Truth, Love and a Little Malice #2020

Truth, Love and a Little Malice By Khushwant Singh Truth Love and a Little Malice Khuswant on Khuswant is irresistable such is his skill as a writer simple lucid unpretentious This book has been well worth the wait India today
  • Title: Truth, Love and a Little Malice
  • Author: Khushwant Singh
  • ISBN: 9780143029571
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Truth, Love and a Little Malice By Khushwant Singh Khuswant on Khuswant is irresistable such is his skill as a writer, simple, lucid, unpretentious, This book has been well worth the wait India today
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    About "Khushwant Singh"

    1. Khushwant Singh

      Khushwant Singh, Punjabi , Hindi born on 2 February 1915 in Hadali, British India, now a part of Punjab, Pakistan, was a prominent Indian novelist and journalist Singh s weekly column, With Malice towards One and All , carried by several Indian newspapers, was among the most widely read columns in the country.An important post colonial novelist writing in English, Singh is best known for his trenchant secularism, his humor, and an abiding love of poetry His comparisons of social and behavioral characteristics of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit.


    1. I had never read Khushwant Singh in his lifetime of 99 years but was curious to read his books since his death recently Turned out I had a number of his books at home I picked this autobiography that he wrote in 2002 It is an engaging book, written in an honest style that traces his birth in pre independence India, his privileged upbringing as a Delhi builder s son, his deep curiosity for the opposite sex, the many people he encountered in his long life he remembers anecdotal stories in great de [...]

    2. I was running out of reasons to not start Khushwant Singh s autobiography which he completed in 2001, when he was 87 and hallucinating over his death For one, the scale of years that K.S lived promised much experiences of both failures and achievements, agonies and joys Considering he spent most of his life experimenting over different passions, holding high ranks at top bureaucratic offices and ministries, and exchanged ideas with Who Know Hos of various fields was than enough to read his inva [...]

    3. Usually autobiographies tend to be massively boring The writer is usually hell bent on putting on a holier than thou attitude and providing endless explanations about his usually much publicised mistakes Not Khushwant Singh.Here is a man who is not perfect and is only glad to admit that The writing is of a quality unmatched even by the author s own high standards Khushwant Singh has been witness to many significant episodes of post independent Indian history and he bares all in this autobiograph [...]

    4. I have never read a book about Khushwant Singh before The closest I ve come to reading anything written by him, in fact, is Portrait of a Lady, a short story he wrote based off his grandmother, which found my way and rightly so into my English textbook in middle high school I m going to spend the rest of my life reading as much as I can of what he wrote Truth, Love and a Little Malice starts off, in most ways, like autobiographies tend to A prologue welcomes the reader, providing a gist of what [...]

    5. No doublt Khuswant Singh a fantastic fiction writer in the present sub continent, have great creative futusion, rythme of sentence with nostugic appeal and a melodious items and obviously a great story teller sine early fifties Although Truth Love and a Little Malice stated Khuswant own biography but have crutial political adventurous views with involvement and actor as not only in creative sector but also in problem solving The books divided into several parts from early age of writer, his vill [...]

    6. It was an enjoyable and easy read I like the man after reading his biography It offered an honest account of his friends, foes and friends who bordered on being foes His was a life well lived He believed in working hard despite being born to a rich property developer father He was poor in studies, practised law but didn t like it, moved to foreign service and public relations, enjoyed working and living in the UK, was generous with food and scotch to many, liked being with good looking women bu [...]

    7. Truth, Love and a Little Malice is the autobiography of the late Mr Khushwant Singh Mr K.S is a prolific writer, Journalist, Diplomat, One term Member of Parliament Upper House , and a Lawyer a bad one, in his view He is better known as The Dirty Old man of Delhi for his jokes and provocative fictional writings like The Company of Woman His fictional works might reinforce the image of The Dirty Old man of Delhi especially borderline erotica like Delhi , The Company of Woman His fictional work di [...]

    8. Little can I say that will add to describe one of the most prolific writers India has witnessed This book is filled with Khushwantji s trademark sharp wit and humor, along with his universal solution to every problem, a glass of scotch.This book manages to encompass the evolution of the modern Indian writer in the most comprehensive, yet concise manner Sorry Chetan Bhagat, no mention of you here.Raw uninhibited emotions, stripped down to the bone, no pretensions what so ever As Hindustan Times d [...]

    9. A weird sentimental ending to this book, by a non sentimental but emotional sardarji I regret the delay at which I found out about classy Indian authors such as KS, who wrote to the point and with no wasted words His acerbic wit, combined with his urbane vocabulary, to describe indigenous terms and processes, in my humble opinion, was his USP I salute the man and his pen

    10. A recommended readable memoir Nicely written and very well structured A great man, a great writer Always heard about him and him being controversial, and now, I have the idea why

    11. very badly written so read it for the anecdotes, views on his contemporaries and gossip etc which it is full of

    12. Surprisingly for an author who was not only funded by various universities and other prestigious institutions of US, UK and India, and edited several books and several periodicals, this autobiography has inexplicable typos or spelling mistakes of trivial sort and very noticeably so If one is put off by copious references and copious descriptions of nether equipment of various characters including the author, and lacks the patience and determination to go past it to see why this person was so fa [...]

    13. Surprisingly for an author who was not only funded by various universities and other prestigious institutions of US, UK and India, and edited several books and several periodicals, this autobiography has inexplicable typos or spelling mistakes of trivial sort and very noticeably so If one is put off by copious references and copious descriptions of nether equipment of various characters including the author, and lacks the patience and determination to go past it to see why this person was so fa [...]

    14. I found this slightly long, but whenever I read it with patience, I was rewarded The book includes some great Urdu couplets and several witty quotes.

    15. A very unapologetic and honestly written memoir Thoroughly enjoyed it My notion of autobiographies being boring has completed been changed since reading this It is definitely worth a read.

    16. This was his third book I was reading it is his autobiography written by him in 2002 It is an engaging book normally autobiographies tend to be boring but he made it interesting In this book, he has clearly told that he is not perfect and is only glad to admit it The writing style is catchy and it can attract anyone this was the reason that I completed this book in 2 days I had never thought to read his autobiography but one of my close friends recommended it and it was worth reading Khusbant Si [...]

    17. Khushwant Singh writes prosaically on his life as an infant born in Hadali to the most loved and notable writer of India He elaborates on each stage of his professional life from practicing Law to Public Relations, Teaching and finally to Journalism and Writing The first part of the book comprises of brazenly honest accounts of his life as a confused teenager and the many events associated with it Reading about his days in Shantiniketan, the atmosphere of Tagore Ashram, meeting Tagore was reveal [...]

    18. Truth, love and a little malice had been a book that had been suggested to be by one of my best friends Autobiographies had never been my thing because I had a preconceived notion of them being boring After all, how interesting could an ordinary man s life get was what I used to think And now that I have read it, I regret not having read it earlier The experience of coming face to face with the human elements of a writer I had always looked up to had been intriguing to say the least.The author b [...]

    19. The Man in The Bulb One of the most popular writers of India and rightly so, Khushwant Singh is a name synonymous with unapologetic and honest writing And his autobiography does full justice to that reputation.Not preachy like some stories told, not regretful like some other he writes confidently of his failures and successes in the same breath, about his journey as to that man he eventually turned out to be His childhood in Lahore seems to leap out of the book and the entire village becomes ali [...]

    20. It is one of the most honest memoirs I ve read and it is the courageous outspoken KS at his best You can only pity the people who crossed his path as he spares no body whether they re powerful politicians like Gandhi family or fellow writer s like Naipaul But one has to admit that his confessions conjectures are factual and most probably correct I ve been a fan on KS since my school days and would be the first one to buy his books as they would come out and then spend the next day night to devou [...]

    21. It would have been appropriate if it was called Truth Love and a Heap of Malice The autobiography of the most celebrated and profane writer, Khushwant Singh is definitely worth a read.As is the norm with Khushwant, this book is full of wit, humour, sex, malice and courage Courage to speak and present his views The book spans right from the pre Independence era to the 21st century It gives us a visual treat of the changing demographics of the Indian sub continent especially the North and West of [...]

    22. Does emerge as likeable after reading this though he still can t quite get rid of the habit of making excuses for Sanjay and Indira Gandhi s behaviour during the Emergency, choosing to place the blame on chamchas, Chief Ministers, bureaucrats and other lackeys overly eager to please them One wonders who Khuswant thinks allowed such coteries to flourish in the first place This together with some other irrational advocacies such as his pro Israeli views, make him appear unable to cast his otherwi [...]

    23. A witty, unpretentious and highly entertaining, riveting autobiography by Khushwant Singh Once I started reading it, I simply could not put it down Singh begins by giving a sketchy account of his time in Hadali, his place of birth and a town in district Khushab now in Pakistani Punjab Thereafter, he takes us to all the places he got to live in Delhi, Lahore, London, Bombay and various small towns where he went to on vacation capture our imagination, as he lucidly dwells on his associations and e [...]

    24. This Autobiography of Khushwant Singh covers the account of his life as a writer, politician, Son and it takes you through the turbulent past of Indian politics from 1915 to 1980s A honest account of his life with lots of colors including some grey too One actuallys get to know a lot about Sikhs as a community and Sikhism as a religion, how the community has evolved along with the political changes in the country from partition to 1984 communal riots.I liked the sincerity of Khushwant Singh ment [...]

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