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Notorious By Nicola Cornick Notorious When the ton s most notorious heartbreakerDangerously seductive and sinfully beautiful Susanna Burney is society s most sought after matchbreaker Paid by wealthy parents to part unsuitable couples s
  • Title: Notorious
  • Author: Nicola Cornick
  • ISBN: 9780373775835
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Notorious By Nicola Cornick When the ton s most notorious heartbreakerDangerously seductive and sinfully beautiful, Susanna Burney is society s most sought after matchbreaker Paid by wealthy parents to part unsuitable couples, she s never yet failed to accomplish her mission of diverting a groom to be Until her final assignment brings her face to face with the man who d once taught her an intimateWhen the ton s most notorious heartbreaker Dangerously seductive and sinfully beautiful, Susanna Burney is society s most sought after matchbreaker Paid by wealthy parents to part unsuitable couples, she s never yet failed to accomplish her mission of diverting a groom to be Until her final assignment brings her face to face with the man who d once taught her an intimate lesson in heartache.Meets London s most disreputable rake James Devlin has everything he s always wanted a title, a rich fianc e and a place in society But the woman who s just met his eyes across a crowded ballroom threatens it all Not because she d once claimed his heart, or that every sinuous swirl of her ball gown takes his breath away But because the secrets she carries could cost him everything To put the past to rest once and for all, Dev just might have to play Susanna at her own wicked game.Let the seduction begin
    Notorious By Nicola Cornick Notorious Definition of Notorious by Merriam Webster Notorious was adopted into English in the th century from Medieval Latin notorius, itself from Late Latin s noun notorium, meaning information or indictment Notorium, in turn, derives from the Latin verb noscere, meaning to come to know. Notorious Definition of Notorious at Dictionary Apr , Notorious most commonly means famous or well known for a negative reason The word is especially used to describe people who are widely known and viewed unfavorably for their Notorious definition of notorious by The Free Dictionary Someone or something that is notorious is well known for something that is bad or undesirable The area was notorious for murders. Notorious Sep , Directed by Alfred Hitchcock With Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern A woman is asked to spy on a group of Nazi friends in South America How far will she have to go to ingratiate herself with them Notorious Jan , Through raw talent and sheer determination, Wallace transforms himself from Brooklyn street hustler once selling crack to pregnant women to one of the greatest rappers of all time THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G Follow his meteoric rise to fame and his refusal to succumb to expectations redefining our notion of The American Dream.
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      International bestselling author Nicola Cornick writes romantic historical mysteries and witty and passionate Regency romance She studied History at London and Oxford and was awarded a distinction for her dissertation on historical heroes It was a tough study but someone had to do it Nicola has a double life as a writer and guide at the stunning 17th century hunting lodge, Ashdown House.Nicola lives near Oxford and loves reading, writing, history, music, wildlife, travel and walking her dog She also loves hearing from her readers and chatting to them on her blog at nicolacornick She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter NicolaCornick


    1. This was an OK, provided by netgalley It had a fascinating premise, of a professional marriage breaker, which was quite different and also quite believable I really liked what the author did here It s slightly off the wall, but just the sort of thing I can imagine infuriated, panicky parents doing when there was a huge amount of cash at stake, and they wanted to prevent their errant offspring from making bad choices However, in its execution in the story, I had a few problems Any parent would ac [...]

    2. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date July 26, 2011Publisher HarlequinImprint HQNAuthor s Website nicolacornickMy Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Book 4, Scandalous Women of the TonSeries Best Read In Order Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level Hot Whew This one was a complete roller coaster Susanna Burney has not had an easy life At age 17, she eloped with the man of her dreams, and then the next day, after having spen [...]

    3. There are a group of writers who know how to handle historical romance well, and Nicola Cornick is one of those This story is just different enough that it caught my interest immediately and I am delighted to have read it The heroine is not present trying to find a husband as is most often the case Rather she is present at ton events to prevent marriages, specifically the matches that have begun which are not favored by the family of one or the other of the persons in question Masquerading as a [...]

    4. I feel bad See, Cornick is a good writer It s just that I absolutely despised her male lead, Devlin Yes, yes He s supposed to be passionate and a rake and a pirate and whatever, but really, he s a royal douche He s threatening, cruel, and his actions border on assault Just because the female lead doesn t mind it, doesn t make it ok Usually, there is a fine line between menace and machismo and the reader is supposed to be enthralled or taken in by it You know, because it s romantic Not this reade [...]

    5. 4.5 starsDevlin is a man on the lower steps of the ton s scale, with a less than stelar reputation and in sore need of funds His only hope to escape his debts, is a good marriage for both him and his sister But just when it seems that they ve both made it, with Devlin being betrothed to a rich earl s daughter and his sister on the verge of being proposed to by a Marquis, Susanna enters Susanna, happens to be not only his sister s rival for the Marquis affections, but also Devlin s ex wife And su [...]

    6. Notorious by Nicola Cornick is Cornick s latest release in her Scandalous Women of the Ton series For me personally I ve found Cornick s books to be hit or miss A few of them are my go to favorites, but I ve also read some that just really didn t do it for me Unfortunately, Notorious fell into the latter.Susanna finds herself face to face with her husband, a man she deliberately left after consummating their elopement and hasn t seen in several years James, her husband, is engaged to a rich and [...]

    7. Acho que fiquei traumatizada, por momentos fez me n o gostar de romances hist ricos.Todos os clich s rom nticos num s livro pequenino, pocketezinho, baratinho mesmo verdade os caniches s o os mais irritantes Espero que os pr ximos dias me curem desta bebida de t o m qualidade, por favor deus, compensai me com uma ressaca tamb m suavezinhae com um reset fortez o

    8. Libro divertido y con el toque nico de nicola c nick Los personajes interesantes y la historia se puede leer separada aunque sea una serie Deseando leer los que quedan

    9. NOTORIOUS is the fourth book in Nicola Cornick s memorable Scandalous Women of the Ton series and takes you on an emotional journey full of passion, deceit, sacrifice and regret.Susanna Burney excels in her chosen profession as a match breaker and is much sought after within society by wealthy parents wishing to break up unsuitable couples Posing as Lady Caroline Carew, a wealthy widow, her latest commission is to entice the Duke and Duchess of Alton s son, Fitzwilliam Fitz , away from a certain [...]

    10. On its surface, Notorious is a sexy Regency Romance a battle of wills between two former lovers with conflicting agendas But underneath, it s a story of loss, regret, and self realization It is, in turns, sad, steamy, frustrating, and rewarding.Devlin and his sister Chessie have always had to scrape to make ends meet But they finally seem to have a comfortable future in their grasp Devlin is engaged to a wealthy woman of the Ton He doesn t love her, but he is pragmatic about the marriage Chessie [...]

    11. I was pleasantly surprised by this one I wasn t sure what to expect when I got it from NetGalley, especially since I hadn t read any of the other books in the series But it turns out you really didn t need to read those to enjoy this one.The last thing Susanna Burney expected when she accepted her latest assignment was to find James Devlin She d last seen him when she was seventeen, heartbroken and leaving him In the years since, she s done what s she s needed to in order to ensure her welfare a [...]

    12. NOTORIOUS by Nicola Cornick7 11 Harlequin Mass Market Paperback, 384 pagesWhat if everything I ever wanted is something I had already lost James Devlin believes he is on the brink of the perfect life While his intended bride is needy, his future in laws unwelcoming, and he abhors London society there is the money he will marry into When you lived in abject poverty anything you must do to turn that around is a possibility and necessity Dev is one step away from this perfect life when the wife he [...]

    13. Notorious is the fourth book in the Scandalous Women of the Ton series I have not read any of the previous books and that did not spoil the read of Notorious Each novel stands alone, though characters of the other books will crop up familiarly to fans of the series From the first page, the author transports you back in time to glittering ballrooms, handsome gentleman and elegant ladies She paints the portrait of the time effortlessly, before ripping the rose tinted glasses from out face and show [...]

    14. I never go into historical romances expecting very much, so it s always a pleasant surprise when one is well written and engaging enough to hold my attention I liked the premise of this book, which follows Lady Susannah, a woman makes her living as a professional unmatchmaker for men with unsuitable love interests She s hampered in her quest to break up the current couple that is her job, however, because one man is standing in her way James Devlin, her husband.The beginning of the book is a lit [...]

    15. In NOTORIOUS, Susanna works as a matchbreaker, dividing unsuitable couples by order of their concerned parents But she encounters Devlin, a man from her past who threatens to unravel the careful life she has constructed for herself On the one hand, the characters in this book are written well, because I connected emotionally with them However, the continuous acrimony between the two main characters got a little hard to take There wasn t a lot of action in this book, which is fine, given its hist [...]

    16. 1.75 Review completa em pepitamagica 2016 Full review pepitamagica 2016 Tenho pouca coisa boa para dizer sobre este livro Susanna e Devlin s o personagens irritantes, mesmo no fim n o se redimem Apenas Rosy e Rory, que verdadeiramente n o entram no livro, prestam Eu percebo que em casos de extrema necessidade, tudo possa acontecer, mas isso n o justifica a atitude de nenhuma das personagens N o houve uma nica personagem com a qual me pudesse identificar minimamente A pr pria hist ria n o me pren [...]

    17. Oh, great The big misunderstanding, the nonsensical separation, the pure as the driven snow adventuress , and the endless rehashing of internal turmoil trying to disguise lust as true love Also, worst secondary romance ever Kind of depressing.

    18. 3 StarsThis review is also published at thebookaholiccat Susanna Burney has been hired by the Duke and Duchess of Aston to impersonate a rich young widow to enad their son, Fitzwilliam and thus make him forget about his love interest, Francesca Devlin, also known as Chessie, a girl with no titles or money therefore and ill match for a peer of the ton.What Susanna wasn t counting on was in crossing paths with James Devlin, her husband, who is unfortunately Chessie s brother.James Devlin had a ver [...]

    19. When I read the BOB blog, I thought, Matchbreaker What a cool concept But the story is dissapointing, the characters non sympathetic.Here s the rundown full of spoilers The H and h secretly and impulsively married nine years previous After the wedding night, the heroine changed her mind and told the hero she was leaving and would obtain an annulment They parted hate the hero for not fighting for the marriage What a coward He runs off into the military She goes to her Uncle, finds out she s pregn [...]

    20. It s almost a universal concept The person your child looks like they are going to marry just isn t good enough for them The definition of good enough may vary, but the idea probably occurred to the first caveman s parents when he dragged a cavewoman home from the cave next door.In Nicola Cornick s latest Regency romp, Notorious, she takes the concept to a whole new level Betrothals were broken if one of the parties proved unfaithful before the marriage was solemnized After the wedding, of cours [...]

    21. Another solid, sensual and emotional read from Nicola Cornick This is book 4 in her Scandalous Women of the Ton series This is something I have not read before, the heroine is a heartbreaker for hire Susanna Burney does what she must to make her way in the world Hired by the elite of the ton, she uses her feminine wiles and stunning looks to lure the pampered sons of the elite away from inappropriate women Women of questionable background and low birth to be specific Susanna managed to do quite [...]

    22. Notorious is another great read from Nicola Cornick and The Scandalous Women of the Ton series In Notorious we meet Lady Susannah, she helps the Ladies of the Ton rid their sons of woman whom they think that are not suitable enough for there sons Normally ladies who are poor and unable to bring anything to the marriage worth cashing in Lady Susannah helps the families rid there sons of these women by seducing the men from under the women s clutches, getting her marriage proposal, and months late [...]

    23. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This Chick This was the first book that I ve read from this author and it definitely won t be my last This book was just so good I admit that when I found out that this book was a second chance at love story I was beyond giddy, those just happen to be my favorite I believe that Nicola did it justice I didn t want to put the book down I was so engrossed with what was happening in the story I loved Susanna and Devlin together They were just so feisty with [...]

    24. 8.2.2011 I absolutely loved this book It was sexy, but still incredibly sweet I nearly a whole day reading it because I just couldn t get enough of the characters and Cornick s superb and sensual writing There were hot scenes a plenty and they that perfect tension and eventual satisfaction There was also romance that had me smiling full on.I loved Devlin He has a little of that dominance that I find attractive in men He knows what he wants and he ll do what he must to get it There s also some co [...]

    25. I reviewed this book for Romance Reader At Heart website RRAH s THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS Our hero, James Devlin, is at a ball, and he s bored But then he spots a woman, and she s none other than Susanna Burney, his ex wife, who he thought dead for the past nine years Our heroine, Susanna Burney, is at the same ball, and she s on a mission breaking up a betrothal of Fritz, the Duke of Alton s son, who just happens to be wooing James sister Everything about this story sounded and, in the beginning, [...]

    26. Notes I read the ARC Advanced Reader Copy of this book Book will be released July 19th.Susanna Burney is a beautiful woman hired by members of the Ton to break up unsuitable matches Her success rate is impressive Her current target is Fitzwilliam Fitz Alton, only son and heir to the Duke and Duchess of Alton She is to break up the relationship between him and Francesca Devlin Chessie The only thing standing in her way and success is her husband, James Dev Fortunately for her, he doesn t know tha [...]

    27. Being in London, visiting Waterstone I bought a bunch of books One of it only because of the cover this one I loved it It s so beautiful It s one of the most beautiful book covers I ve seen in ages Notorious is book 4 of the The Scandalous Women of the Ton series by Nikola Cornick.The story is rather easy and lovely Susanna Burney aka Lady Carew comes to London and turns heads She s posing as a rich widow but the moment she meets James Devlin she knows that she s walking on thin ice because he k [...]

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