but for bros.Penned by voice of the Everyman Brian McGackin, Broetry is an attempt to reinterpret what McGackin considers to be an effete, rapidly shrinking form of literature with little popularity It is an attempt to make poetry accessible to men, who according to McGackin, find poetry of little relevance in the modern day world.Spurious assumptions aside I will come to these later the premise behind Broetry would seem to be quite a good one Broetry takes us on a free [...]

    4. lilacwolfandstuffThe cover is so simplistic, you might miss it No I like it, it s white, the title is the only color On the front cover is a Broem and also on the back.So, how is the poetry What do I look like, a Rhodes scholar It s fun, all of it is in good fun I m not a guy, and some references I didn t totally understand, but I laughed a lot He writes about past girlfriends, relationships, magic the game, the incredible debt of college and the inevitability of giving up on LA and moving back [...]

    5. I can see how this book is clever, and it s certainly an interesting idea Broetry poetry for dudes But I could not keep reading a book that constantly refers to women as bitches Why do some guys think that if a girl breaks up with you she s automatically a bitch Also I just can t relate to all the beer centric poems.

    6. BROETRY delivers everything it promises with maximum entertainment value It s a so stupid it s brilliant high concept that actually works incredibly well The subject matter might be goofy, the concept might sound gimmicky, but McGackin s poetry stands out as pitch perfect writing that constantly outshines itself.

    7. I don t normally review poetry on this blog, and I try to keep it strictly YA, but when I heard about this book, I knew I had to review it Poetry for the modern guy It sounded hilarious And as it starts through the teen years, I figured I could review it here So I read it And I loved it There are certain types of poetry that I really enjoy, but I m the type of person who normally needs a translation to understand what is going on, which is half the reason Broetry appeals to me poetry I can actua [...]

    8. Just looking at the cover makes me laugh And in a good way, I m not mocking the book or anything Broetry is funny, really funny Some of the poems are really fabulous Like, for instance, there s this poem titled, Ode to Taylor Swift It s about how the poet is in love with her, and how she s an angel, and it could have been very creepy, but the author makes it funny And he quotes her lyrics, which I thought was hilarious.Broetry is poetry in the mind of a guy It s poems about drinking, having one [...]

    9. I am not the target for this book, but I couldn t help but pick it up The cover reads I have finished the beerthat was inthe iceboxand whichyou were probablysavingfor FridayForgive methis girl came overso sweetand so hotDoesn t that make you smile And remember your 20s The target audience for this book is males somewhere between mid 20s and 30 somethings There are poems about women, drinking, love, trying to find a job and pop culture I found it pretty hilarious and really entertaining Broetry i [...]

    10. Why read Received for reviewWhat impressed me I m no poetry fan, but I could get through this book easily and managed to be mildly entertained for the most part.What disappointed me The novelty of McGackin s voice wears off about four poems in If feels like it s supposed to be really funny, but completely misses the mark landing nearer unusual Broetry proves poetry can be written for the masses, but it failed to strike a chord in me.Recommended Not really It s only appeal is in its quirkiness.

    11. Well this one just didn t fit me at all I only liked two of the poems included in this book And You ll be Way Cooler in College and Part Time Job Search I felt they actually had a message to them that I could connect with and make some sense of I can see how this book would appeal to men as it is mostly full of dating, drinking and sex poems I think I was hoping to find of an insight to a guy s brain but as usual lost interest very fast I am going to pass this one on to friends and hope it find [...]

    12. When I saw that the cover parodied good old William Carlos Williams, I thought it was a good sign When I opened it up to find the first page was an homage to Lying in a Hammock that managed to stay true to the great bait and switch ending of the original, I got super excited Unfortunately, Broetry got a lot uneven from there, but thanks to several inspired moments, it ended up being a decently funny little book Good for college kids, especially English majors.

    13. This was a hilarious read Gives a male point of view on everyday subjects The author is blunt, witty, and shameless I could not stop laughing, especially when discovering why he read the Harry Potter books.

    14. I borrowed this book as a joke and while some of it was what I expected some of it was really poignant and some of it made me sad and some of it made me laugh and some of it was shockingly well done I don t even care that I probably looked like a total douche while reading it.

    15. giveaway.LOL Although I m not a dude , I actually understand some of this stuff loved the references to harry potter and the poem about taylor swiftis guy is awesome

    16. If, say, I was the average college frat boy I believe beer binging, video gaming, girls, and sex go hand in hand with common frat boy associations or even the common dude or dudette I might be apt to relate to broetry Or, in the very least, strangle my bro bias long enough for it to temporarily check out, long enough for me to yank my brain out of snobville, and thus surrender what I appreciate about regular poetry McGackin s phrase, not mine I questioned if I am one of those people people who [...]

    17. My Rating 4.5 5 stars I admit I can t quite remember the poetry lessons I had in schoold I m definitely not a connoisseur in poetry or literature, or writing, or anything actually I don t remember all the different type of poems or the technicalities of creative writing so take what you will from my review Broetry is basically for the men in the world who don t like poetry being a female who sometimes enjoyed when I could understand it , if not always appreciated, poetry didn t deter me from enj [...]

    18. As contemporary poets sing the glories of birds, birch trees, and menstruation, regular guys are left scratching their heads Who can speak for Everyman Who will articulate his love for Xbox 360, fo Mama Celeste s frozen pizza, for the cinematic oeuvre of Bruce Willis So begins the introduction to Broetry, a book that claims to offer poetry for dudes who don t like poetry So there s an instant problem for me here, I m not a dude and I love poetry So for this review, I used the services of Crafty [...]

    19. Read 8 25 11 8 27 113 Stars Recommended to readers familiar with genrePgs 121Welcome to a whole new world of poetry, as told from the man s man perspective Say so long to the flowery, romantic, whimsically girly prose you ve become accustomed to Brian McGackin s laying down brand new rhymes that speak to the heart of all of us in terms we can all relate to.With a manly flair, Brian pulls much of the content for his broems from past experiences spelling out his dating horror stories, addiction to [...]

    20. Brilliant That s the best word I can come up with to describe Broetry.I majored in creative writing in college, and my emphasis was on poetry I love Ted Kooser, Yusef Komunyakaa, Robert Frost, Poe, Diane Thiel, and, of course, Jimmy Santiago Baca it would almost be a crime not to look him, considering he s also from New Mexico I have a huge poetry anthology that has hundreds of sticky notes marking my favorite poems I have books by my favorite poets that also have sticky notes marking my favorit [...]

    21. To get one thing out of the way I am SO not the target audience for this book From the introduction Broetry is poetry for dudes It s poetry for people who don t like poetry I m not a dude, and, well, I was an English major, so while I don t consider myself a poetry lover I feel like there must be some sort of appreciation for the form hardwired into my brain somewhere And yet, despite my non dudeness, I enjoyed the book It was surprisingly refreshing to read poetry that wasn t about Big Topics, [...]

    22. So, I m not really a bro, and thus I may not be the target audience for Broetry, but I did think it was pretty funny It was a little rough for me in the beginning, but then I started to get into the spirit of the broems I particularly enjoyed College Love Love College, which is a clever series of linguistic equations, kind of like little riddles Impact is kind of a Frostian ode to football season and Ode to Taylor Swift is just what it sounds like, and is pretty charming and funny Towards the en [...]

    23. Brian McGackin s short poetry compilation Boetry is a funny take on being a Bro and all that entails from a cheeky, occasional mock up of previous classical poems to funny new dedications observations on popular culture and young adulthood The mix of college drama, popular superheroes, and single guy angst was pretty funny to read and had me sharing them with some of the guys I work with Having said that, I don t think you have to be a single guy to enjoy these poems they are light hearted and f [...]

    24. The young McGackin offers this as a literary chili cheeseburger for the reader s senses If you re a wiseass, if you ve ever enjoyed poetry of any kind, or if you choose the Beastie Boys over Ralph Waldo Emerson, you would enjoy this collection of verse on topics such as moving into college, high school crushes, and bidding adieu to movies you re now too old to watch Obviously well read, McG counterpoints juvenile with serious and in doing so makes the larger point that poetry isn t the exclusive [...]

    25. This collection of dude poems has funny moments, whether he s talking about Taylor Swift, video games, or frozen pizza I appreciated some of his parodies of American greats, Whitman, Frost, and Williams I will use some of his poems in my high school creative writing class to show my students that poetry doesn t have to be serious or difficult to understand Most of the poems in this collection are riddled with curse words, so that means I ll have to be careful in the poems I choose to share with [...]

    26. This book of poetry for bros is absolutely hilarious McGackin uses true poetry writing skills and techniques and applies them to popular topics among college age guys Naturally, there is plenty of material about sex, drinking, and being broke isn t that what college is all about , and he also pulls quite a lot of material from popular culture superheroes, action movies, classical music, and World of Warcraft, just to name a few The major social networking websites are all properly represented, a [...]

    27. I love this concept, even though I m clearly not the target audience, and McGackin has a gift for the genius title It s just that the poetry itself isn t all that impressive or resonant, and the humor isn t strong enough to carry it Also, is that misuse of you re in the first line of Part Time Job Search on purpose Because apparently that s still bothering me There were some selections that I liked though Oh Captain My Captain America in spite of or likely because of the fact that I hated that [...]

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